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by James Bickford

Updated: October 21, 2022

Pharaoh RTA desktop

Review Score: 88/100

Price Range:
E-juice Capacity:
4.6 mL
Stainless Steel, Black, Gold
25mm x 46mm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Changeable deck
  • Spring loaded clamps


  • Must be upright to prevent leakage

It is an atomizer designed by RiP Trippers and Digiflavor. It is a modular system that allows its users to change out the deck and enlarge the juice reservoir by 3 ml.

It also has a very good dual airflow system that utilizes several different angled airflow settings that provide smooth and direct flow.

Because of the versatility of this device and its many features, it provides excellent flavor and vapor, as well as the ability to modify the build deck in order to get more out of it. This high-quality device gives vapers an outlet for their creativity and ingenuity.

Review of the Pharaoh RTA

This new device made by RiP Trippers and Digiflavor Pharaoh has a lot of great specifications and features that make it a wonderful device. The expansion tube is an outstanding feature, allowing the person using it to add 3 ml of juice to the standard 4.6 ml capacity.

The Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA features a 25 mm base, and it bulges out to 27 mm. It looks very good on the box mods, and there is no overhang, so it might be something to look into if you are searching for something larger than what you are used to. The only thing is that this tank is heavy, so make sure the mod can support the weight.

This RTA features a shelf style, two post build deck that is interchangeable, spring loaded, and has a larger surface area.

Pharaoh RTA desktop

It has a rectangular airflow system (7mm x 4mm) that allows you to adjust the juice flow. Additionally, it has hardened Phillips head screws that do not wear out easily, and a short chimney shaft for improved flavor.

Other features that make this device worth the money are the gold plated 510 connection and a Derlin 510 drip tip adapter. You should not have to change out the stainless steel drip tip because it is comfortable to use and does not get hot.

Appearance wise, Trippers’ Pharaoh has a streamlined, utilitarian look to it that makes it seem solid and professional. It is also available in popular colors like gold, black, and stainless steel.

How Much Juice Does it Chug?

The amount of juice the device chugs depends on the coils you use. Some of them will empty out the 4.7 ml tank in 20 minutes, but the expansion tube can add another 15 to 20 minutes to your vaping time.

How to Tell an Authentic from a Clone?

The most obvious way to tell if it is a close is the red lettered packaging. To avoid getting a clone, buy your Pharaoh from an authorized distributor.

How to Build the Pharaoh RTA + How to Wick

Pharaoh RTA build

  1. Unscrew the top cap and the airflow ring and remove the glass and the barrel section.
  2. Raise the clamps by loosening the screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.
  3. Once the clamps are raised the coils can then be attached.
  4. Once they are attached, lower the clamps by tightening the screws.
  5. To replace the deck entirely, unscrew it by twisting counter clockwise.
  6. Once the coils are secured to the deck, take a piece of cotton and carefully put in in the wires with a pin or pair of tweezers.
  7. Once the cotton is in, push the ends of the cotton beneath the wires and just inside the juice flow slots/wick ports.
  8. Make sure the cotton is not too tightly packed or it will not absorb the juice.

How to Fill/Refill

  1. To fill up the device, remove the parts above the deck as indicated before.
  2. Apply the juice to the wick ports, and then the rest of the cotton and the coils.
  3. Wipe away any excess juice.
  4. Put the device back together.
  5. Give it time to absorb the liquid, and then add more e-juice as needed throughout the day.

Replacement Coils

The Pharaoh can run single or double coils. Buy several types of replacement coils and experiment to determine which of them suits you best.

Pharaoh RTA Details

The Single Fused SS36 Clapton with .17 ohms resting resistance is said to go well with this device.

How to Wick

  1. Once the coils are secured to the deck, take a piece of cotton and carefully put in in the wires with a pin or pair of tweezers.
  2. Once the cotton is in, push the ends of the cotton beneath the wires and just inside the juice flow slots/wick ports.
  3. Make sure the cotton is not too tightly packed or it will not absorb the juice.

What is the Vaping Experience with the Pharaoh RTA Digiflavor Like?

The flavor for this device is top notch, and the power of the flavor can be lessened or increased by opening or closing the top airflow.

Pharaoh RTA x2

Adjusting the top and bottom airflow controls is very easy to do. When you are refilling it, make sure the juice flow control is closed or else there might be leakage.

How to Take Apart the Tank

  1. Remove the top cap and the ring, and then gently take out the glass and the barrel section.
  2. To remove the build deck, unscrew it from the base counter clockwise, and place it aside.
  3. Take the tank atomizer apart periodically to clean it.

What is the Preferred OHM Rating for the Pharaoh Mini RTA?

As a general rule, the most comfortable ohm range is anything up to 0.5.

Rip Trippers Youtube Review

Who are Their Major Competitors?

Pharaoh RTA vs Pharaoh Mini

The RTA and the Mini are both similar devices designed by the same companies. These are both good tanks, offering a lot of flavor and good clouds.

RTA Pharaoh Mini by RiP Tripper

The major difference is that the Mini holds less e-juice, 2 ml, and 5 ml with the expansion tube.

Pharaoh RTA vs Kylin RTA

Both are also similar, both producing fantastic flavor. The Pharaoh produces better clouds because it can support hotter builds.


It is also easier to live with because it handles better and is easier to maintain and take apart.

Pharaoh RTA Specifications

Pharaoh RTA
Brand: Digiflavor
Size: 25mm x 46mm
E-juice Capacity: 4.6 mL
Expansion Tube Capacity: 3 mL
Clamps: Spring loaded
Airflow Controls: Adjustable
Connection: Gold plated 510
Drip Tip: Wide bore

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Changeable deck
  • Spring loaded clamps
  • Expandable reservoir
  • High liquid capacity
  • Easy to wick

The Negatives

  • Must be upright to prevent leakage

Final Thoughts about the Pharaoh RTA

This is a great device for those who like to get creative with their vaping, and it is even good for people who are looking to try something more complex than a pod.

The detachable build deck allows you to play with the wicking and the coils, and the ease of taking it apart makes it a great for those who have never used a similar device.

The device performs very well, and if you take care of it, it will take care of you. It produces excellent flavor, and the airflow controls are a great tool to use to increase the mildness of the flavor. Since it is easy to take apart, it is easy to clean, rewick, and change the coils.

Published: April 4, 2020Updated: October 21, 2022

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