Quitting Smoking: Effects on the Human Body

Quitting smoking now greatly reduces your risk for numerous diseases, cancers, COPD, and reproductive complications.

quit smoking effects

When quitting smoking, there are numerous physical and emotional effects the body experiences. These effects are both short-term and long-term.

Short Term Effects

  • The short-term effects of quitting smoking begin within 20 minutes. Cigarettes contain ingredients and produce chemicals that speed up your heart rate, and also raises your blood pressure. According to the CDC, within 20 minutes of not smoking an analogue cigarette, your heart rate will already begin to drop down to normal levels.
  • Within two hours of not smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure will have returned to almost completely normal levels. Your peripheral circulation may also begin to improve during this time. This means you may begin to feel warmth in your fingertips and other extremities. This is due to your circulation improving. However, during this time you may also begin to experience some of the adverse effects of quitting smoking: withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may include anxiety, increased appetite, irritability, sleeplessness, and intense cravings.
  • After only 12 hours of not smoking analogue cigarettes, your blood oxygen levels raise to near normal levels. As stated by the CDC, carbon monoxide is released from a lit cigarette and inhaled with the smoke. At high levels, carbon monoxide is considered to be toxic to the human body. Carbon monoxide also bonds effectively to blood cells, prohibiting them from bonding successfully with oxygen. This can lead to serious cardiovascular complications. After 12 hours of not smoking, these carbon monoxide levels decrease, allowing your blood cells to once again bond effectively with oxygen.
  • Since the risk of heart attack is 70% higher than those who do not smoke, after 24 hours the risk of heart attack begins to decrease.
  • The sense of smell and taste rely on nerve endings. Smoking deadens these nerve endings. However, according to the Cleveland Clinic, these nerve endings begin to regrow within 48 hours of not smoking. This means that your sense of smell and taste will begin to increase, allowing you to experience more flavour and aromas.
  • Approximately three days after quitting, the nicotine levels in your system will have been depleted. However, with this absence comes greater symptoms of withdrawal. Increased tension, cravings, irritability, and other symptoms may be strongly present. [There are several methods used to combat these symptoms which will be addressed at the end of this article.]
  • After two to three weeks after quitting smoking, numerous regenerative processes begin to take place in the body. Some of which are very noticeable. According to the American Heart Association, your lung capacity and performance will begin to regenerate and improve, as will your circulation. This will allow you to perform intense activities such as exercising, running, and various other physical activities that rely on endurance and stamina.
  • Between one and nine months after quitting smoking your lungs dramatically begin to repair themselves. One of the adverse effects of smoking analogue cigarettes is the damage to the cilia. Cilia are the small hair-like organelles which assist in reducing your risk of infections by pushing mucus out of your lungs. The regenerative process your lungs undergo include the repair of the cilia. This increases the lung function and performance, as well as reducing the risk of infection.
During this restorative period, nicotine has been absent from your system since the first several weeks of quitting smoking. However, withdrawal symptoms can remain for upwards of six months.

Long Term Effects

  • The risk for any type of coronary heart disease is much greater for a smoker. According to the CDC, approximately one year after smoking your overall risk for coronary heart disease decreases by half.
  • Another primary adverse effect smoking has on your health is the constricting of blood vessels. The constricting of the blood vessels greatly increase the chance of stroke. A primary factor which causes this is carbon monoxide. Between five and 15 years after quitting smoking, the chance of stroke decreases to that of an average non-smoker, according to the CDC. This restorative process takes time, but results in an overall decrease in an ex-smoker’s mortality rate.
  • The CDC further states that after 10 years of not smoking, the risk of lung cancer, cancer of the throat, mouth, esophagus, and major organs also decreases by approximately half that of a traditional cigarette smoker. Medical practitioners report that nearly 90% of all lung cancer-related deaths are a result of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Within 15 years of quitting smoking, nearly all of the restorative processes are complete. Your risk of heart disease is no greater than someone who has never smoked an analogue cigarette. According to the American Heart Association, on average, non-smokers live 14-15 years longer than those who smoke cigarettes. With restored lung function, circulation, and cardiovascular health, those years are spent being active and healthy.

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  1. Been stopped 2 1/2 years, best thing i ever did, i can breath much better, feel much better, and smell much better, now hoping partner will quit, like kissing a old ash tray.

  2. I quit Friday night 2/4. I want to cry. I feel like I am drowning. I want to strangle something or someone. I hate everything. I’m so angry. It’s like I’m a psychopath. I really really really don’t know how I will make it

    • I quit Jan 14 and I must say it hasn’t been easy but it gets better. Don’t give up. I took up a hobby and it keeps my mind off cigs. I have read on the effects on making and that has giving me reasons to stop even more. 1809quit has help me with the tips that are given. Stay strong, if you continue to stay angry talk to your health professional he can help you. You can do this.

      • Read up on the effects on smoking and the harms that has helped me stay away from smoking. I was advised by my doctor to stay away from any type of nicotine help as I need surgery and my incision will not heal well.

    • Exercise, a lot.

      I quit on 2/3, I’ve been hitting the gym 2 to 3 hours a day with weight training and camping out in the sauna for a half hour afterward.

      It will sound insane, but sit in a sauna bucknaked sipping on water and force yourself to sweat out the toxins. I have not had a craving since 2/4. This will also help stave off the excess weight gain. Take a cool-ish shower after and munch on some dried fruits and unsalted nuts after.

      I guess my ending piece of advice is: I know you’re mad, I know you want to strangle someone, but channel the rage into something constructive for you and your future. =)

    • Michelle, I have smoked for over 40 years. I now have COPD, I am lucky if I can walk from my bed to my living room couch without feeling like I am dying because I cannot catch my breath. I finally put my cigarettes down three days ago. Trust me, put them down now while you can still breathe, because once you can’t, it isn’t worth it. Pray like you have never prayed before. I will pray for you too.

        • Aww, that’s good, glad to hear that. Today marks my one month without a cigarette. I am so much better. It is amazing how quickly the body heals itself. Prayers!

      • My sister has COPD and almost died 7 years ago when she got sick. She was in a coma for 3 weeks! The doctor kept telling us she wouldn’t make it through the day. Very scary! She did come around and hasn’t smoked since! She still has a lot of breathing problems. You would think that this would be enough to make me quit. It wasn’t. About 3 weeks ago she was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia and the doctor thought she had a heart issue. It took 2 weeks to clear the lungs enough to check the heart and she was in ICU the whole time. Thank goodness she didn’t have a heart problem, it was caused from her lungs working hard which made her heart work hard! This time, even though it wasn’t nearly as bad, it hit home because I am now at the age she was the first time she was in the hospital! I made a plan and on the day she went home I started my quit plan. It is hard but I have to do this for her! This was the only request she had while she laid in the hospital! Wish me luck!

      • Saw this post in my email. I have been smoke free for 108 days. I have not picked up a cigarette since February 8th. My life is so much better and, I have to say, I didn’t die from quitting.

    • Meditation using the ‘calm app’ has really been helpful. It’s about £2.70 a month and so worth it. I’m on it at least half an hour a day and it is helping in so many ways. Good luck!! X

    • Hang in there Michelle! Keep busy. Clean something, go for a walk, have a snack, take a nap. Just try to pass the time without smoking. Good luck. I look at pictures of smoker’s lungs compared with a person’s lungs that have quit smoking for just 3 months! What a difference! The body can heal itself!

  3. I quit 12/28/16. Today is 2/6/17. After 25 yrs of smoking this is the LONGEST I’ve ever been without a cigarette! Yes I still find myself at times wanting 1, but I also know that I will never “need” 1 ever again! I’m so proud of myself & EVERYONE on here!

  4. I quit 5 days ago while being sick. I am still sick but starting to feel the cravings now that I am starting to feel better. Quit for 19 days this time last year. If your struggling, take it day by day. Find help, it is very difficult to do without support. Michelle, get your mind off quitting! If you focus on the negatives, you will smoke! One day at a time! Keep yourself occupied. Blessings:)

  5. Quit 2/5/17. The struggle is real lol. Been down this road before and have never succeeded. Been smoking a pack a day for about 12 years and I’m 30 now. Time to grow up and be a big boy lol. 31 will see me smokeless. Congrats to everyone that has quit.

    • I feel you , today is my 2nd day I am on the patch and I turn 31 on april 20th Im not going to be a slave to nicotine at 31. But yes right now the struggle is TOOOO REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • what i did was smoke all my last cigs and BE FIRM to never restock and mentally prepare yourself for a 2 week war and picture every single suffering and accept it before u do it that helps.

  6. My quit day 2/11/16 – I like to call it two eleven. Coming up on 1 year sans cigarettes and I feel amazing spiritually, mentally, and physically. It sounds redundant but it is so liberating to not be a slave anymore, to realize that I am strong enough to do this positive thing for me and me alone, and now to have the stamina to be physically active for seemingly endless periods of time. I am 52 and basically smoked since I was 15 and loved every minute of it. It has been a long, emotional year fighting this addiction but I want anyone reading this to know that this week after one year without a cigarette or nicotine of any sort I feel totally amazing. This is so worth it!

    • Grt to hear all these stories especially yours has inspired me to keep going, I’m 4 wks off dem but it’s nice to hear off lovely people like ye dat dis time next year il be very happy dat I stuck it x

  7. I quit, again, 3 days ago. Seems harder this time. I have no urge to smoke really. But the damn cloud head, dizzyness, and last night insomnia are kicking my ass. Oh well. Onward to the rest of withdrawl. Good luck everyone.

    • I am having insomnia and yesterday I was at the store and I became very dizzy! I have not completely stopped but 1 week ago I went from 20 daily to 16. This week I went to 14. Yesterday I only had 9 all day and when I had the dizzy spell I had been up for about 12 hours and I had only had 5. My sister quit about 7 years ago and I asked her if she had dizzy spells and she told me that wasn’t a side effect of quitting. I am glad to hear it is, not that I am happy you have dizzy spells, just glad to know others have them when quitting! I have not tried patches but might try now. Best of luck staying off the cigarettes!

    • hang in there buddy, its a one time process dont ”restart” once you already suffered it.. it surprisingly wears off quickly max 2 weeks.. imagine 2 weeks for your entire health and life and better smell ”cigs stick up my clothes” and weight gain from cigs.
      just see it like a wound being closed, its better done once and than you dont peel it off.,

      • Not to be rude, but weight gain is a result of quitting smoking. You actually are more likely to lose weight on cigs. But otherwise, you’re absolutely right!

        As for me, I have been smoking for about 9 years, & am 27 now. I quit yesterday, because I figured it would be the perfect time, frankly. I wouldn’t be able to smoke for a few days anyway. I had to get all – yes, all – of my teeth removed, anyway. Only problem is, this new dentist was beyond horrible. I wouldn’t get numb properly, as certain areas were heavily infected, but he just… did not care. Ended up with him literally holding me down while I screamed, cried, pleaded for him to stop. I could tell more, but suffice to stay I got all but 5 or 6 pulled, half of those being insanely painful and done against my will.

        • Really hope you got through all that. I really felt for you when I read your post. So very brave. I’m on day 6 today and yesterday day 5 was the hardest day so far. I’m using the inhalators by Nicorette and they are almost giving me the sensation of taking a drag.. Bliss..Far better than E cigarettes which did nothing for me at all. Yesterday I had the customer from Hell though at work which set me right back as I’m used to chain-smoking to calm down after an abusive moron has had a pop at me. I work in customer service so these abusive morons do appear unfortunately from time to time 🙁 I have to disagree about weight gain from giving up though. Without the cigarettes I have no appetite at all. Last time I gave up I lost tremendous weight I couldn’t afford to lose either and that was my main reason for smoking again as three months down the line I’d gone down to under six stone. This time I’ll force myself to eat.. Lol.. Hope you’re feeling much better now than when you put this post up, x

          • Well, about the weight thing – it all comes down to the individual, anyway. For the record, I was referring to nicotine being a stimulant, the effects of stimulants on weight, & how withdrawal tends to hit a person with the extreme opposite of whatever you are missing. But this is just “on average”. That simply does not cover everyone! I hope you do better with managing your weight this time around. I’m sure that you will, since now you know what to expect. You got this – I wouldn’t worry about it, really.

            On that note, definitely keep up the good work. I’ve never heard of the inhalators, hm! Crazy stuff. But yet again, you seem to be learning what happens and works for you as you go along.

            Ack, I wanna type more, but something came up & I gotta run real quick. Thank you so much for your kind words, ignore any rude people who aren’t worthy of any additional attention from you at your work(coz seriously, wow, been there & it sucks! really sorry you have to put up with it, as it can definitely be excruciatingly annoying in the moment, but also very stressful for a while after; good on you for handling that crap every day… it’s not easy), and keep up the great work! I’m doing so much better, & hope very much that you are, now, as well.

            Sorry I don’t have time to post more, plus already deleted the notification email so I dunno if I’ll be able to find my way back here(got here at random in the first place, anyway), but yeah… you’re awesome. Keep being awesome. Best of luck to you, stranger, & tc!

          • Thanks for replying, Bo.I was so relieved to get your reply. I’ve a daughter your age and I was frantic thinking about what you had gone through and so angry at that heartless dentist. The inhalators are magical but I don’t think they are available in the US. I wanted to send some to one of my US friends who has emphysema through smoking but I wasn’t able to send them through customs. It’s been ten days since I stopped smoking now. Still no appetite but I was expecting it as I never ate much anyway so forcing myself to eat when I can. I haven’t had many withdrawal symptoms at all which is probably due to the inhalators. Day 7 was the worse day. My tongue all furred up, the inhalators didn’t work and I really wanted a cigarette that morning. I didn’t give in and by the afternoon the crisis was over but it was just like being back on day 1. I really didn’t want to give up but with cigarettes now at £8 a packet for the very cheapest there is no way I’m smoking again. I can get the inhalators free on prescription as all prescriptions are free in South Wales so it’s a real bonus. Again, lovely to hear from you and that you’re OK 🙂 Much love, Wendy x

  8. I quit smoking 2 days and 9 hours ago. I still crave it but I feel like I’m strong enough to mentally overcome it. I have smoked for 27 years and in that time I only quit for 12 weeks during basic training for the Army. The craving is getting less and less but my family is supporting me and making it easier and easier with every hour.

  9. I was a very heavy cannabis user and smoked cigarettes when at work etc about 20 a day. I quit the green full stop at the start of January then quit the tobacco full stop 4 weeks ago. I’ve not used any nicotine replacement what I have used is herbal pills called kalms I think they’re basically the same as herbal sleeping pills. I’ve no cravings at all any more and really never did have many bad cravings and when I did they didn’t last long. So mentally I’ve basically been totally fine and have found it easy. I have however had lots of physical ailments affecting me since quitting but I’m sure that must just be my body readjusting and they’ll pass too. I’m in the UK and the pills are called kalms and I get them in any supermarkets that’s my advice they made it easy for me without patches or anything I think patches just prolong the misery and if u forget to put one on that’s your excuse to smoke again. Oh yeah my sleep is actually quite messed up too but getting better and I’m enjoying all the dreams that I never used to get. And I actually don’t seem to need as much sleep I’m still fresher through the day

  10. Heavy cannibas smoker for 13 years stopped the weed on the 22 .12 .16 and stopped smoking tobacco today anxious about the coming few days but first kid is due in a week so I can’t think of a better reason.

  11. Today is the end of Day 2.. I am 55 and a 40 year smoker. I am on stage 2 patch, and have cravings. But I am determined to do this. I have to. I want to work at a certain hospital and they test for nicotine. So I have motivation. I know it will be hard, I am lowering my nicotine, and breaking my triggers. And will go to the 7 mg patch in 3 weeks, just for a week. And step away forever. I had a chest xray done a month ago for another reason and was told I am showing signs of the early stages of emphysema. I know I am not 30 anymore, but I do get winded more easy. I am done with smokes.

    • Hang in there, buddy! My grandfather died of ephysema; he said “F**k it!” and had a horribly slow and painful death.

    • Hang in there! 40-year smoker here too. I’m about a week in. Using Chantix. We both know it will be worth it. I’m already starting to feel positive effects.

      • I’m on Chantix also. Day 5 and 48 hours smoke free. I hope the next few weeks are smooth sailing. People say that’s worse than the first 3 days 🙁 BUT! My head is up and I got this! You too!

  12. Day 3 for me! I’m going through a lot in my life at this time and was very surprised to find out that I didn’t want to smoke anymore. I’ve smoked for 30 years and just stopped. Why I don’t know but I really don’t want to question it.

  13. Im coming up on 2 months I actually quit on New Years day. So far so good .I am taking wellbutrin for the withdrawals and weight gain and its working great I have no desire and no side effects whats so ever .I just hope when I stop the medication I don’t want to smoke again. Im 52 and have smoked since i was 13. I never even tried to quit > I am just gonna loo
    k at it like there is no going back I cannot smoke again ever and I don’t care.

    • Denise, we are the same age and started at about the same age. I quit once for 5 years in my mid 20’s. Dumbest thing was to start again but I did. I want to quit. This week I went from 20 a day to 16 a day and I’ve done good. Each Monday I will cut 4 more. That is what worked last time. I’m going to my doctor in 2 weeks and I’ll ask about the med you’re on. Wish me luck! I will need it! Good job on your end!

      • I wish you all the luck in the world you got this. those cigarettes are disgusting keep telling yourself that cause they are.

        • Thank you so much! I really hope I can stay strong! Keep up the great work on your quitting! Have a wonderful weekend!

          • It’s all in your mind. You don’t NEED to smoke… it’s not like giving up FOOD or WATER. A couple irritable days are just that, then they are gone, and you are better- healthier, richer… just stay away from other smokers during the first few weeks.

          • Thanks! I hope I can do this! Some days it’s ok and other days it’s non stop craving! Today is one of the bad days! I’ve had hard candy, popcorn, water, lots of water and they won’t stop! I wish I could nap but I am wide awake! I don’t think I have been this awake in years! Last night I only slept for 2 hours and I can’t believe I am so wide awake! Did you get like this? I have not used any replacement so it makes no sense!

          • THIS TOO SHALL PASS. You don’t want to be living walking around with an oxygen tank. This will be over in a little while. In a few more days you will look back and say- “Wow I didn’t NEED any of those smokes!!!” It is all in the mind.

  14. I quit 3 years ago Jan. 27 exactly 2 months before my bday. Was so excited and proud of myself but I’m still craving and really snappy and irritable..

  15. Age 39, 1st heart attack, continued to smoke until age 43, second heart attack. Coded twice on the table. Have not thought about cigarettes since then. Smartest decision I’ve ever made.

  16. 8 days for me. Every day, including today, I read about quitting smoking. That’s how I found this site. I’ve had about 5 nicotine lozenges so far during the quit, have been drinking a lot of water and getting a lot of sleep. NOPE (not one puff ever) is my way of thinking. I’m having ups and downs, but I’m not smoking.

  17. After more than 50 years as a smoker, I quit on New Years Eve 2016. I used a nicotine patch but quit that too after a few weeks. I tried quitting before (many times) and decided I would give it one last attempt. I was afraid of failing and for the first few days I was a basket case. I knew I had to change my lifestyle if I had any hope of success, so on January 12 I started a walking program. I walk at least 3 miles a day and it has done wonders for my self-esteem, not to mention my physical health. I still have cravings but they are becoming easier to dismiss. I am cautiously optimistic.

  18. I have been smoke free for 2 weeks!! I have been sick for almost a week now and no this is short term pain for long term gain. It makes me motivated by reading all of these comments that it isn’t easy going thru this challenge but coming out strong at the end. I am not the only one who has tried to quit as it is very doable.

  19. Has every one quit cold turkey? Did you use the patch or another replacement? Do you think that they helped? I am doing it by cutting my cigarettes down weekly and thinking about each one and if I really need it. I also joined a stop smoking help line we have in AZ. They are sending me patches but are not going to be here until Monday, the start of week 3 for me. I smoked 20-22 cigarettes a day. First week on Monday I went to 16. There were a few hard times but stuck to it. I am on week 2 and went to 14 a day. I am doing good and it is Thursday and no slips, in fact I only had 10 yesterday! Has anyone else done it this way? Were you successful at quitting completely? Thanks!

    • I tried it that way several times. It’s always good to ration them down before you quit. I quit twice cold turky for a moderately successful amount of time, but I always fell back on the crutch. I’m doing Champix now, I’m one week as a non smoker again. It takes more than patches or pills, though. You have to be diligent. When you say it’s time to stop, you have to stop and never look back no matter how hard it gets. You have to retrain your brain to crave new things that are healthy, and you have to remind yourself repeatedly why you quit. How you quit is less significant than quitting. Good luck, hope you made it to 0!

  20. Hubby and I quit three weeks ago after he had a health scare with his heart. Both smokers for 40 odd years with a few breaks in between. I’ve been having a lot of dizziness and flu-ish head feelings. Anyone else have this? I really miss smoking as I used it as a stress relief . But at the same time I feel incredibly positive about this step we’ve made and am determined to never start again ever!

  21. Hi,
    I really like all these write up, i am trying to quit also. I have been smoking for 4 years now. Roughly 8 sticks a day and i really need to stop. Reading how must of you smoked for like 10 years plus amazes me. How did you cope with regards to work, social life etc ? My fiancee left me over smoking and i really feel bad.
    I hope i can stop, good luck everyone.

    • Tosin,
      I watched a movie recently ” Fat, sick and dying”. One line in the movie was the Dr who said” Its like smoking, and its not question of if one is going to get sick, but rather when”. I realized that it’s like I am playing russian roulette. I have smoked for 18 years and today is Day 2 of quitting. When I get the craving I search benefit of quitting smoking online… It helps and makes me proud of the decision I took to stop.

  22. After many failed attempts, i finally quit smoking about 5 days back. I smoked for a little over 12 years but before i quit i was down to 7-8 cigarettes a day.
    I have time for other things now, like work, study etc. without the exhaustion or tiredness i used to feel when i did smoke so that’s definetly a benifit.
    But honestly, i feel i miss it, not the Nicotine (cause I use the gum just in case), but the activity of smoking. I never knew that smoking was NOT “just another habit:”, it was something i did which made me feel good, release stress etc. Just 5 min. with a cigarette every 1-2 hours later was a joy. So i guess what i’m trying to say is, i know its healthy i quit smoking and all, but was it worth it to give up something that used to literally make me feel better in an instant?

    • Yes. It’s worth it. And that’s just you trying to rationalize the addiction. The feel good in an instant was a lie – you felt good at first because of the nicotine. But later, you only felt good because until you smoked your brain was making you feel bad because it wasn’t getting what it craved. I quit for 9 months back in 2004, and again for about 2 years back in 2010 and now I’m on my forever quit because I’m never letting that kind of logic through again. You’re rigth in that it’s NOT “just another habit” because the reality is it’s an addiction as bad as heroin.

      • It’s been a few weeks now, still miss it, but I’m not suffereing from any withdrawal symptoms cause I use nicotine gum, stuff actually works!

        But I do miss the cigarette, but your right, before every smoke I used to miss it so much, but afterwards, I use to regret after each one.. health issues, social issues, even used to give me a high so for the next 10min or so.. I was useless. Thanks for the reminder.. it’s support like these that makes us stronger as a unit!

  23. Its been around a month now, but i feel adverse effects as mentioned above, I’m low on stamina, feel sleepy most of the time, can’t do good time exercise or running activities, can anyone suggest something ?

    • Keep at it, your lungs are still healing, it can take up to 3 months for you to really get that lung power back especially if you were a heavy smoker for a long time. But, you might want to mention the lethargy and lack of stamina to your doctor, though.

  24. 5th hours is passing by. it’s hard af. damn what did i do to my body that after 5 hour not smoking i’m getting crazy. fuck.

  25. I smoked for eight years. One day I woke up and decided not to smoke anymore. This is my third day and I don’t feel like smoking anymore. Best decision ever.

  26. So I was going crazy, been 3 weeks and smoking 3 to 6 a day (after 35 years I cut down to that from 2 packs). Been cold turkey – trying again 24 hours and I finally found the trigger. Managed to switch the cravings off immediately. I associated smoking with my Dad who was my hero and he always smelt like cherry tobacco as he had a pipe. I bought a non – nicotine vape a couple of years ago, subconscious probably selected it, for me. So when I quit again today the water and everything else wasn’t working me. Recharged the vape put the cherry fluid in it and it was like bang, that is where it came from. Wanting to be cool like my Dad and his smart pipe. I think the association I just happened to luck on a few minutes ago helps everyone on this page.

    GL – I feel I can make it knowing how it started

  27. Quit cold turkey a week ago after 23 years every second of the day feels like I just put a cigarette down smh my chest is still wide open ? but I told myself that I have to hate them as much as I loved them ??

  28. My last cigarettes was on Saturday, I believe that when Jesus Christ resurrected he took my addiction to cigarettes with Him.

  29. Day 4 of being smoke free for me and I’ve noticed that even though I didn’t sleep for a full 8 hours I woke feeling wide awake and recharged this hadn’t happened in years. I had been smoking for only six years but after the death of my uncle from a heart attack at age 59 I realized it was time for me to quit. Plus I hope this vigil of mine serves as an example for my father to quit and for my younger siblings to never smoke.

  30. I’ve smoked for 28 years and used Chantix to kill the cravings . I was struggling with the habit but after watching Allen Carr’s easy way to stop smoking. I quit the same day. It helped me with my addiction. I’ve been smoke free 7 wks and don’t have a problem with people smoking in front of me or don’t even thinking of smoking ever again… if you wanting to really quit and have time to read Allen Carr’s book please do so it will be worth it …

  31. I quit 13 days ago after smoking for 35 years. After destroying my body for all those years it’s time to for me to give back so I give my body a gift each and every day by not smoking

  32. Im on Day 3. MAN!! This is the hardest thing I have ever had to quit!! Im having surgery (nothing major) at the end of next month and I know not smoking will improve healing time plus the surgery itself. While preparing for this I had a harsh flashback to when i was my sons age now- and my mother had a heart attack. Triple by-pass. She was a heavy smoker- like chain smoking 3 packs kind of heavy!! I was his age watching all this happen. I DONT want him to have to go through what I did. So its time. But UGH this sucks! But if I give in now I’ll have to start all over again. So onward and upward. Glad to see alot of you on here have gone through the same stuff and lived to tell the tale hahaha so that really helps!!

  33. I’m at 18 hours, my hands are shaking. I’ve smoked for 16yrs. I pinky promised my daughter I woukd never smoke again. I intend to keep it, but it’s so hard right now.

  34. The birth of my daughter gave me a reason to quit smoking. Though I was trying for the last 17 years but unable to control the smoke. May be a sense of fear or love I cant explain but yes 20 days have passed. Hope will not become weak towards smoke.

  35. Hii guys it has been 1 month today since i quit but i m faceing many side efeect like weakness,fatigue and thrstiness why is it happening

  36. 32 years smoking. I tried the patch. Gum. Vaping. Homeopathic. None worked. Due to my bipolar disorder I can’t use Chantix.

    I’m a firm believer that the desire to quit must be stronger than the desire to smoke. In other words, you must absolutely want it.

    18 months smoke free. Cold turkey. I don’t want to go back. And every time I crave one I remind myself of the smell, the ashtray taste, and the grossness.

    I can’t even be around them anymore. I cough for days if I am. And the smell gives me a headache. The smoke burns my nose and throat. My body rejects every facet of smoking.

    So my trick and my advice is to want it more that anything else if you want to succeed. If you don’t, then you aren’t ready and you’ll set yourself up for failure.

  37. I suggest those that have stress disorders or panic attacks go to their primary doc and get a script for a sedative to take during withdrawal if going cold turkey. Also NLP helps reinforce the quitting and helps the body reject the thoughts or craving for the Nicotine. I know 3 people who died because of smoking and 2 people qho suffered strokes. It is NOT worth it.

  38. today is my 60 days of quitting smoking….but still annoying specially when it comes to my food so tasteless… but no regret i can do it…

  39. Hello everyone. First I’d like to congratulate all the super humans for over coming this terrible habit. Saying “I feel better!” is an understatement. The first and last thing I would do everyday? Nope. I don’t do that any more. The cough that I had to hide from people? Nope. I don’t do that any more. That pain in my head and neck, I would never admit? Nope. I don’t have that any more. The 100lbs brick on my chest? Nope, don’t have that any more. Yes I was on the edge for a while. It was a tough road. I’m not a slave to them any more…. And you can do it too. Good luck everyone. 🙂

    • I had it, too. I thought, ‘Great! Now that I stopped smoking, I’m having chest pains.’ It’ll pass, trust me.

      • thanks for the advice. I thought it was something really serious but I will see a Doctor just to make it sure… thank you

        • Keep it up and stay strong. It’s only been 2 months for me and I quit cold turkey, no gum or patches. Regular gum I chew and lollipops have been doing it for me. Again, keep it up, and good luck to you!

          • In my life I have quit smoking 3 times. And on all the three instances I feel there was intervention from god. It is not easy without god factor. Now I will not touch at all.

    • I have those chest pains as well. Its been almost 3 weeks without nicotine but the chest pains jeer

    • It may be your body ridding itself of the toxins. If you are coughing at all it will hurt too. I think a trip to the doc may be in order, but it could just be the withdrawal process. Good luck, and keep us informed on what the doc says. 🙂

  40. I m trying to quit smoking. From last 48 hours i have not smoked a single puff as well.
    But i am feeling drowsiness..
    Why so?

    • I felt the same. Very sleepy. It was ok for me because I am retired. I just slept through it. That was 8 years ago. I would never go back to the weed. Feel so much better.

    • Cigarettes trigger endorphins in your brain, which are feel good factors. It tricks you brain into thinking you feel good, and the inhalation makes you feel better. It’s kind of like it’s tricking your brain. Once you take the feel good factor away from your brain, you start to feel tired, get jittery, anxious, possible headaches, and more withdrawl symptoms. I smoked for 21 years, but quit 9 years ago. Hardest thing I ever had to do, and trust me, it took me many tries, to finally do it. I started Chantix prescription, but I could only take it for two weeks. I started having nightmares every night, and it seemed like they were reality after I woke up, and I weaned off of it, but it kick started the quitting process, and with hard determination, I kept going. Wasn’t easy at all, but it’s doable. I still get the urge to have one when I an stressed, but I don’t act on it. I wish you all the luck in the world on quitting. You got this!! If I can do this, you can too. 🙂

      • Thank you gwen…
        I m trying my level best..
        From last 2 weeks..
        By profession I am a software developer .whenever i face difficulties in my project my mind insists me to smoke.
        Somehow i am protecting myself by eating somethng or drinking something..

  41. After smoking at least a pack a day for 10 years (about 73,000 cigarettes), I went to a hypno-therapist n quit for 8 years. My mom passed n I smoked through the grieving process (two years) and I have quit again (3 years). This time it’s for good. Also watch “what the health” the to fully understand what you’re putting in your body to fully understand what you’re putting in your body when you eat processed meats like sausage bacon pepperoni turkey roast beef… Good luck! If I can quit, anybody can quit.

  42. This has happened to me before….. i smoked a whole pack plus 2 on saturday, sunday morning when i woke up i could barely breath… just short breaths in…. and congestion in throat – so now it is almost 48 hours that i’ve not smoked – i have got to quit for good – it is ridiculous to feel this way!! i’ve smoked for about 10 years…. i’m tired of feeling like this, and smelling bad, etc. My boyfriend smokes so i may have to leave him !!!

    • Have you tried vaping ? I smoked for about 20 years and vaping was the only thing that worked. It still took some work but nothing terrible. For a couple of weeks I would just replace a cig with vaping until I was done.. it was a lot easier for my wife though..a lot of people say I just replace one habit for another. Which maybe so but my new habit is a lot better. I haven’t had a cigarette in 2 years and 3.5 for my wife.. if you just go to a local shop they can help u get started..I was around someone smoking a cigarette the other day and I never realized just how bad they smell.. I now understand why non-smokers complained so much.. after 2 years I have no regrets and I really do enjoy vaping . It also became a nice hobby for my wife and I .so maybe it could be for you and your boyfriend. Good luck and I hope u consider it!!!

    • try chantix..ive been on it since july 4th and have not smoked a single puff of anything..the first 2 days were hard,but im like 30 days ciggy free…i can actually fast walk a mile 3 times a day now without feeling like im gonna die…its also been said i dont snore anymore,lol..and ive lost almost 8lbs..because im using the anxiety/addicted bitchiness to walk/exercise..lol..try chantix!

  43. Today its my 10 day after my last cigarette and i m going cold turkey!!!! Wish me luck my wife smoke and i will try for her to slow down or quit but me i m Done!!!!

  44. To all who are fighting my dumb but was on a inhaler still smoked took a visit to. Emergency room a little very very cute doctor showed me a x-ray of right lung. Game changer I’m 54 years old smoked 30 years within 2 months I put on 10 pounds everything changed for better no longer on inhaler getting better everyday I still thing that little cute doctor was from God anyone fighting this can email me for support jetranger274@gmail.com

  45. I had smoked for 30 years averaging 8-10 cigarettes a day. In between several times I tried to quit smoking cigarette for good but to no avail. The longest duration I did not smoke a cigarette was for 9 months. But today it is 84th day after my last cigarette I smoked. This time it is for good. I went ‘cold turkey’! This time right from the day one I quit I started vigorous physical exercise. I am also doing Yoga & Meditation every day. These I noticed have strengthened my body and mind quite substantially which in turn helped me to fight and defeat those TERRIBLE URGES TO SMOKE. I also have noticed I am feeling better and better every day. I have undergone tremendous mental and physical stress and strain more often than not in these 84 days but I have kept sailing on the predefined course with strong determination. And I shall keep on sailing ……. So I call to say, quitters of the world lets keep sailing together!

  46. i am quitting today after 30 years. I am tired of being tired, tired of not being able to be the energetic, exercising, happy-go-lucky person I know I am meant to be, simply because I am constantly worrying and anxious about my health now because of stupid cigarettes! I am doing this!! I’m nervous but I want to feel good again. I have a lot of living left to do.

  47. I quit smoking a month ago using chantix it really does work if your actually ready and wanting to quit! If not it won’t work! Was on an inhaler what Really made me quit was I went hiking with my family and have to use my inhaler THREE times In about an hour!! I was disappointed in myself so I said I was done and have been since a week after starting chantix ! Now I went for a hike with my husband a week ago in the same park and didn’t use my inhaler once I am SO PROUD of myself! Seriously if I can do it ANYONE can!!

  48. Hi , its been 2 weeks cold turkey my 3rd attempt my first attempt was in 2009 did 6 month , second 2012 did 2 years and now my last I swear I hate cigarretes , can’t tolarate the smell , dislike the smoke , is not from me , it does not belong to me , is what I constanlty tell my subconsious , no auto correct so my apologies if a spelled something wrong but hooray am happy and this is my last attempt am done never again b4 my 40th bday

  49. My Quit day 2nd Nov, 2017.
    3 weeks without a cigg from 1 pack a day.
    Smoked for around 12 years from the age of 18
    Cold Turkey quit.

    It was difficult for the first couple of days.
    But thing are better now.
    Hope I can stop the urge and not smoke again.

    Aveek Dutta

  50. My quit date 20/11 and I do feel the cravings immediately after having every meal but that don’t last more than 80 seconds. I don’t miss smoking at all, so much so that I accompany my smoking colleagues but don’t smoke, stand at a distance from the smoke and do not feel the urge to smoke. Amazingly I can feel so much energy in me.

  51. I quit on Saturday 11/25, I have been smoking for 30 years. This is the first time I have tried to quit. Feeling strange, sleepy, anyone know why?
    Is this something expected. I normally sleep late at night mainly watching TV and smoking. Last 2 nights fell asleep at 8:00 pm, been feeling sleepy all day at work. Is this the withdrawal symptom that I hear about or something else.

    Hope I make it.

  52. I’d tried everything after 45 years, but realized I didn’t really want to quit. Then, I developed a tumor on my heart caused by too little oxygen. My surgeon said he’d remove it only if I quit smoking. I got rid of all cigs and butts and bought a bottle of whiskey. I knew if I was drinking I wouldn’t get in my car and drive to get cigarettes. Haven’t smoked since.

    Did the doctor remove the tumor? Yes. Do I feel better? Yes. Do I crave cigarettes every day? Yes.

    This is a lot like a 12 step program. One day at a time.

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