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by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: November 29, 2022

rawthentic brand review

Review Score: 91/100

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$1.99 - $89.99
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  • Do not contain bleach, dyes, chalk, and other additives
  • Vast assortment of accessories and gear


  • Rawthentic’s do not ship directly to customers

What Are Raw Cones?

Raw Cones describes a variety of products sold by Rawthentic.

These products include papers and cones made from regular paper and hemp. Additionally, they sell various accessories like filter tips, rolling trays, and ashtrays.

But that is not what makes Rawthentic unique. Instead, this company stands out because its paper and hemp cones are entirely natural, containing zero bleach, chalk, or other unwanted additives typically found in most rolling papers.

Rawthentic customers get a uniquely pure product that is 100 percent natural.

RAW Rocket Booster Cones

Cannabis-Infused Cones

RAW Rocket Booster Cones RAW Rocket Booster Cones


  • Infused with signaling messengers
  • Available in three strains
  • All-natural


  • Cannot be bought on site

Rocket Raw Booster cones are probably the only papers someone can smoke without cannabis and still get high. This is because the papers contain cannabinoid signaling messengers that stimulate the CB1 presynaptic receptors, making the smoking experience more intense than it would be otherwise.

These cones are sold individually and are available in Sundae Driver, Lemon Jack, and Lemon Fuel.

RAW Classic King Size Cones

Giant Raw Cones

RAW Classic Kingsize Cones


  • No bleach
  • No dyes
  • No chalk


  • Cannot be bought on site

These cones are crafted precisely to ensure that all joints are adequately sized and easy to roll. Also, these cones are easy to fill because the paper is sturdy. These cones are available in sizes from small packs to boxes with thousands of papers each and a foldable funnel 20 pack.

RAW Tubes

Raw Pre-Rolled Cones

RAW Tubes


  • No chalk
  • No dyes
  • Zero additives


  • Cannot be bought on site

These cones are much easier to use than the above-mentioned king-sized cones because they are pre-rolled. All the user has to do is stuff the tube with cannabis or tobacco and light up. Additionally, each tube comes with a complimentary filter tip. It is much faster and more convenient than buying papers and rolling them one at a time.

RAW Organic Hemp 1¼ Cones

Natural Raw Cones 1 ¼ Inch

RAW Organic Hemp 1¼ Cones


  • No dyes
  • No chalk
  • No bleach


  • Only available on third party websites

These short cones are made from 100 percent natural hemp without dyes, chalk, or burn additives. Each piece of paper is made using a water purification system so that the hemp maintains its unique qualities, notably its natural tan color. The tips are folded to prevent cannabis from escaping the cone. All Raw cones are unfiltered.

RAW Organic Hemp King Size Cones

More Giant Raw Cones!

RAW Organic Hemp Kingsize Cones


  • No chalk
  • No dyes
  • No bleach


  • Only available on third party sites

Just like the Classic King Size cones, these King Size hemp rolls are massive, making them perfect for sharing with a group of friends. But instead of being made of paper, these are made of natural hemp.

Like Rawthentic’s other products, these hemp wraps do not contain chalk, bleach, or other additives found in other rolling papers.

Raw Cones Sizes

Raw has rolls in eight different sizes. These sizes are:

Raw Cones Length Capacity
Single Size: 24mm/30mm/45mm 5g
Classic/Organic ¼: 84 mm 75g
Special: 98 mm 95g
Lean: 109 mm 1g
King size: 109 mm 1.15g
Peacemaker: 140 mm 1.5g
Emperador: 180 mm 3g
Supernatural: 280 mm 10g
Challenge Cone: 600 mm 71g

In addition to 9 different sizes, Rawthetic’s products can be bought in bulk, making them ideal for commercial buyers. The majority of Rawthetic’s business is done with commercial buyers. People interested in bulk purchases can buy packs containing up to 1,400 rolls.

Are Raw Cones Rolling Papers Bleached?

Rawthentic rolling papers are not made with bleach, which is one of their top-selling points. Instead, their papers are tan instead of white or off-white like bleached rolling papers.

The majority of papers are bleached to make them as bright as possible. And remember that bleach means chlorine. They also contain a lot of dyes, chalk, and other materials many tobacco and cannabis users do not want to inhale.

How to Use Raw Cones

Rolling cigarettes and blunts is not as complicated as most people think. Also, many come pre-rolled, so buyers don’t have to do any rolling.

The first thing to do with the unrolled papers is to lay them flat on a table or rolling tray. Rolling trays are preferable to bare table tops because none of the material is lost. Instead, it stays in the tray and can be emptied into a bag when done.

  • Once the paper is on the tray, place the material on one side of the paper
  • Make sure the material is evenly distributed on one side of the paper in an even line
  • Roll the side of the paper with the material on it carefully inward while ensuring there is room to insert a filter tip
  • Lick the paper so that it sticks together, and insert a filter tip into one end of the cigarette.

Pros and Cons of Raw Cones

The chief advantage of using Rawthentic’s rolling papers and rolls is that they do not contain bleach, dyes, chalk, and other additives found in similar rolling papers.

But that point has been hit on enough. Rawthentic has other advantages, like a vast assortment of accessories and gear.

The most useful of these accessories is a cigarette rolling paper machine. Rolling blunts can be challenging, but this device takes all the hard work out of it. It is also helpful to have on hand when rolling a lot of blunts in a short time is necessary.

Rawthentic also has rolling trays, filter tips, and even pet products like leashes made from hemp.

This company has one con, though.

Rawthentic’s biggest disadvantage is that they do not ship directly to customers. Instead, all products are sold via third-party stores. But, their product pages have links to stores selling rolling papers, cones, etc.

Shipping & Returns

Because Rawthentic does not sell products directly to customers, they do not have shipping and return policies. Instead, those policies are determined by the third-party stores selling Raw products. Consult their frequently asked questions pages to assess their policies.


Warranties do not generally cover products like cigarette papers. However, the third-party stores that sell Raw papers may reimburse customers for goods damaged during delivery.

However, they have warranties or limited warranties for their Life Grinders, Drop Kit, and Flat Pack.

Customer Service Rating

Rawthentic has a contact page and form. The customer service team will contact whoever sends the message. But they do not have a phone number, email address, or physical address posted on their site. The most likely reason is that they do not want people calling them trying to order individual products.


Rawthentic vs. Cyclones Hemp Cones

cyclones hemp cones brand review

Hemp cones from Cyclone are packaged inside an airtight container containing strawberry flavoring. Also, the rolls burn evenly and slowly. But Rawthentic has a significantly more extensive inventory than just one product, making them a better alternative overall.

Rawthentic vs. Vibes Cones

vibes rolling papers brand review

Rawthentic has a much more extensive inventory than Vibes. The only thing Vibes has besides rolling papers is a rolling tray. However, customers can buy Vibes products on their website directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Raw Cones Good?

    Yes, these products are excellent. They are easy to use and all-natural, with no additives like bleach, chalk, or dyes.

  • What Are the Healthiest Rolling Papers?

    There is no way to determine whether one kind of rolling paper is healthier than another. Smoking is harmful to the lungs no matter what type of cigarette rolling paper is used.

  • How Much Does a Pack of Raw Cones Cost?

    The answer depends on the third party selling the product, but for a small package of cones, it should not cost more than ten dollars to buy them. However, the larger containers will cost substantially more. For example, a 1,400 count package can cost well over $100.

  • How Can You Tell If Raw Cones Are Fake?

    Unroll one of the papers and heat one end of it. If it curls inward, it is authentic. If it does not, it is fake. Rawthentic posted a video about it on their site.

  • Do You Need to Be 21 to Buy Raw Cones?

    Yes, customers must be at least 21 to buy.

  • Are Raw Cones Considered Tobacco Products?

    Yes, they are considered tobacco products.

  • Do Raw Cones Come With Filters?

    Some products, like their pre-rolls, come with filters.

Final Thoughts About Rawthentic’s Raw Cones

Rawthentic is an excellent source for natural rolling papers and various smoking accessories. But it would be nice if customers could order from their store as they can with Vibes. Other than that, Rawthentic gets our recommendation.

Please comment if you want to tell us about your experience with Rawthetic.

Published: November 28, 2022

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