Grav Labs: High-Quality Bongs From the Lone Star State


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: September 27, 2022

grav labs brand review

Review Score: 96/100

Price Range:
$3.99 - $192.49
Customer Service:
Works with:
  • Herbs icon


  • All of their glass products are of excellent quality
  • Motivating story behind the business
  • Good customer service


  • Live customer service would be a nice addition

Finding a company that can deliver exceptional items that do not break easily is not always easy. Some companies import or make cheap dab rigs and bongs and other glassware to cut costs, and customers get left with a piece of junk.

But not all companies are like that.

Grav Labs imports its glassware, but its products are designed and tested in-house before the production phase. So no matter what customers buy, they will get something of incredibly high quality.

Review their best products below to see how good they are.

What Is Grav Labs?

It is very cliche to say that someone’s story is inspiring, but the story behind Grav is worth telling. Unfortunately, by 2007, Mr. Daily was sliding deeper and deeper into debt with each passing month.

But he had one card up his sleeve, a skill for making glass hand pipes.

So he went to a music festival with several of his homemade pipes and started passing them out.

By chance, he handed one to a business owner. The stranger asked Dave Daily to meet him next week.

And that is how Grav was born.

Since Mr. Daily’s chance encounter with his first client, Grav’s inventory and presence has grown significantly. They have eight different product categories and six different collections. Additionally, they have a massive facility in South Austin with plenty of space for selling and storing their wares.

Grav’s Product Line

Grav One Hitter

Grav Glass Blunt

grav one hitter
$2.88 $
Visit Site
Pink, Green, Blue, Amber, Black, Clear, White
Compatible with:
  • icon-leaves
  • Available in seven colors
  • Borosilicate glass
  • 0.5 oz

Here is the product that started it all: Grav One-Hitter. It is made of transparent borosilicate glass and is perfect for a quick on-the-go smoking session. Also, they are very affordable at only $4.20 per piece.

$4.20? What a coincidence!

Reasons to Buy

  • Simple to use
  • Small and portable
  • High quality

Grav Classic Spoon

Grav Hand Pipe

grav classic spoon
Mint, Smoke, Fumed, Pink, Lake Green, Amber, Black, Clear, White, Green, Lavender,
Length height:
Compatible with:
  • icon-leaves
  • 11 color options
  • Inverted ash catching mouthpiece

Here is another classic piece of smoking gear.

It is available in several colors and has a large bowl and a great look and feel. Another helpful feature is a mouthpiece that catches the ash so that it does not get in the mouth.

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent quality
  • Large bowl
  • Available in many neat colors

Grav Dugout

All-in-One Grav Pipe

grav dugout
Rose Gold, Sea Green, Gunmetal, Cayenne, Midnight Blue
Length height:
Compatible with:
  • icon-leaves
  • Pipe and grinder
  • Storage compartment with window
  • Six colors

Here is a clever device sure to catch a lot of attention. It is an all-in-one device with a Grav pipe, grinder, and storage in a single device.

Twisting the lid reveals a chamber for grinding and loading and another for storage. The first chamber has a spring-loaded aluminum taster with teeth, and the storage chamber has polycarbonate windows so that users can see how much dry herb is inside. At the bottom is a recessed pin for clearing and cleaning the bowl after usage.

The device is made from CBC aluminum and has minimal branding. It also comes with a carrying case and clip.

Reasons to Buy

  • All-in-one device
  • The window for the herbs
  • Easy-to-use
  • Good build quality

Grav Octo Taster

Impact Resistant Grav Hand Pipe

grav octo taster
Mustard Yellow, Pink, Black, Blue, Purple, Teal, Avocado Green, Dark Teal, Scarlet Orange
Length height:
Compatible with:
  • icon-leaves
  • Silicone covering
  • Ash catcher
  • Cap

Even though Grav’s one-hitters are well built and resistant to breaking, giving them some extra protection does not hurt.

This one-hitter has a partial silicone covering that makes it resistant to impact, making it ideal for people who like smoking while traveling and doing outdoor activities. It also has other useful features, like a pinched mouthpiece for catching loose ash and a cap at the other end to keep the bud from falling out.

Additionally, the silicone covering can be removed and reused.

Reasons to Buy

  • Portable and durable
  • Good price
  • Reusable silicone covering

Grav Male Octobowl

Grav Labs Bubbler Attachment

grav male octobowl
Compatible with:
  • icon-leaves
  • 14 mm male connection
  • Glass

The Octobowl is a helpful accessory for people with pipes and bubblers. This piece of gear catches ash and tar while holding plant matter in place. It attaches easily to bubblers and water pipes and can be handled safely.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to use
  • Filter tar and ash
  • Keeps herbs in place

Grav Helix Chillum

Simple to Use Glass Pipe

grav helix chillum
Length height:
  • Three inches in length
  • Glass and marble glass

The Helix Chillum is three inches long and super compact with all the necessary features. These include a Venturi chamber mouthpiece and three intake holes for cooling and circulating the smoke.

No extra steps or accessories are needed to smoke with these chillums. Just pack them with herbs and get started.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to use
  • No accessories needed
  • Compact design


The company’s headquarters is located in South Austin between McKinney Falls State Park and East Ben While Boulevard. At the moment, customers cannot visit the store, but the management is in the process of opening it to the public. In the meantime, the online shop works perfectly.

Grav Labs Shipping and Returns

Shipping times vary depending on the time of year, but packages generally arrive within five to seven business days. Since Austin is a central location relative to the rest of the US, customers can expect reasonably good shipping times.

Unfortunately, they do not ship internationally.

Grav’s customer service team will help anyone who receives something broken or missing. But be sure to contact them within a week of the package’s arrival.

Where to Find Grav Labs Coupon Codes

Grav offers discounts to teachers, active-duty personnel, and first responders. People in the miliary and first responders (cop, firefighter, EMT), DO NOT order from Grav and DO NOT smoke weed.

Active duty and reserve military personnel and National Guard are forbidden from using marijuana and are regularly tested for drugs. You will get caught, get an Article 15, and then kicked out with a Less Than Honorable discharge and a RE-4 reenlistment code. You are not one in a million.

The same goes for first responders.

Teachers are not generally subject to urinalysis and can get away with smoking weed.

Warranty Policies

Grav’s website does not mention anything about warranties as far as we know. But, as mentioned above, if something arrives broken or missing, their customer service team will provide assistance as soon as possible. Just be sure to get in touch with them as soon as you discover the missing or broken item.

Customer Service Rating

Grav has outstanding customer support, but they can take two to four days to respond, depending on how busy they are. But they do respond and will help customers with problems related to their orders.

They do not have their phone number listed on the site but googling Grav and Austin, TX brings up their store location and phone number.


Grav vs. Roor

roor brand review

Roor is a head shop based in Europe that sells to customers in the United States. They have a lot of the same glassware that Grav has, but Grav has better customer service. Grav has a physical address and a phone number, but Roor does not appear to have these things. However, Roor has some good, high-quality gear.

Grav vs. Gleem

gleem brand review

Gleem does not have a lot in its inventory but what they have is of excellent quality. Their main products are their gravity bong kit and their beaker bong kit. They also have some grinders, shakers, and rolling papers.

However, Grav has a much more extensive inventory and better customer service. All Gleem has for customer service is a contact form with a line that says, “We’ll get back to you in 24 hours.” That does not sound very reassuring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grav

  • Is Grav a Good Glass Brand?

    Yes, Grav is an outstanding brand. They have a long relationship with a Chinese factory specializing in blowing glass.

  • Are Grav Bongs Worth It?

    Yes, they are worth it. Their products are very sturdy and dependable, thanks to their fantastic craftsmanship.

  • Do Gravity Bongs Work Better Than Bongs?

    Honestly, it is difficult to tell because there is no meter telling how high you get. But gravity bongs create large amounts of smoke, do not waste weed, and are widely available and affordable.

  • Are Grav Bongs Made in China?

    Yes, as stated earlier, they are made in China but designed and sold in the United States.

  • What Are Grav Pipes Made Of?

    All the products we sampled are made of glass and nothing else. The only major exception is the one-hitter with a silicone covering. Other than that, these are pure glass and nothing else.


The Positives

  • All of their glass products are of excellent quality
  • Motivating story behind the business
  • Good customer service

The Negatives

  • Live customer service would be a nice addition

Final Thoughts About This Grav Labs Review

There is nothing negative about this company except that they do not post their number on their website.

But that is not a big deal.

This is not a company that sells CBD oil cartridges, so that level of transparency is not that necessary. However, with a company selling something that could potentially harm you (i.e., all the vape-related lung illnesses), customers must know everything possible about them.

Otherwise, they have loads of good stuff and a good story behind them. The build quality is sound, and their customer service team is very helpful. It also helps that their warehouse is in a central location.

Let us know what you think about their gear by commenting below.

Published: October 9, 2022

Jeffrey Buckley

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