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OVNS jc01
9/10 icon-question
  • Closed system pod mod
  • 0.7 ml pre-installed pod
  • a micro USB cable
  • and the pod system user manual.
OVNS Saber
OVNS Saber
  • Compact and lightweight portable vaporizer
  • Automatical activation
OVNS Cookie
OVNS Cookie
  • Ultra portable size
  • No button design, inhale to start

All There is to Know about OVNS Vape


OVNS Vape sells vape pod systems. As everyone knows, pod mods are great for those looking for something simple and easy to use.

Not only are these mods easy and simple, but they have regular mods and those that can vape CBD oil. Their CBD system is called the Brick, and they have four other pod mods, too.

These devices made by OVNS Vape have a variety of interesting technical specifications, and they also look very good appearance wise. They have decent batteries that are between 400 and 500 mah, which gives them a decent amount of power.

At least two of their devices give out 3.2 and 4.2 volts. In addition to these specifications are their unique looks and ergonomic designs. They are very well suited for going places with their owners, and their shapes make them easy to carry around comfortably.

Another feature about this company is their pricing. Their most expensive device, the OVNS Vape X Kit, sells for $21.99. A lot of similar devices sell for much higher, but these not so highly priced. Their low prices make this company an affordable source for those vaping on a budget.

Here Are Top Vapes by Ovns Vape

#1 OVNS JC01

9/10 icon-question Review score
  • Closed system pod mod
  • 0.7 ml pre-installed pod
  • a micro USB cable
  • and the pod system user manual.

The pod burned out after a few hits because there are issues with the seal around the pod. It was fixed by tapping it against the desk several times, but doing this over and over again was incredibly frustrating.

The JCO1 utilizes a built-in 400 mah battery with an LED indicator light that lets the user know when it needs to be recharged. It produces 3.2 to 4.2 volts of output. The battery should last a few hours depending on how often it is used, and it might last longer if a portable charger is brought along.

The pods only carry 0.7 ml of e-juice. That is ok, but for the fact that there was trouble with the seals. This was highly aggravating. But, the flavor coming out of the Juul pods was pretty good, which partially made up for all the problems the device had with the stock refillable pods. If OVNS Vape is serious about breaking into the American market, they need to fix these design flaws. Nothing is worse than getting a dry hit after a few puffs.


Performance wise, this device is nothing to write home about. OVNS Vape did a poor job on this one. Once the Juul pods were expended, the JC01 was thrown out with the garbage. There is a problem either with the seal around the pods or the draw activation.

To get around this, it had to be tapped several times against something, and because there were so many dry hits, it was only good for the occasional stealth draw.

The price and the flavor are good, but those factors do not make up for the poor building quality. Buy a different vape pod mod.

JC01 vs Mi Pod

The Mi Pod blows the JC01 starter kit out of the water. It holds more e-juice, it has a satisfying MTL draw, and the pods last a long time.

Mi-Pod image

While the Mi Pod certainly has its disadvantages, it is nowhere near as bad as the JC01 with its dry hits and screwy seals. The Mi Pod is much more expensive than the JC01, but you get what you pay for.

#2 OVNS Saber

7/10 icon-question Review score
  • Closed system pod mod
  • plus two refillable pods
  • a micro USB charging cable
  • a warranty card
  • and a user manual.

The Saber is better made than the previous pod mods, but it still has some issues. It is a nice looking pod that is portable and small, making it easy to take anywhere. Plus, it does not leak or misfire. On the flip side, the mouthpiece is a little uncomfortable, but that might not bother some people. Also, sometimes the pods do not click into place that well.

The Saber has a 400 mah battery, and a full pod can be vaped before it dies. It charges through a micro USB port located at the bottom, plus it has pass through charging.

It takes 45 minutes to fully charge, and the LED light turns green when it is ready to vape.
Unlike the other pods, this one does not leak, gurgle, or misfire. But, that might be because they do not last long enough to do so.
These pods have short lifespans.

After two or three refills the flavor gets worse and there are more dry hits. After trying with a fresh pod, the same thing happened again. The third pod worked, and it lasted a long time. But, these pods are very inconsistent, and it is hard to tell how each will perform.


Performance wise the Saber is much better than the JC01 or the X. It has pretty decent flavor, and when it is working as it should, it vapes like a champ.

The problem is that it does not always vape the way it is supposed to, which leads to poor flavor and dry hits.

OVNS Saber vs Juul

The Juul has limited flavor and nicotine options, but it is still better than the OVNS Saber. It is more durable and it vapes more consistently than the OVNS Saber.


Like the Saber, it is small, discreet, and easy to use, but it does not come with design problems that affect pod performance.

The Saber is better than the OVNS X and the JC01, but the Juul is better than all of them.

8/10 icon-question Review score
  • the pod mod
  • one 2 ml cartridge
  • a micro USB cable
  • user manual
  • a warranty card

The internal building and design quality of this device far surpasses the other OVNS Vape mods reviewed here. It has a nice, tight airflow, and the pods work fairly consistently. It is draw activated, making it very easy to use.

The only design flaw with the Cookie is the refilling system. The rubber stopper comes all the way off, which can cause a mess when it is put back on.

The Cookie uses a 400 mah battery which can last for two or three days depending on how it is used. It has an LED light that starts blinking when it is about to die.

It is charged via a micro USB power cord. The long battery life is the biggest advantage to buying the Cookie.

The Cookie uses a magnetic pod that stays in place when it is put in. The filling system is under the pod, and it has a rubber seal that is taken off to refill the device. It does not spit back, and it does not have any burnt taste whatsoever.

Also, it has very little leakage, less than the Juul in fact. These pods are a big improvement over the other ones made by OVNS Vape. Out of all the devices, this one has the best pods by far.


The Cookie is the best product made by OVNS Vape, and it is a shame that the other devices they make do not work as well as this one. It has a great battery, and there are no issues when it comes to recharging it.

The pods work very well, and they do not fail so quickly. All this for a pod under selling at $16.90. Any vaper who buys this wonderfully working pod mod is in for a surprising bargain.

OVNS Cookie vs Suorin Drop

These are both very good pocket vapes that are easy to tote about in a purse or pocket. The Cookie has a bigger battery than the Suorin’s 310 mah, so it should last longer.

Suorin Drop Review Image

One issue with the Suorin Drop is that sometimes the juice leaks out and it accumulates around the bottom of the pod. This can cause issues with the battery, so the user has to keep an eye out for this.

⭐ Category ✔️ Mesh Tank ? Price
Juul pods compatible vape OVNS JC01 $13.28
The most portable All-In-one device by OVns OVNS Cookie $14.99
The Most Popular Vape Design OVNS Saber $16.99

Final Thoughts about OVNS Vape

OVNS Vape is a good company to shop with for those looking to buy cheap vapes. Their prices are more than affordable, and they will not break one’s budget. However, performance wise, some of their devices leave much to be desired. The pods do not work consistently well, which means that this company’s employees are doing some shoddy work. To get the best results out from OVNS Vape, buy the OVNS Cookie.

Do you agree with our assessment of OVNS Vape? Whether you agree or not, please let us know. We love to hear from our readers!

Published: March 6, 2020 Updated: September 8, 2021

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