The Suorin Drop: Original Shape Pod Vape That Will Turn Heads


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: October 21, 2022

suorin drop desktop

Review Score: 84/100

Price Range:
73 x 49 x 12mm
black, red, blue, write, green, gunmetal, yellow
Dual e-liquid tank:
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Quick charge
  • Unusual appearance
  • Good vapor amount and flavor


  • A wobbly top part
  • The small e-juice capacity

Starting Price: $ 29.99

Suorin made a small vape pod in a drop shape that fits perfectly in a palm. At a first glimpse, Suorin Drop looks like some kind of charm to carry with the car keys. But essentially, it turned out to be a really nice vaping device.

It is one of the only vaporizers on the market with a unique design. It is super lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. Users can also choose to purchase a silicone sleeve for the vape to make it easier to carry. Let’s find out what Suorin Drop is all about.

Close-Up With the Suorin Drop

It is really tiny. The teardrop design is something unique. The funny thing about this device is the inappropriately wordy User Manual for something that does not even have a single button.

Anyway, users can choose out of a few different colors. The surface has a smooth and matte feeling to it, and it looks quite durable. There is a rounded Suorin logo with no additional functions to it.

suorin drop desktop

The top part is an all-in-one construction that features an atomizer, two separate e-liquid reservoirs, and a mouthpiece. This section is made of plastic which seems to sit a little flimsy and be not of the highest quality.

What’s in the Suorin Drop box:

  • 310 mAh Battery Unit
  • 2 ml Cartridge
  • USB charger
  • User Manual
  • Certificate of Identity

Loading the Device

The Suorin Drop can contain 2 mL (different VG/PG rates can be used) of e-liquid in two separate built-in tanks.

The device can be filled with two different e-juices at the same time, thus mixing and matching different tastes.

For example, someone is fascinated with a favorite strawberry flavor. Why not mix it with custard, fruit cereal, or maybe a hint of tobacco? Honestly, there are a lot of combinations to play with. This duo-tank feature really engages to use the pod, and by the way, it tastes pretty good.

This device has a bottom-fill system, but that is not a problem – take the top cap off and turn it upside down. This makes loading the unit feel just like loading a top-fill unit.

After loading, just snap the battery on top of the tank, and flip back over to enjoy another vape session. This tank is built with an anti-leak mechanism that enables users to throw it into their pockets or bags without worrying about their e-liquid making a mess and potentially damaging their vape.

suorin drop bundle min

Vaping the Suorin Drop

When users buy the easiest to use, all-in-one device, of course, they use it without expectations for top cloud-chucking performance.

The Suorin Drop is super-portable and stealthy, but the amount of vapor it produces will not be that easy to hide away! Probably, even tech-savvy vapers might consider using this device on a daily basis in places where it is uncomfortable to refill their RDAs.

The mouthpiece is not as small as it is in an electronic cigarette. It is a regular vape pen mouthpiece that connects directly to the atomizer. Due to the low battery capacity, there is not any overheating, even after a long draw.

A long and hard-hit does take place. With such a simple vape pod users can actually vape like real vapers, just the way they regularly do.

And the vapor production is nearly alike the amount that an average vape pen produces. But sometimes, there is an issue with taking a hit right after the previous one. In a few seconds, this problem will normally disappear.

suorin drop red min

Using the Suorin Drop

The pod mod feels so nice and soft in hand that users barely even think about it after vaping for some time. As for the overall quality, the all-in-one atomizer plus mouthpiece plus tank is made from not so gorgeous plastic.

Even though it does not leak and the total shape of a teardrop looks trendy and cool. The pod is super-portable and easy to charge on the go.

To start vaping, take a draw, no button-pressing or anything, which is extremely easy. The 13 watts of power this small pod vaporizer is easy to put out makes for powerful hits despite the Suorin Drop’s small size.

When medium cartridges are shot, they can be easily replaced for another round of excellent vaping.

suorin open black min

Who Are the Suorin Drop’s Competitors?

Rubi Kandypens

Kandypen’s Rubi Pod Vape is ultra-compact and has a lot of great features that make it a reliable vaporizer.

For example, it is designed for direct lung inhale, it is air-activated, and temperature regulated. However, it has an 8-second shut-off that is not ideal for vapers who like long draws. More than one Rubi order cannot be placed in the same household because they have an extremely limited supply of them.

Trap Pod

The Trap Pod is slightly cheaper but not enough to make a difference when deciding which vape mod to purchase. Unfortunately, it does not come in fun colors as the Suorin pod does. A benefit of this unit is its “fill your own pod” feature, but it is fairly bland in terms of aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Suorin drop pods last?

The pods can last for anywhere between 2-4 refills before the flavor and vapor quality starts to drop off. The type of juice users fills the pod with also makes a difference, as 50/50 VG/PG juice will not tax the coils as much as higher VG ratio juices.

How long does the Suorin drop battery last?

The Suorin Drop has an internal 310mAh, which is not that large, but it’s standard for this type of device. Depending on how frequently you vape, users can expect the battery to last for between 3-4 hours on a single charge.

Why does my Suorin Drop pod taste burnt?

A device could taste burnt for many reasons, from an expired pod to a dry hit to the wick not being soaked enough. If this happens to you, make sure to let the juice soak the wick before taking a hit.

Then, try taking a few inhales without the battery on to clear the airhole of any liquid.

Can a Suorin Drop get you high?

No, the device does not get you high. It is compatible only with nicotine e-juice and does not support any other type of e-liquid.

Is Suorin Air or Drop better?

The answer to whether an Air or Drop is better depends on a user’s personal preference. The Air has more capability with its larger battery size, but the Drop is suitable for its unique design and better compatibility with MTL vaping.

In addition, the Air gives users the option to use a DL pod or an MTL pod, so it is more versatile than the Air in that respect.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick charge
  • Quick charge
  • Good vapor amount and flavor
  • Double tank for e-liquids to mix and match


  • A wobbly top part
  • A wobbly top part

Suorin Drop AIO Pod Vape Specifications

Battery: 310 mAh
Size: 73 x 49 x 12 mm
Dual e-liquid tank: 2mL
Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Write, Green, Gunmetal, Yellow
Price: $46.95

All in All, The Suorin Drop Is A Great Purchase

The vapor production and flavor of this pod mod are satisfying. It is never burnt to taste nor too hot to inhale. The build is nice and tight, and its shape is so cool– it is guaranteed that people will be asking about it. Suorin’s fast charging is also a plus. This ability makes it easy to take this vaporizer on the go.

Its LED battery indicator helps users know when it is time to find a power source. The Suorin’s low price makes it a high-value purchase but a low-commitment purchase.

It is so easy to use that beginner will love this product, and it will make a great introduction to the vape world. However, its unique aesthetic and the tasty vapor will win the favor of experienced vape gods too.

Published: December 20, 2017Updated: October 21, 2022

Thanush Poulsen

Being a regular Sweden student, I discovered innovative ways of living healthier. And with my very first e-cigarette, I’ve got obsessed with all things digital. So vaping collided my interests in electronics, science, and health. I enjoy bringing people into the world of vaping through my reviews, guides, and best-of lists.


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5 comments on “The Suorin Drop: Original Shape Pod Vape That Will Turn Heads

  • Noneya

    February 7, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    I work at a vape shop and I’ve never hated a pod system so much in my life. And I’ve been through a lot of them. 6 months ago I quit using the drop because my pods only lasted a day, maybe two. Recently tried to give it another shot (I originally loved the vape) but it seems even WORSE. I bought a pod 6 hours ago and I’m getting burnt taste. I’m constantly priming it to get the burnt taste to go away. I use salt nic, low VG. There’s no excuses. Don’t WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • Ashley Miller

    April 8, 2019 at 1:59 pm

    My first suorin stopped firing before the 4 month mark. I bought a new one, it did the exact same thing less than 2 months in. The device just will not fire, even though it is charged etc. Terrible. They do not respond when you try to get them to honor warranty.

  • kevin

    August 16, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    I bought nine pods when I first bought Suorin Air on , but all nine received defective products that were not used.
    Original Pod comes with device is good , but all of 9 Refill Pods smells like a burns and no smoke .

    I tied to contact with company directly , they pushed responsibility to manufacturer.
    and Manufacturer pushed to Suorin USA.

    No one was resposible for the defective item .

  • Jeremy Burton

    June 5, 2018 at 3:50 pm

    I’m on my second device, apparently the battery life is only 2-3 months until it is completely useless and you have to buy another one.

  • Winter

    February 24, 2018 at 9:39 am

    Drop is perfect for someone looking to switch from regular cigs to vaping. It beats the Juul, Rubi, and Juno hands down. I was looking for something portable, simple, no fuss, no leaking, good hit, and great taste. I wanted to pick my own juice and not be subjected to what comes in a pre-filled pod. Cost effective.

    The top part is plastic but I had no issues with that. The pods aren’t meant to last forever. They cost about 5 bucks for me and one of the cheapest pod options I have available. Juno on the other hand cost about 15-20 bucks for 4 pre-filled pods and Rubi’s fill-able pods are 10 dollars and much more difficult for me to fill.

    Drop fit everything I needed.
    What I like:
    Small, easily fits in a pocket.
    I pick my own juice flavors.
    Wonderful taste unlike the Rubi.
    Great hit just like Juul and Juno.
    Unique and stylish
    I did not have a wobbly top part.
    I also do not feel it has a “small” ejuice capacity. It has enough to last me at least half a day if not more.
    The battery lasts more than a day.

    What I didn’t like
    False draws. However, they aren’t back to back for me, so this isn’t a deal breaker.

    For smokers looking to transition to vape, I also highly recommend the Drop and Air.