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Selection: 85%
Vapor Quality: 80%
Battery Life: 85%
Value for Money: 90%
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Our Verdict: While not as famous as other, more established brands, Smoking Vapor offers a lot for every level of vaper. From disposables to e-cigars, basic starter kits to advanced mods, the company has something for everyone. While not all its products perform great, there are some gems to be had. Additionally, prices are not prohibitive, making their products accessible to most.

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Smoking Vapor’s Best Products:

Smoking Vapor Disposables

BeginnersPrice: $5.95 Smoking Vapor Disposables

Unlike other disposables, Smoking Vapor’s devices exude class. Decked in a black finish, with gold trim, and a large “SV” logo, these disposables do not look anything like the fake, plastic ones other brands offer.

Rated to last about 400 puffs, which is standard for these types, what sets Smoking Vapor Disposables apart from other brands is its selection of flavors. Others usually offer two to three flavors, but Smoking Vapor has a range of ten varieties. More often than not, disposables taste dull and don’t give users a pleasurable vape overall. However, Smoking Vapor has put some effort into infusing their products with quality e-liquid. While the vapor production itself is typical of these devices, taste is excellent for a disposable.

At just $6 a pop, users who want to try out vaping without breaking the bank should check out Smoking Vapor’s Disposables as a gateway device into the world of e-cigs.

Phantom Starter Kit

BeginnersPrice: $29.95 Phantom Starter Kit

Moving to the mid-level tier of vaping devices, the Phantom Starter Kit is not your typical eGo-type e-cig. The kit includes a Phantom Tank coiled with a 1.6 ohm dual coil atomizer, and it uses organic cotton – as opposed to the silica other brands use – to ensure thick and clean-tasting vapor. To refill the tank, special pods are used that contain 1ml of e-liquid.

The battery itself is 650 mAh and can be charged without removing the tank, adding to its value. The device is easy to use with just a single button to operate. When transporting the device, users can shut the unit off by clicking on the button five times. Another five clicks turn it on.

Refill Pods are available in 12mg strength Red Tobacco flavor, Menthol (12mg), and Grape (8mg). Users can also choose from a gold and black textured battery or silver with pearlized white battery.

Carbon Fiber Pandora 30W

Advanced UsersPrice: $89.95 Carbon Fiber Pandora 30W

For advanced users, the Carbon Fiber Pandora is a variable wattage mod capable of putting out up to 30 watts of power. The kit comes with a Donner Sub-Tank Kit so users can take full advantage of the device’s power.

The unit is wrapped in carbon fiber to give maximum protection against scrapes and scratches. There are three buttons on the front side of the device, one fire button and two to adjust wattage. There is also an LED screen that displays the current wattage, atomizer resistance in ohms, the voltage output, and the battery life.

If the carbon fiber version does not fit one’s style, users can opt to get the wood finish or blue stained wrap. Despite the power and customization options that the device offers, the whole unit is portable and easy to carry around.

More to Know

Smoking Vapor offers more than products listed above. There are vape pens and variable tube devices as well. Accessories are also provided in the company’s online store such as cases, batteries, and chargers. There are also separate tanks and mods for sale and of course e-liquid.

Smoking Vapor E-Liquids are gluten-free and diacetyl-free and are manufactured in state-of-the-art labs with ISO certified class 4, five cleanrooms, and have strict quality control systems. This focus on quality results in a product that is flavorful and clean tasting. Nicotine strengths available are at 24mg, 12mg, 6mg, and 0mg. Flavors available range from fruity, tobacco, drinks, and complex. 10ml bottles are priced at $7.99 while 30ml bottles of complex flavors are priced at $17.99 to $19.99 depending on the flavor.

Users of all levels will find something at Smoking Vapor. Aside from the quality devices and mods, vapers can shop for accessories and e-liquids as well. In all, while not as famous as other brands, Smoking Vapor can still quietly compete with them.



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  • jerry roberts

    September 5, 2017 at 11:29 pm

    Smoking Vapor is a horrible company to do business. With their Phantom X batteries stop working after a few months and their customer service manager Chris is rude and mean. Avoid this company