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Selection: 15%
Vapor Quality: 20%
Battery Life: 20%
Value for Money: 40%
Our Verdict: The MarkTen brand, ironically a newbie in the e-cigarette industry, despite being a long-time player in tobacco production, is indeed a little far behind other e-cig brands today. This is probably because they earn more profit out of tobacco cigarettes, are focused on lowering the price, or are still in a transition towards producing more e-cigs; but for whatever reason they have, they definitely have a long way to go in terms of improving the performance of their e-cig kits. Nonetheless, this brand can still be considered a very affordable entry-level kit that beginners may take satisfaction from for a start, if it suits their taste.

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MarkTen’s Best Products:

MarkTen e-vapor

Mark-ten-e-vapor-electronic-cigaretteBeginnerPrice: $19.99

The MarkTen e-vapor is one of the only two e-cig products that the brand has produced as of present. This unit is the brand’s original product from when they first created their e-cigarette in the midst of producing billions of dollars’ worth of tobacco cigs. The MarkTen e-vapor is a very standard kit that can be rated as an average entry-level e-cig kit for beginners. It is very basic with a pretty disposable build compared to other cig-a-like units from other brands.

The best feature of the product is its size and look. It very much looks like the real carcinogen sticks, which is something that beginners will love. It is also very lightweight and is very convenient to carry around in a pocket. It has pleasant packaging that resembles that of a real tobacco cigarette and it is almost always available in convenience stores and gasoline stations for approximately $10 each.
The MarkTen e-vapor has two major parts: the cartridge and the battery. The middle part where the two are screwed together has a silver ring that is similar to the customary design of tobacco cigarettes nowadays. The end tip lights up every time vapor is drawn, imitating a real lit-up cigarette.

The cartridge that comes with the kit is flavored, although MarkTen only offers two flavors at the moment. Each cartridge lasts for about two hours of continuous vaping, but some experienced vapers have discovered that the cartridge can be refilled with e-juice to make it last longer. Otherwise, you will need to replace the whole thing to continue using the device.

MarkTen advertised a ‘four draw’ technology, which turned out to be four holes instead of one at the end of the cartridge. Advanced users say that this feature did not make the vapor any better.

This kit has a 90 mAh battery that is about 40 mAh’s lower than the usual kits. Then again, the MarkTen e-vapor costs only $10, give or take, so that explains the power. A beginner who simply needs a taste of vaping will be satisfied with the MarkTen’s e-vapor and can plan to get about 30 minutes to an hour of continuous vaping with the it after a full charge.

Vapor production, as expected, is not as good as with advanced vaping kits. In fact, a long draw of the MarkTen e-vapor produces less than half the vapor produced by other cig-a-like units from well-known brands. But again, those brands and units cost double the price of this kit so this is quite understandable.

Each kit comes with a USB charger that you can connect to your computer or laptop. Cartridges for the MarkTen e-vapor come in two flavors: Classic Tobacco and Menthol. So far, the menthol has more positive reviews than the classic tobacco, but it really depends on your personal taste. MarkTen lovers mostly appreciate the minty flavor that comes with the menthol cartridge.

There are two nicotine levels being offered in each flavor (less than 2.5% and 2.5% by weight) for the e-vapor. If you want to taste something else out of this basic e-cig kit, then you can consider making your own e-juice, or checking out other brands that can be refilled onto this kit’s cartridge.

Overall, it’s not really a disposable e-cig, hence the chargeable feature. But the price equates and even beats the disposable ones. And to top it off, it comes with a battery that can be reused and recharged, so this kit is not marked the lowest rate after all.

The Oracle-X Kit includes one Apollo Superior 900mah eGo battery, one Apollo CE4 clearomizer, one USB charger, and one 10ml bottle of Apollo e-liquid.

MarkTen XL e-vapor

IntermediatePrice: $29.95

The MarkTen XL e-vapor is like the MarkTen e-vapor’s big brother. It is larger in size, has a larger cartridge capacity, and a higher mAh battery. The design is still closely similar to real cigarettes, but only bigger and heavier. Despite its added length and weight, it looks very cig-a-like. The general build quality of the unit is the same as the MarkTen e-vapor; something that is reflected in its price at $14.99.

The flavor option in this kit is also better, with four cartridge flavors to choose from (Classic, Menthol, Fusion, and Winter Mint). Vapor production remains mediocre, with replaceable cartridges that need to be changed every few hours of continuous vaping. This kit is designed for beginners and intermediate vapers who just need a quick fix to stop their craving, but it is definitely not an option for advanced vapers who have tried other brands with much better performance.

The MarkTen XL e-vapor kit includes a USB charger to recharge the battery. Unfortunately, the chargers of the two units (e-vapor and XL e-vapor) are different and cannot be used interchangeably. The batteries have different sizes, as well.

This kit, like the MarkTen e-vapor, functions like any other basic cig-a-like kit in the market. Simply attach the pre-filled cartridge onto the battery and draw vapor out of the unit until the battery runs out.

Additional Details

To conclude, the MarkTen brand serves as a convenient option for beginners , as well as intermediate users who are out of options and need a quick fix from the convenience store. Vaping with MarkTen’s e-cigs is the real deal in terms of style and discreetness; however, the flavor and vapor quality need improvement.

Also, if you are one of those users who is still looking for your brand and product by searching online, MarkTen requires registration and ID verification before anyone can access their website in full. This is pretty inconvenient and not very customer-friendly, which can actually be a turn-off for online cig-a-like shoppers.

Mark Ten E-Cigs
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    • You can’t refill it. Not only that, the battery does not last after about 10 recharges. This product is still designed to be a “consumable” like regular cigarettes, with a quickly dying battery and limited cartridges. I am currently digging to find out who owns MarkTen, because it smells like Big Tobacco to me. I will stick with my independent vape kit, because I can refill them with whatever juice I want, and the 80650 batteries last for days without recharging.

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