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Kandypens Galaxy95100

The Kandypens Galaxy looks incredibly similar to the Kandypens Elite. Hosting much the same hardware and features; the Galaxy was the starting point for development on the Elite. With many of the changes for the Elite coming from the Galaxy. Responsible for winning two best vape pen of the year awards; twice in a row!

Kandypens Galaxy Review

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Pros and Cons of The Kandypens Galaxy


  • Quartz Chamber
  • Improved Airflow
  • Adjustable Heat Levels
  • Appealing Design

  • Quite Small
  • Gets quite hot

What It Goes With

Box Contents:

  • Galaxy Carrying Case
  • Galaxy 510 Threading Battery
  • Galaxy Mouthpiece
  • Quartz Dab Tool
  • USB Charger
  • Tornado Atomizer
  • Upgraded Galaxy Mouthpiece


  • Dual Quartz Rods
  • Titanium Coil
  • 10 Second Auto Shutoff
  • 510 Threaded Connections
  • Elevated Airflow System
  • Variable Temperature Control

A Look at the Build

The Design

Kandypens Galaxy

You can tell with the Kandypens Galaxy, much the same with the ELITE they had a really premium build quality in mind when creating this device. From head to toe, it has an amazing final cut finish, with a great trim, weight, and height to the device. You can feel the premium quality of this device when you’re holding or using it.

Holding the Galaxy

As mentioned above, holding the device gives you a feeling of amazing build quality. The device has a decent weight to it, however, not enough for it to start becoming an issue to carry around. They’ve managed to find the perfect balance in materials.

The overall height and width of the device is extremely satisfying to hold. You’ll have no trouble getting a firm grip on this device, and if you prefer to have a loose hold on your vaporizers, then you’ll easily manage that as well.


You can expect a Kandypens device to have a huge amount of features, despite the standard vaporizer stick design they’ve managed to fit in a lot into this device avoiding some of the more common issues with stick vaporizers. Here are some of the features:

  • Variable Temperature – You get the ability to choose from 3 different temperature settings with the Kandypens Galaxy. These settings give more of a unique control and get you your desired vapor production and flavor depending on the concentrates you’ll be using.
  1. RED – LOW – 350
  2. GREEN – MEDIUM – 390
  3. BLUE – HIGH – 430
  • 510 Threading – This is becoming more and more popular with concentrate vaporizers on the market. Having the ability to use any battery or mod with a 510 connection gives you the ability to swap and pick your desired mod. Please be aware that the mods you’re choosing should be compatible with the wattage range of the atomizer; this will stop it burning or the risk of any issues on the device.
  • Portability – This device is well known for the portability. Coming with a carry case and the ability to store everything you need ready for the road; it’s a nice thing to know you can carry this little pen around with you. Overall, it appeals to a traveling audience and is one of the few vape designs that caters to a market that vapes on the move.

Using the Kandypen Galaxy


The Kandypens Galaxy has an amazing performance. With a great balance between its high performing battery and the quartz chamber found inside the atomizer, you will be surprised when you take your first pull from this device. Also, the ability to choose your desired temperature makes this device even better.

The Quality of the Cloud

In connection with the variable temperature and the high-quality atomizer, the vapor production of this device is outstanding; which is to be expected from Kandypens because they never fail in this department. You’ll be greeted with an outstanding vapor production and flavor from this device, with a smooth hit on the throat using the low-temperature setting, or a slightly harsher and more throatful pull from the highest temperature; while maintaining a smooth flavor and taste.

Battery Life

The battery life is outstanding. With the ability to choose between temperature settings, it gives you a slight control over the amount of power that the device is using. All around they’ve managed to keep a well-balanced and high performing battery that will keep you vaping all day long. Charge times will be around 2- 3 hours.

It’s also worth mentioning the battery has an automatic 10-second power off feature; this will stop you from pulling any longer than 10 seconds which could cause damage to the atomizer. So for any of you long pull vapers out there, you may want to turn up the temperature.


As mentioned before, the Kandypens Elite used this device to make significant changes to their new device. You can check out the Kandypens Elite full review HERE.

The Competition

As previously mentioned, when it comes to the competition there are not many devices that can outperform the Kandypens Galaxy. Well, not many devices that aren’t from Kandypens anyway. Kandypens have seemed to easily grab the market for portable vaporizers here, managing to provide high build and hardware quality.

An Easy Guide to Maintenance

Assembly Instructions

The assembly instructions for this device are much the same as any other concentrate vape pen. It’s quite simple. You can find any additional information about how to build the device correctly in the user manual provided with the device.

  • Refilling the device:
  1. Remove the Tip (the top), and this will give you access to the chamber, simply dab your wax into there.
  2. Reconnect the tip, turn on the device and get vaping.
  • Replacing the atomizer:
  1. Remove the atomizer from the device (middle); you will have to remove the battery and the tip from the atomizer.
  2. You can then disconnect the chamber inside and replace with the one you are choosing to use.
  3. Reconnect everything.
  • Replacing the battery:
  1. Simply unscrew the battery (bottom).
  2. Reconnect the new battery

When changing anything listed above you need to ensure you’re not tightening the components too much. A common problem found with pens such as this is when something is tightened to a point where it can’t be undone. If this happens, you will have to damage the good looking exterior to get it disconnected.

Maintenance Instructions

This is pretty simple, always ensure the device is clean and well maintained. Using any cleaning tools provided with the kit, ensure you’re keeping any leftover residue out of the device. Occasionally wipe down the device to remove any dust that could get inside the device.

More information

Any additional information can be found in the user manual provided with the device. It’s always important to check the user manual before using the device, any important information needed before you can correctly use the pen will be found there.

Our Vape Rating


Available from $70 with the option for additional components, for the high quality of the build and hardware on this device it’s quite cheap. 8/10


Straight from the start of using this device, you can tell there is an incredibly high-quality structure with some great design choices to make this device perform extremely well. 9/10


The connection between the battery, the Quartz Chamber, and the atomizer is pretty great. They’ve found a great balance between the 3 and give you the option to control the temperature. 8/10

Taking into consideration everything that the Kandypens Galaxy has to offer, you will not be surprised when you hear that this pen has won awards for being the best vape pen two years in a row. With an outstanding build quality and performance, you need to be getting yourself one of these. Grab it from KandyPens Website for $99.95 now!

Published: March 15, 2017 Updated: March 26, 2019



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