Kandypens Galaxy Review: An Out-Of-This-Galaxy Vape


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: July 7, 2021

Kandypens Galaxy desktop

Review Score: 86/100

Price Range:
1 x 4.5 x 4 in.
Quartz Crystal
Chamber Capacity:
0.5 g
Works with:
  • Wax icon


  • Funky color options
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Excellent flavor production
  • Fast charging time


  • Low vapor production

Starting Price: $ 59.99

The KandyPens Galaxy vape pen uses a dual quartz rod atomizer wrapped with titanium. The Galaxy vape is only for liquid or solid cannabis extracts and does not vape dry herbs. Users have three different heat settings to choose from when vaping their material. The heat settings are displayed via different colors on the power/fire button.

The exterior of the Galaxy comes in seven different color and material options, including glossy enamel or soft-rubber. The battery and atomizer section are both 510-threaded. The dual-quartz atomizer is also compatible with other devices, like the KandyPens Gravity and Donuts.

A Close Look on the KandyPens Galaxy

Kandypens Galaxy desktop

The KandyPens Galaxy comes in several outrageous colors, which is KandyPens’ aesthetic signature. The Galaxy vape entices with its exterior. There is a soft-rubber version of the Galaxy pen along with hard enamel and glossy versions. Every option is sublime, as no two Galaxy pens look alike.

The vape is the same size and heft of a high-end fountain pen, so it is very portable. The Galaxy is three pieces: the mouthpiece, atomizer, and the battery. Each piece has threads, so there are no magnetic connections or o-rings to keep all the pieces together. The atomizer connects to the battery, and the mouthpiece connects to the atomizer.

They all have 510-threads, which was a deliberate choice KandyPens made. The universal threads mean owners of a Gravity or Donuts pen can use those atomizers on this battery, and vice-versa. The Galaxy atomizer has quartz-lined walls along with the quartz-rods in the center.

KandyPens Galaxy with box image

The rods sit parallel to each other, so users need only place their material in the center when loading. Titanium wire wraps around each of the rods, which is a standard configuration. The chamber itself is rather deep, as there is a lot of space between the rods and the mouth of the atomizer.

The capacity for the crucible should run anywhere between 0.3 and 0.5gs, although users need not fill the chamber all the way. A small, pea-sized portion of dab or wax should be enough. There is a central, K-shaped power/firing button that both activates the battery and lets users toggle through the three heat settings.

There are two airflow holes along the side of the atomizer. One carb hole sits on the mouthpiece. The airflow goes through the sides of the chamber and then up through the mouthpiece. Vapers can cover one of the holes to improve vapor density or leave it uncovered for a full blast of vapor.

What Is Inside the Box/Carrying Case?

It would be wrong to say the KandyPens Galaxy comes in a box (even though it does). Instead, the Galaxy vape comes in a fashionable, clam-shell case that in another time would’ve carried cigarettes, but now holds all the essential pieces of the kit.

KandyPens Galaxy kit

Those pieces of the KandyPens Galaxy include:

  • 1x Temperature Controlled Battery
  • 1x Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer w/ Quartz Chamber
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x Loading Tool
  • 1x Carrying Case
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Instruction Card

The Look and Feel of the KandyPens Galaxy

The KandyPens Galaxy is a little thicker in diameter than other Kandy Pen units. It has the same form factor as comparable devices like the Donuts or Gravity, just a little more full. The mouthpiece comes as a separate piece and should be the part that needs the most cleaning. The threading on the atomizer and battery are all sharp. They never got stuck, and both pieces came off and on very easily.

Battery Life and Temperature Settings

The KandyPens Galaxy vape battery uses a unique USB charger to recharge. The USB charger comes in the clam-shell case and has an LED to show when the device is ready. When charging, the light will flash red and then turn green when it is done. The K-shaped power/firing button will also flash several times when the battery needs charging.

The battery needs about two hours to charge fully. The exact battery capacity of Galaxy vape is unknown, but testing it on a full charge yielded an idea. On a full charge, the KandyPens Galaxy can give off at least 150 hits, more or less. A lot depends on the heat setting users choose, but regardless, the battery still puts out consistent power, no matter the heat setting.

KandyPens Galaxy battery

There are three separate, color-coded temperature settings loaded onto the KandyPens Galaxy:

  • Red = 350F
  • Green = 390F
  • Blue = 430F

Users need to activate the battery by pressing it five times. The Galaxy vape remembers the last heat setting used, but users can select a new one by pressing the K-button three times quickly.

The KandyPens Galaxy Atomizer

The Galaxy atomizer uses an industry-standard dual-quartz rod heating element. This type of atomizer is the second one that KandyPens uses in its wax and concentrates devices. The other commonly-used KandyPens atomizer is the flat, ceramic-disc atomizer found on the Donuts.

The atomizer is surrounded by quartz-lined walls giving the vapor an even more heightened flavor profile. Quartz, along with ceramic, is an excellent material for vaping concentrates. They both conduct heat very well and do not absorb melted wax or concentrates but vaporize it.

KandyPens Galaxy mouthpiece and coil

Add onto that the titanium wire around the rods that heat-up very fast, and the vapor production is unparalleled. The three heat settings also play a role. The pre-set temperatures have an excellent range as they are high enough to vaporize material, not just melt it.

Often, a problem with low-temperatures dabs is that they melt the wax without vaporizing it. Or, the opposite happens, and the heating element is so hot it gives off a burnt taste with the Galaxy atomizer that does not happen. Even on the highest temperature of 490F, the vapor comes out smooth and flavorful.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The life of a Galaxy atomizer can run anywhere between four to six weeks, but do not take that as the standard. There are a lot of variables that affect the atomizer’s performance and duration. Ideally, there should be little residue left in the crucible, as most, if not all, the material gets vaped.

If there is some residue along the walls, vapers can always use the dabbing/loading tool to scrape off any excess wax. It is crucial to remove this excess as it could negatively affect the vapor flavor. Vapers, to clean the chamber should first heat the chamber to its highest settings to loosen the residue.

KandyPens Galaxy Gold build

They should then gently (without touching the coils or rods) scrape the sides to remove any stains. The other way to get the chamber clean is by using a cotton swab dipped into alcohol and using it to clean the inside, again without touching the coil and rods.

Users should not submerge the entire atomizer into isopropyl alcohol, as it would only damage the coils. If the coil is beyond use, users should pick up a new one. Users can clean the detachable mouthpiece with a hit of rubbing alcohol, but they should not leave it in alcohol overnight as it could chip the paint.

Working the KandyPens Galaxy

The KandyPens Galaxy has only one button, which makes it very user-friendly. Users should first charge their batteries and then prepare their material for loading. They need to unscrew the mouthpiece to access the loading chamber. Using the loading tool, they can place a small piece of wax directly onto the rods.

Placing the dab on the rods is best, as putting them anywhere else like on the sides, would only delay vapor production, as the material first melts, then vaporizes. When directly on the heating coils, the material will evaporate quicker. Also, vapers do not need to load a lot of stuff. While there is ample space in the chamber, too much material could clog the airflow holes and result in high draw resistance.

KandyPens Gravity

A small nub of wax or concentrates should be enough. After loading the chamber, five clicks of the K-button turns on the battery. Users then need to set their preferred heat setting by clicking the button three times to rotate through all the presets. Once they have selected a temperature, users need only press the firing button to start vaping.

Using the highest temperature offered the most vapor production. The vapor was not overly hot, but warm, and savory. The only problem with high-temperature dabbing is that it burns through a lot of material, fast. The lowest and mid-range settings offer more efficient use of material, while still delivering refined vapor quality.

The size of the clouds was different though at the lower temperatures, which is to be expected. But that is the good thing about the Galaxy vape. It gives users those three preset temperatures so they can explore which one they like best.

What Are the Competitors?

KandyPens Galaxy vs. KandyPens Gravity

The KandyPens Gravity has a similar shape and form factor to the Galaxy pen, but it has more capabilities and accessories. The Gravity comes with two atomizers, rather than the one quartz-crystal crucible that the Galaxy comes with.

KandyPens Gravity

The Gravity makes use of the quartz crystal rod atomizer, as well as the flat, coilless, ceramic-disc atomizer that KandyPens uses on other devices. On top of the two atomizers, the Gravity also features four preset temperatures, one more than the Galaxy. The Gravity is an update in a lot of ways to the Galaxy, but it gives vapers more options than the Galaxy.

KandyPens Galaxy vs. Mig Vapor WASP

The Mig Vapor WASP is a dab and concentrates pen with an atomizer design similar to the Galaxy. The WASP also uses dual rods and wire, only the rods are carborundum (a blend of silicon and carbon), the wire is stainless steel, and the chamber lined with ceramic.

Mig Vapor WASP

It tries to do something different than the typical quartz and titanium wires of the Galaxy. The WASP has a soft rubber exterior, a Pyrex glass mouthpiece, and a neon-green PC vapor path to ensure vapor purity. It does not have any temperature settings but uses a direct voltage output that puts the highest temperature at 455F, a little more than the Galaxy pen.

KandyPens Galaxy Specifications

Temperature Controlled Battery: 350ºF, 390ºF, 430ºF
Coil: Titanium
Deep Chamber: 0.5 gram capacity
Chamber: Quartz Crystal
Thread: 510

Pros & Cons


  • Funky color options
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Excellent flavor production
  • The device is well-built from high-quality materials
  • Fast charging time


  • Low vapor production

Final Word on the Galaxy Vape

The KandyPens Galaxy is an excellent place to start for a new dab or concentrates vaping experience. It has smooth functioning, and enough heat settings so vapers can find their preferred way to vape. The Galaxy vape has a good battery life, needs only a little clean-up and maintenance, while its performance is a step above similar units. The price point – under $100 – is reasonable for a device that has such high-quality materials (quartz, titanium) and comes with a lifetime warranty on the battery.

Did you like this KandyPens Galaxy review? Have you used a Galaxy vape pen before? Have you used any Kandy vape before? Is there something about our review that we missed? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

Published: March 15, 2017Updated: July 7, 2021

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