Utillian 721 Vape Review

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We’ve gone for a triple-header today, reviewing all three models from the Utillian brand of dry herb devices that are compact and portable and also pretty powerful. The 721 model is the upgrade to the 720, which was supposed to be an improvement on the 651, which itself was an upgrade from the 650.

So it looks like Utillian has an appetite for outdoing even themselves. Appearance-wise, the 721 departs from the retro-looking flask design to look more futuristic and modern. It features a collapsible mouthpiece that can be snapped back into place alongside the top of the device.

Utillion 721 Review

The 721 borrows from all other Utillian iterations, save for an LED display, which the 721 eschews for an engraving of the number “721” proudly written on the top. The 721 also features a sliding magnetic lid component you need to remove before you access the ceramic heating chamber.

While every other Utillian dry herb vape before also had multiple temperature settings (except for the 650), the 721 outdoes them all by having eight different temperature levels. The newer version of the 721 also corrects a flaw of the earlier version which was a short battery life.

And finally, the 721 also has something the other Utillian models did not have, and that was a separate wax cartridge to vape waxes and concentrates.

What’s Inside

The packaging is not much to look at or worth mentioning, so I’ll just move right along to what’s inside the box, which is:

  • One Utillian 721 vaporizer
  • One wax canister
  • One pair of tweezers
  • One cleaning brush
  • One USB charging cable
  • Set of o-rings
  • Extra mouthpiece stem

That First Look

As much as I enjoyed the flask-shape design of the Utillian 420 and 651, I was pleased that Utillian decided to change it up a little and go in a different direction, style-wise, that continually beating that dead horse.

So the Utillian 721 does go in a more rugged, tech-based direction, in terms of aesthetics and design. The model comes in one color – black – and it didn’t need to change that part since the aluminum, all-black casing suit the mod perfectly.

Like all the other Utillian models, the 721 slips into the hand like a dream, and the rubber finish of certain parts of the 721 made it impossible to slip out of your grip. The other parts of the 721 keep in line with the emphasis on quality manufacturing that puts Utillian above a lot of other companies.

The magnetic lid snaps off easily but snaps back well enough to make you not worry that it’ll slip off by itself. The mouthpiece can be disassembled easily to make sure you clean up the device after heavy usage, and I had a feeling, just by looking at it, that I was going to be using the 751 a lot.

I liked the straw-like, extendable mouthpiece on the top of the mod that gave it a more eccentric look and also solved the problem of mouthpieces overheating when the mod has been set to the highest temperature.

Loading the Utillian 721

The Utillian 721 model is as simple to use and as simple to load as all the other Utillian models. You simply snap off the magnetic lid to access the stainless steel chamber inside.

The 721 features not only a stainless steel chamber but a convection heating system that passes hot air through the entirety of your material to extract every last morsel of flavor.

This feature combined with the stainless steel construction of the chamber and the different temperature settings make for a satisfyingly full and tasty vapor cloud. Once you have packed the material well into the chamber, you snap the lid back onto the top, swivel out the mouthpiece, and you’re all ready to vape.

Using the Vaporizer

There’s not much difference between the way the various Utillian mods operate. They all come with one-button function, so using all of Utillian’s mod is relatively easily. And the same goes for the Utillian 721.

After you have the heating chamber loaded up, and the device is in position to vape, you click the trigger five times to turn on the device. To run through all the temperature options, you only need to click the trigger twice to reach each successive level.

The temperature settings are all controlled through the 721’s easy one-button interface. There’s also the “enhanced” setting on the 721 that adds an extra boost to any of the temperature settings by giving a five-degree enhancement to whatever setting the mod is on at that time.

To enable the enhanced mode, you need to press and hold the firing button for five seconds, and the LED indicator light will start flashing rapidly. Once the LED light begins flashing slowly, you’ll know you are in standard mode again. And when the LED light turns solid, then the 721 is ready to be vaped.

A Vape With the Utillian 721

The temperature settings give the Utillian 721 great potential for finding your perfect vaping temperature. The enhanced mode of the vape also lets you give that last little tweak to find vaping magic.

I started the Utillian somewhere near the middle of the temperature ranges; I didn’t enable the “enhanced” mode just yet since I wanted to test out the performance of the 721 without the added enhancement. I got a smooth, nicely herb-tinged hit the first time although the clouds were minimal.

As soon as I started pushing the heating limits of the 721, I found a got a lot more cloud production off of the mouthpiece, while not experiencing any hard hit back in terms of overheating. The swivel-around mouthpiece of the 721 saved me from that, and it was a clever design addition to make.

How It Stacks Up

Given that the 721 is the top of the line model from Utillian and does sell at a pretty penny (just over $200), it would only make sense to compare it to something like the FireFly 2, another excellent dry herb vaporizer that promises a superior vaping experience for all the extra dough.

The FireFly 2 also vapes waxes, just like the Utillian can, thanks to the added wax canister for concentrates vaping. The FireFly 2 had a lot more adjustable features thanks to its downloadable app, while the Utillian also lets you control the temperature and nothing else.

So given the much higher price point of the FireFly 2 (a full hundred dollars more), and all it does, the FireFly 2 does beat the Utillian 721 as a portable, powerful and sleek-looking dry herb vaporizer.

What I Liked


The design team at Utillian felt up to the challenge to design something completely new for their flagship vape mod. They did well, I think, in giving the 721 a different design scheme than the previous mods. It is more comfortable-looking and feels great to hold.

“Enhanced” Mode

This little extra kick to the Utillian 721 was a nice bonus. Of course, an individual degree temperature adjustment would be ideal, the enhanced feature was a worthy compromise between precision and ease of use, since an LED display with precise temperature control would’ve meant more buttons cluttering up the 721’s interface.

Convection Heating

The different style of the heating element in the 721 was yet another manifestation of Utillian putting everything they could into the 721 to make it rise from the pack. The utility and efficiency of a convection-style heating element gave the vapor coming out of the 721 more flavor and fewer impurities.

What I Didn’t Like

I’ll keep the Utillian’s streak going by not finding anything negative enough to mention about the Utillian 721. The mod heats up super-fast and the temperature settings while not precise do eventually match up to your expectations for such a smart device.

It was a good size, ultra-portable and durable and great for on-the-go vaping.

Final Words

Bringing our series on most of the dry herb options available from Utillian, I have to say it was an exciting ride. I had heard grumblings about this company out of Canada with a new series of numbered dry herb mods that promised stylish and powerful vapor volcanoes.

And, I have to say, the Utillian series, but in particular, the Utillian 721 did not disappoint. It was a great-looking, great to have in the hand mod, that was incredibly easy to load and use. The vapor production was more than satisfactory, and the temperature settings, along with the “enhanced” mode let you find your ideal space to vape out.

I give the Utillian 721 a resounding 9/10.


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2 comments on “Utillian 721 Vape Review
  • Ricardo
    April 18, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    My Utillian 421 indicates 51 c yet it does not heat and gives me a ‘frult’ message. What’s wrong? I must have used it three times.

  • David Shawn
    October 30, 2019 at 10:17 am

    This vaporizer is exceeding my expectations. It does what it says. Nice clouds and taste cooler vapors and wonderful flavor quality. Easy to clean and its comfortable in the hand the Utillian produces much stronger vapors and for much longer. A plus point is the feature that the unit does not auto shut- off as quickly it will after 5 mins total. In terms of being discreet it is the same area as my iPhone.