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Pulsar APX Vape Review: A Mod that Waxes On, Waxes Off

The Pulsar APX is a dry herb vaporizer that also vapes waxes should the fancy strike you. It is a portable, hand-held device that travels well since it stands at just over four inches. It has a sturdy, hard-body casing ensuring its durability.

The parts that make up the Pulsar APX disassemble smoothly enough to allow for easing loading into the convection ceramic chamber, which is a preferred dry herb setup, for me, at least, compared to cartridge-based systems.

Pulsar APX WAX Review

Inside the APX you’ll find a 1500 mAh, Li-ion battery that’ll power you through at least two hours straight on a full charge. The mod also features five different temperature settings that are written out along the center of the battery and range from 356 degrees to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.  

The top firing button clicks on five times and fires to vape your dry herbs. The kit does come with an additional wax chamber that can be inserted into the chamber to vape your favorite concentrates.

In the Box

There are a couple of different Pulsar APX design options. Some can come in standard all-black, while some of the more zanier options include: camouflage, graffiti, tie-dye and wood grain.

I decided to go with the THC Molecule design that Pulsar currently offers and when I looked inside the box I found:

  • The Pulsar APX vaporizer
  • One removable, stainless steel wax chamber
  • Five screens
  • One pair of tweezers
  • One picking tool
  • One wire brush
  • Micro USB charging cable

First Impressions

I was taken with the Pulsar APX right away. It looked like an ideal portable dry herb device, and when I discovered that the wax canister made it possible to vape concentrates as well, I was pleasantly surprised.

It feels snug in my hand, and it’s easy to grip and hold. And weighing in at less than half a pound makes the Pulsar my new favorite compact dry herb machine.

The mouthpiece is wide-bore and allows for great airflow and direct throat hits. The APX has only one firing button, and it also lets the user cycle through all the temperature settings, which are all inscribed into the spine of the mod. You hold the trigger for five seconds to select each successive temperature level.

The LED indicator light turns green from red, to let you know that the device is ready to be used. The device takes about only a minute to get to an ideal temperature. The mouthpiece comes off relatively easily to reveal the chamber inside.

The chamber is all ceramic, so there’s no added plastics, dyes or other things that you don’t want to be inhaling lining the chamber walls. So, the Pulsar APX is a straightforward, uncomplicated device that loads easily, and gets ready to go in under a minute.

Loading the Pulsar APX

The Pulsar APX is simple to load. The plastic mouthpiece comes off with a quick tug and underneath you’ll find the chamber. It has a wide mouth, so loading it doesn’t lead to too much spillage.

It’s always best to get the material as fine as possible, but luckily, the Pulsar has a screen at the bottom of the chamber that stops any of the finely ground herb getting down into the heating element. You replace the mouthpiece on top and turn it on, and you’re ready to vape.

Using the Pulsar APX

The Pulsar APX is a device simple enough for anyone to use. After the loading the chamber, you click the firing button fives time to activate the mod. I felt the button wasn’t as a secure as I would have liked it to be, but we’ll see if it presents any problems in the future.

From experience, I already know that with mods that feature variable temperature settings, the middle levels are your most optimal hunting ground. And the same is true for the Pulsar. Somewhere between the first and third levels made for the best balance between cloud and flavor.

After letting the device heat up for around a minute, I took some serious draws from the mouthpiece that made it seem like the vapor was dying to get out. The clouds were not tornado strength, but they were denser than I expected. And flavor?

Well, I used both the dry herb and wax attachment. And since it is not a dedicated wax vape, I felt that the subtleties of flavor common in most wax-only mods were missing from the Pulsar, although it did make for some very delicious vapor.

How It Stacks Up

Stacking up the Pulsar APX against something like the Haze Dual V3 vaporizer seems too much like a David vs. Goliath match-up. But I’m a fan of a good underdog story, so while it might seem unfair the Pulsar APX against a high-end machine like the Haze Dual, I still think it’s worth taking a look at how they both perform.

Both the Pulsar APX and Haze Dual are crafty, portable vaporizers with five temperature settings. The Haze Dual, however, lets you vape two materials at the same time, so that’s not worth even trying to compare against the APX. But, with the APX, I felt there was a little loss of flavor when transferring from herbs to waxes, while there was none of that with the Haze Dual.

Just from the price point, the Pulsar APX is the decisive winner, since it offers a premium dry herb vape, while the wax was just as good, but not great, and did not break the bank either.

What I Liked


The Pulsar APX works great as a pocket mod. It’s not heavy enough to be noticeable but still sturdy enough to survive a night on the town.

Temperature Settings

Five different options are a lot of variables. Although with some devices it’s hard to notice the difference between the options, the Pulsar APX does provide variety when it comes to finding the ideal vaping temperature.


At 1500 mAh, the Pulsar APX has more than enough juice in its battery to power a bountiful session of dry herb vaping. It charges in less than two hours and has a battery life of at least two full hours.

What I Didn’t Like


Unlike the Inhalater, which was astronomically priced for what it offered. The Pulsar APX comes in at just under $60 retail, so I’m not expecting a mod made out of pure adamantium. But it did feel a little low-grade, and the button was also a bit off for me. I would have liked for the Pulsar APX to be made of stronger stuff.


I was a fan of the Pulsar APX right away. I liked its scrappiness. It’s a tough little device that’s easy to use and has a powerful Li-ion battery to keep it going.

The design on it was spectacular; it was the right amount of catchiness without being too attention-grabbing. The temperature controls worked well enough to allow for a specific taste to emerge along with great-looking clouds.

The thing is super easy to load and cleaning it was easy enough by just removing the screens, cleaning out the chamber and replacing the screen again. I’m going to hang onto this one for quite some time.

I give the Pulsar APX vaporizer a commanding 9/10.

Pulsar APX
Vape Rating: 91/100 by


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