Crafty Vaporizer Review – A Storz & Bickel Masterpiece

Storz & Bickel, the makers of the popular Volcano and Mighty, have done a great job with the Crafty Vaporizer. In fact, they have incorporated so many amazing features into this amazing portable vape. For example, the conveniently sized herb vape operates between 104F and 410F, regulated through an app. Right off the bat, the decent sized clouds surprised us as you don’t usually expect that from herb vaporizers.

Crafty Vaporizer Review

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Crafty Vaporizer Video Review

Can A Plastic Vaporizer Be Good?

Paradoxically, taking a look at the Crafty Vaporizer for herbs, and its unique design might be perplexing. However, it goes against every single logical thought you will have. Storz & Bickel made it with a surprisingly sturdy hard plastic shell. As a result, it is a powerful, efficient herb vape. Furthermore, its unique, vented design not only allows for a good grip but also ensures efficient heat dispersion. As a result, the plastic body doesn’t get too hot.

Function Over Looks

It doesn’t have the most beautiful of designs and is built with the functionality-first type of approach with all thoughts on how the vape looks to be secondary. However, its functionality makes up for the aesthetic cons.

Dealing With 90-Second Heat Up Time

Incidentally, the heat up time for the vape is one of the few low points. It takes 90 seconds to heat up which is admittedly on the lower end. Moreover, it has a 60-second cut-off time. However, you can press the power button repeatedly for the mode to keep going. The boost mode partially fixes the problem of the quick shutoff. It allows for the temperature to go up much faster. As a result, this will almost negate the automatic shutoff if you catch it fast enough.

Battery – One of The Few Cons of Crafty

The built-in battery can prove to be expensive when replaced. It’s a positive that the battery is separated from the rest of the vaporizer, to avoid excessive heat buildup. In fact, the battery life is pretty average and lasts a little under an hour and a half. Furthermore, for the price ($339), it shouldn’t be so short considering there are cheaper vapes with better battery life.

Every Herb Vaper’s Dreamt: Stealth Vaping

Incidentally, unless you have tiny hands, its size isn’t too small and easily fits in your hands. It has a dark color with looks elegant and doesn’t attract too much attention. Moreover, it’s one of the few vapes that doesn’t make much noise when operating. All these features make it an ideal choice for covert vaping.

Honorable Mentions

Crafty VaporizerSurprisingly, the maintenance you have to give the vape is very little compared to most. First, it is easy to take apart the things necessary and just wash them. Then, the vape also comes with a filling pad. This allows you to fill it with less herb while still having the same amount of vapor strength. Lastly, this filling pad also allows you to use concentrates Therefore, these features elevate this vape above others that are herb only.

Presently, the pass-through feature allows you to charge and vape at the same time. This is always a great thing to have. The Crafty Vaporizer comes with a grinder and also a packing tool. Consequently, it allows for you to save much more herb than normal. It also provides extra O-rings just in case yours break (though that is unlikely).

Pros and Cons of the Vaporizer


  • Portability
  • Solid Construction
  • Excellent Overall Performance


  • Tweaking Settings Via App Can Be A Hassle At Times
  • Battery Life Could Be Better
  • Price

Do We Recommend Crafty Vaporizer?

All things considered, the only real moan against the Crafty vaporizer is the not so elegant design. Otherwise, everything else is commendable. You can find many other vaporizers that may look better, but barely any comes close in terms of performance. In conclusion, the amazing vapor, outstanding build quality, and fantastic portability, the Crafty is a winner in our book.

Crafty Vaporizer
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