//G Pen Pro Review – Reliable Partner and Strong Contender
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G Pen Pro Review – Reliable Partner and Strong Contender

The G Pen Pro features a basic interface with a ceramic chamber and three heating levels. The small, sleek design offers an excellent vapor quality. We decided to categorize it as an ‘affordable, strong performer’ which summarizes well the G Pen Pro vaporizer.


Buying the G Pen Pro will get You

Main features

  • 3 temperature settings
  • 0.2g chamber capacity
  • Ceramic chamber
  • Unique button
  • Dry herb vaporizer
  • Built-in battery
  • Small, very portable

G Pro Box Contents

We already said it, but we just love the cylindric shape package box. It is unusual, call it extravagant even, and we find it cool. The box includes the G Pen Pro vaporizer, a packing tool, a cleaning brush, a charging cable and a grinder card, all well protected in a cylindrically shaped foam. The grinder card is supposed to help you ground weed on the go, but it seems like it is not working that well, it is not the most efficient grinder we have used.

The Cosmetic Review

When we received the G Pen Pro, our very first thought was “This box looks awesome!” It is really cool to see a cylinder-shaped box for a change, something different and unusual but nicely designed. So this was our WOW factor, it does not happen too often, so it was worth mentioning it!

The G Pro Design

To be a bit picky, we are not huge fans of the G Pro shape design, and it is quite thick. It has the shape of a highlighter rather than a pen. However, looking at the bright side, with such a shape it basically won’t roll off the table if you lay it down, like a (round) pen would. Other than that, the G Pen Pro has a USB port at the bottom, one button on the interface and LED lights for the settings.

Size and Weight

The G Pen Pro is small, light, discreet, very portable and can comfortably fit into any bag, pocket or purse. However, it is not the lightest pen we have had in hand, but it is easy enough to hold and feels well-balanced. It is also nice to have in the palm thanks to the sleek matte finish.

Getting the G Pro Started

The G Pen Pro performs very well for its size. We found the vapor quality and the taste better than most vapes in the category. The pen is quick to heat up and produced a nice amount of vapor. The drawing experience was also nice and easy. It felt really smooth.

How to use the G Pro

Open the G Pen Pro mouthpiece, load your dry herbs in the chamber and close the mouthpiece back.

Then simply turn on by pressing the button five times, it will start heating up automatically. Once one, hold the button down and select a temperature. You will see different LED lights colors. The available settings are:

  • Low (Blue, 375F)
  • Medium (Green, 400F)
  • High (Red, 428F)

The lights will blink while the device is heating up and stop flashing once it’s ready to use.

The number of lights turned on will show you the current battery level (the lower the battery goes, the fewer lights you will see). That is a great thing, nothing spectacular but really helpful and clear to see right away. Once the lights stop blinking, pull through the mouthpiece to start vaping.

G Pro Vapor Quality

When you are loading your chamber, pack it evenly and tight but not too dense, to avoid blocking the airflow and impact the vapor quality and density. To be efficient and enjoy long sessions with herbs, start with the lowest temperature, then quickly move to the medium and keep it there for a few minutes.

Moreover, around the end of your session, just increase the temperature to the max for about a minute. So you will be able to enjoy your vaping session fully. The ceramic chamber and the strong battery are getting the best out of the dry herbs, to offer a tasty and smooth vapor. We have not a complaint.

The Clash: G Pen PRO vs. ELITE

The one device that comes straight to our mind when it comes to comparing is the G Pen’s brother: the Elite. We have compared the key features without going deep into details and here’s what stands out:

  • The G Pro is smaller than the Elite.
  • The Elite offers a more precise temperature adjustment.
  • The Elite has a larger chamber (up to 0.7g vs. 0.2g for the Pro)

Hard to compete with the brother. However, the Elite was rather designed for experienced users, which justifies the differences. The G Pro 0.2g chamber capacity, for example, is rather suited for average users or beginners. So it is not a significant disadvantage.

Detailed Look at the G Pro

The Battery is a 1300 mAh in capacity and is incorporated in the unit. The G Pro also charges completely in 2-3 hours, and we got around 40 minutes of continuous use, which is not bad. However, this is closely linked to the temperature level you will be using.

Loading, Unloading, and Cleaning

The unit G Pro is pretty easy to maintain thanks to the removable screen in the mouthpiece and the stainless steel heating chamber that can be easily swabbed with Isopropyl alcohol to clean it.

Bumpy Path

Using it also raised two concerns we feel worth sharing. The heating chamber is close to the mouthpiece, and the vapor does not have much time to cool down. Then the vapor can get impacted by a plastic taste, due to the plastic in the unit.  

Our Final Thoughts About the G Pen Pro

We liked

  • 3 temperature settings
  • 0.2g chamber capacity
  • Ceramic chamber
  • Dry herb vaporizer
  • Unique button
  • Built-in battery
  • Small, very portable
  • Design

We didn’t like or things that could be improved

  • We believe the 0.2g oven capacity is sufficient, but experienced users might find it too small.
  • Heating chamber close to the mouthpiece
  • Inside plastic elements might affect the taste
  • 2-3h charging time might be long for some
  • Portability: the unusual shape might not satisfy everyone

What we have to say about the Vaporizer

Based on what we have seen and tasted, the G Pen Pro performs or rather gets the job done.

We like the temperatures flexibility, and it is straightforward to use, load, clean, and understand. So it is a perfect device for first-time vapers. It looks good, and it is practical and compact enough to be carried around. It is efficient and performs better than some devices in the same price range.

We feel overall that the vapor quality might not be comparable to other – more expensive – units, and there are areas to improve which are not putting the G Pen Pro in the top performer’s category, but it surely passes our test and will satisfy plenty of people.

G Pen Pro
Vape Rating: 85/100 by

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