Uwell Valyrian review: Is It the Best Sub-Ohm Tank?


by James Bickford

Updated: December 18, 2020

Uwell Valyrian Review

Review Score: 94/100

Price Range:
Stainless Steel, Sapphire Blue, Iridescent Rainbow, Violet Purple, Black
Juice Capacity:
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Excellent cloud production with each vape
  • Easy to use


  • Lack of coil variability

Starting Price: $ 14.95

The Uwell Vallyrian foregoes convention sub-ohm tank convention by coming in a durable 25mm quartz glass and stainless steel tube that can hold up to five milliliters of e-juice. The tank comes with only one type of coil: a 0.15-ohm dual that has a wattage range of 95-120W. The pins responsible for the tank’s different vape mods come in a spiral (95-105W and focuses on flavor), unrestricted (100-200W and centers on a more massive cloud production), and wave (100-120W and prioritizes balance) variations.

Another departure from tradition is the flip top-fill method, which requires pressing a button then flipping its cap top open. This feature lends itself to the tank’s overall user-friendliness for easy filling. After filling and priming, the Uwell Valyrian can promptly be used for vaping already. The airflow is adjustable only by the tube to get the desired vape flow.

Uwell Valyrian review: Exceptional Flavor and Cloud

Uwell Valyrian Review

The Uwell Valyrian produces dense clouds. With the 0.15-ohm dual coils and three pins that can detach and reattach with relative ease any time, the Valyrian sub-ohm tank can deliver what a lot of vapers would term as the holy grail of hits – just the right cloud amount with tastes that are as pure as possible.

The press to open the top-fill method seems like an utterly simple innovation, but it works wonders in boosting user convenience. The underside of the cap is made of rubber, which does well in keeping the top tightly in place to prevent leakage. The tank also incorporates two kidney-shaped holes through which the vaper can point the nozzle of the preferred e-juice for smooth, mess-free pouring.

VD Uwell Valyrian Sub Ohm Design

From these facts alone, the Uwell Valyrian tank is made by a company that knows what a vaper wants. It would not be far-fetched to say it is Uwell’s policy. That said, the dual coil has plenty of positives of this tank come from. It works well with the adjustable airflow in delivering the vaping session a lot of vapers would love to experience regularly.

That said, this tank performs when used with the unrestricted pin, and airflow opened all the way. Swoosh and smooth, that best describes each draw taken with this tank attached when set at 80W and when used with the said setups. The three airflow holes are positioned to make the vape feel warmer and tastier – and help reduce the noise with every drag.

Overview of Uwell Valyrian 2

For such a solid tank, the Uwell Valyrian already has an upgrade in the form of the Uwell Valyrian 2.

VD Uwell Valyrian Sub Ohm Vape Tank Starter Kit

The latter comes with four coils:

  • 0.15-ohm quadruple
  • 0.32-ohm UN2 single mesh
  • 0.16-ohm UN2-3 triple mesh
  • 0.14-ohm UN2-2 dual mesh

It has a total diameter of 29mm and 6ml e-juice capacity. It also includes a nifty self-cleaning feature and other additions like the Pro-FOCS technology that turns the corner taste-wise.

What is the difference between Valyrian and Valyrian 2?

The coils are where the main difference between the two products are. They may be similar in design, but they also differ in size and e-juice capacity. And since it is a tweak of an already outstanding sub-ohm tank, the simple addition of the extra coils makes the Uwell Valyrian 2 the superior option. It is true if the vaper would like to take the already fantastic taste of this line a step higher.

Does the Uwell Valyrian’s Design Do It Justice?

The design is teeming with style and practicality. Designs range from black and neutral stainless steel to iridescent rainbow with stressing colors. Its glass and stainless steel protection are reinforced, and it is quite apparent that it will not break easily. The entire tank can be disassembled in seconds. There is an indicator in the coil that lets users know the minimum amount of juice required to prevent dry hits.

Better Airflow is Assured with the Interchangeable Airflow Pins

Having vape tested all three available pins, it is safe to say that the differences between them are subtle. It is not so much about cloud production as improving airflow.

VD Uwell Valyrian Sub Ohm Vape Tank Design

The unrestricted, bulbous pin promises the former, but the result is just smoother airflow (and, surprisingly, better taste) with every vape. The wave-like pin virtually has the same results, but the change in vape airflow is tangible. Overall, the difference is very marginal, leading most users to question the design of the pins.

Replacement Coils

What was undoubtedly made the Uwell Valyrian sub-ohm tank the darling of the vaping community since it was released? And without a doubt, it still is for many people out there.

VD Uwell Valyrian Sub Ohm Coils

How to change the coil

The coil can be detached by opening the tank from the button. Twist its base, where the airflow opening is until it comes off. It will come attached to the bottom. It can be unscrewed by rotating it. Once off, screw the one meant to replace it then reattach the bottom to the cap.

How to prime the coils

The Uwell Valyrian’s coils can be primed by saturating each of the wicking holes with a little juice. Make sure it is sufficiently drenched. Afterward, pour a little juice on its central chamber, soaking the chosen pin in the process. Some users suggest letting it sit for a while and ramping it slowly from a low wattage to a higher one.

How long should the coils in Uwell Valyrian last?

It varies depending on a few factors, the frequency of usage and how it was primed. On average, expect the Uwell Valyrian coil included to last for at least 3 to 4 days of regular vape sessions. Some users have reported being able to push this to a week at most.

Can the Uwell Valyrian Beat the Challengers?

Uwell Valyrian vs. Uwell Crown 3

These tanks are quite evenly matched, but the Valyrian wins this. While the Crown 3 comes in two 0.25-ohm and 0.5o-hm coils, the Uwell Valyrian’s coil beasts these two in terms of tastier, cleaner taste.

VD Uwell Crown 3 Silver

The Valyrian also produces more vapor, but it has to be noted that some vapers prefer fewer clouds. As far as design and internal components (glass reinforcement, 5ml juice capacity) are concerned, the two share plenty of similarities. Since both are Uwell products, this should not be a surprise.

Uwell Valyrian vs. Horizon Tech Falcon

A more worthy challenger comes in the form the Horizon Tech’s Falcon. Many will agree can soar well above the Valyrian because of the four exciting coils it includes in its package. The wood pulp and cotton variety, in particular, have been found to provide amazing hits.

horizontech falcon tank

The Falcon has a relatively longer coil life as well, with an average lifespan of at least five days that can reach a maximum of 10. The design could be the only aspect that the Valyrian could contend with the Falcon in a fight involving these sub-ohm tanks.

Uwell Valyrian Sub Ohm Tank Specifications

Dimensions: 25 mm x 62.3 mm
Diameter: 25 mm
Tank Capacity: 5 mL
Mesh Coil Resistance: 0.15 ohm
Colors: Stainless Steel, Sapphire Blue, Iridescent Rainbow, Violet Purple, Black

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Wonderful flavor that more than makes up for its downsides
  • Excellent cloud production with each vape
  • Easy to use

The Negatives

  • Lack of coil variability
  • Average to low coil lifespan

Rounding Up This Uwell Valyrian review

For its above-average performance and responsive design, it is easy to recommend the Valyrian to practically any vaper, regardless of experience. If you are the vaper who does not mind burning through a lot of juice in a short amount of time to get the great flavor you want, this sub-ohm tank is the most compatible with you.

The dual 0.25 Uwell Valyrian coils are one of the most surprising aspects of this sub-ohm tank. It is coupled with airflow technology and ease-of-use. Every vaper gets everything it wants in any vape session. What is certain is that you will not feel like your precious e-juice is draining for nothing.
Do you find this sub-ohm tank surprising? If you already own it, will you be willing to replace your original one with any of the later incarnations and upgrades? If not, care to share why you are still hesitating to get this excellent sub-ohm tank to vape with? You know we always like to hear your opinions about every product we review.

Published: October 22, 2019Updated: December 18, 2020

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