Uwell Crown 3 Tank Review: Plug-and-Play, Vape and Enjoy


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: October 20, 2022

uwell crown 3 510 image

Review Score: 90/100

Price Range:
$14.99 - $24.85
E-Juice Capacity:
Steel and Glass
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Well designed tank
  • An excellent finish
  • Huge vape clouds


  • You cannot choose the color of the drip tip
  • The tank is hard to fill

Starting Price: $ 14.99

The Uwell Crown 3 is the latest version of the Uwell Crown sub-ohm vape tank. This Crown tank has a larger e-juice capacity than the previous ones, as it can hold 5ml of e-juice over the 4ml of the older versions. The Crown 3 has a sturdy, stainless steel chassis and a quartz glass piece. This version of the Crown has three (get it?) airflow slots, along the bottom ring, which are fully adjustable.

The Crown 3 also features a comfortable, plug-and-play for its coil configuration. There are no threads on the stainless steel, sub-ohm coils in the Uwell Crown kit, so vapers need only pull them out when they need changing. The coils included in the kit feature parallel builds and can vape between 70-90W.

Uwell Crown III: Inside Out

As with the other versions of the Crown, the Uwell Crown III comes fully stocked in a hard-plastic, clam box with all the pieces and replacement pieces resting in a fitted, foam-insert. Inside the package, vapers can expect to find the following:

  • One Uwell Crown 3 sub-ohm vape tank
  • One 0.25ohm Parallel build (pre-installed)
  • One 0.5ohm Parallel build
  • Bag of O-rings and replacement parts
  • Replacement glass section
  • Crown III key
  • Drip tip cover
  • User manual


uwell crown 3 starter kit image

  • Triple adjustable airflow slots
  • Wide-bore, multi-colored Delrin drip tip
  • Different color options
  • Anti-leak design
  • Locking mechanism for added safety
  • Bottom condensation holder

A Deep Dive

One thing everyone remembers about the original Uwell Crown vape tank was its height, as it stood at close to 3 inches, from the 510 to the mouthpiece. The Crown is also important because it was one of the first, stock sub-ohm devices, as sub-ohm vaping was, up until that time, limited to rebuildable atomizers.

The new Crown 3 vape tank is a little shorter than the original sub ohm Uwell Crown, as it stands shy of 3 inches, at 2.4, but it still has a 0.96-inch diameter like its daddy or granddaddy. The new Crown also has the same sturdy build as its predecessors. Its exterior is plain but well-done.

uwell crown 3 drip tip image

Instead of focussing on aesthetics, the Crown 3 relies more on its functioning, as all its parts – the threads, the airflow slots, and the drip tip – are all second-to-none when it comes to build quality.

One thing that made the original Uwell Crown vape tank stand out, and something that has remained on all the subsequent versions of the Crown, including the 3, is the locking key inside the tank. This key keeps all the disparate pieces – like the glass, the base, the top cap – together, but users can remove it to separate the parts for cleaning or maintenance.

There is a debate as to whether leaving the key in or taking it out affects the vapor quality. As for its usefulness, all the parts of the Crown stay in place even when it is not there, so it’s up to a user to keep it there or take it out. The lock-nut was also featured on the Crown 2.

The Crown 3 sub-ohm vape tank kit comes with a unique tool to lock and unlock the nut, but anything flat, and wide, like a quarter could also work in case someone loses the device. After removing the top cap, which is threaded and needs to be unscrewed, vapers will see the two, kidney-shaped fill ports on either side of the center air shaft.

uwell crown 3 tool to lock image

The tank comes pre-installed with a Delrin drip-tip. For some reason, Uwell does not allow vapers to choose the color of the drip tip. When someone buys a Crown 3 online, they can only select the tank color, and Uwell randomly chooses a color to go with that choice.

VD Uwell Crown 3 Silver

Another unique feature of the Uwell Crown 3, going back to the first one, is the quartz glass section. Pyrex glass is the standard choice for tank makers the world over, but quartz is a good choice because it is more heat-resistant than the usual Pyrex. There are not a lot of vape companies using quartz in their vape tanks, so props to Uwell for shelling out for higher-quality quartz glass.

A Deeper Look

At its base, the Uwell Crown 3 sub-ohm tank has a gold-plated 510 connection, so it is suitable for use with 510-threaded mods. There is little branding on the device itself, as Uwell opted to give the finish of the Crown 3 an extra layer as it looks well-done, and can hold up to a lot of wear-and-tear.

uwell crown 3 510 image

To be sure, there is a “Crown” and “III” etched into the sides of the top cap, but that is as far as it goes in terms of aesthetics. Again, the quality of the paint on the Uwell Crown is what stands out, and gives it an exciting look. Vapers have two fill ports on the top of the chamber, which is good because alone, the ports are not that wide.

Vapers could use a dropper-style bottle, but a needle or syringe applicator might work best to fill the tank. When vapers see the lock-nut inside the tank, it is up to them to decide what to do with it. Some have argued that removing the mechanism leaves extra space in the tank to make the draw looser and not so tight.

They need to take out the lock anyway when they want to remove the glass section or clean individual parts from condensation. The lock does not affect the coil base, as users can unscrew the bottom from the rest of the unit to remove or replace the coil head.

The removable coil base also acts as a condensation collector, where excess moisture, e-juice, and a mixture of both, ends up on the bottom, rather than getting into the tank and affecting the e-juice. This base may need a wipe-down after prolonged use.

The bottom airflow control ring is also the coil base, but the three individual slots have stoppers to keep them from turning all the way. They even move in unison, so moving one moves the others. This bottom airflow ring is new to the Uwell Crown 3, as the other versions of the tank have top airflow slots.

Uwell Crown 3 Review: Time to Vape

The Uwell Crown 3 includes two, sub-ohm coils both with parallel builds. The coils are quite large and feature enormous juice ports on either side to help saturate the wicks thoroughly. There are four of these holes all around the coil head.

The interior of the heads is also impressive. There is a lot of room within the air shaft, and with the steel wires inside wrapped in a parallel build, they seem a lot more impressive than the snub-nosed coils of the previous Uwell Crown II tank.

Each Uwell Crown atomizer head has a specific, narrow rating. Uwell suggests that each coil has a range of about ten watts to get the best out of the coil. For the pre-installed 0.25ohm coil, the recommended range is 80-90W. The second spare coil head, the 0.5ohm one, has a smaller vape range of between 70-80W, which is very specific.

uwell crown 3 coils image

Range recommendations for coils often span longer than twenty or thirty watts, but, of course, they are also only recommended, so a vaper can play around with those ranges if they so desire. The Crown 3 coils, for example, can vape far beyond the recommended scope.

While the 90W seems like enough for most vapers, those who like to push the limits of their vape can easily take the coil for a 100W-spin, without burning it out. The dual parallel builds of the sub-ohm coils had no problem handling the extra power. The increased vapor size and production were noticeable, but outside the range, the flavor quality did suffer just a tad.

With the 0.5ohm Crown coil, going outside the recommended wattage did not affect the tank or coil’s performance. The cloud size and flavor quality seemed to improve going over the 90W range and going into 100W or 110W territory.

Of course, airflow control is another way to get bigger vape clouds, and it seemed that more airflow added to the clouds, but did not sacrifice flavor. Shutting off the airflow or reducing it drastically lead to smaller clouds, but the throat hit, and flavor jump was much better than with wide-open airflow.

Similar Sub-Ohm Tanks on the Market

The Horizon Falcon King

The Falcon King from Horizon is a sub-ohm tank with two e-juice capacities (7ml and 5ml) that has large, bottom, adjustable airflow slots and features an all-steel exterior.

Falcon Tank desktop

The vape tank has a top-fill design with knurling around its top cap. The two atomizer heads are rated for either 0.15ohms and 0.16ohms.

The FireMax Fireluke Mesh

The FireMax Fireluke mesh sub-ohm tank features two mesh-style atomizer heads, each of them rated for 0.15ohms and vaped best between 40-90W. The two coils have a special weave-design to them that is also reflected in the Fireluke’s exterior, which has a criss-cross pattern throughout its various parts.

FireLuke Mesh desktop

The Fireluke sub-ohm tank has a 3ml e-juice capacity, and there is a spare glass piece inside the kit (although it is also 3ml, not an extender piece). The Fireluke has a 24mm diameter (0.94 inches) and a gold-plated 510 connection.

Uwell Crown 3 Tank Specifications

Diamenter: 24.5mm
Material: Stainless Steel and Glass
E-Juice Capacity: 5mL
Coils: 0.25ohm / 0.5ohm
Colors: Black, Blue, Black Matte, Stainless Steel, Rainbow


The Positives

  • Well designed tank
  • An excellent finish
  • Coils produce great flavor
  • Huge vape clouds

The Negatives

  • You cannot choose the color of the drip tip
  • The tank is hard to fill

Closing Thoughts

The Uwell Crown 3 is amazingly well-built, is excellent to look at, and has some of the most comfortable functioning for such a high-performing, sub-ohm vape tank. It features a removable, bottom coil base that makes for easy switching of replacement coils, even when the tank is full of e-juice.

The machining and finish of the entire Uwell Crown tank are second-to-none, and its looks, as well as feels, like a high-quality unit. The parallel build coils are the obvious choice for what makes the Uwell Crown 3 such an achievement. The large wicking holes make sure that the e-juice seeps right into the cotton, so none of it goes to waste.

The sub-ohm coils, the quartz glass section, and its replacement, (found on all Uwell Crown tanks), the triple adjustable airflow vents, they all work perfectly to weave together an above-average vaping experience. The various exterior color options all fit the tank’s design ethos, as neither of them deflects from the vape’s somber steel construction. The previous two iterations of the Crown vape tank may have had their problems, but it seems that Uwell has found their footing with this new addition to the sub-ohm vaping game.

Published: July 11, 2019Updated: October 20, 2022

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