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Top 3 Extreme Power Vape Mods - Be Careful, These are Hot!

 the vapor all over the mans head

Welcome to the world of hungry cloud chasers. Cloud chasers require nothing short of power-rocked vape mods to achieve the three magic words – pretty huge plumes. If that is your cup of tea, do not hesitate giving it a shot. High-power vaping does form bigger clouds of vapor, basically offering a better mouthful of flavor with every hit. Gigantic clouds coupled with astounding savor is how it all began. Reason for hooking up with a superb mod includes:

  •    Deep Flavor – after using an atomizer with low-resistance, you cannot go back to the high-resistance clearomizers.
  •    Warmer Vapor – due to high wattage, the vape gets warmer. Indeed, the expansive airflow in cooling down to avoid burning of the lips. Several persons do crave a warmer vape as it gratifies their nicotine hunger better. And oh! This might be just the only stuff preventing them from smoking conventional tobacco.
  •    Gigantic clouds formation –  Searching for more massive clouds than the folk next to you? Try out powerful mods!

What is a powerful vape mod?

For extreme vapers, an 80-watt gadget does not push to the limits. For those with a desire for a full-throttle vape session, it all depends on the mod’s power. Now that the vaping community is going gaga about greater hits, vape makers are fabricating mods that thrust the constructs of power. Now that serious vapers want the unfettered power of a mod, the brands are now creating novel inventions with higher wattage and tremendous battery capacity.

Fortunately, if you are in search of the most powerful mechanical mod, be sure to get lost for choices. The market has lots of different brands. What vape mods have the highest quality, most exquisite power capacity, and astounding features? This particular article does detail some of the most powerful vape mods available on the market.

Prices, features, and honest reviews of powerful mods

iJoy Maxo Quad

two ijoy maxo quad box mods

Quadruple it in case three is never adequate. iJoy Maxo Quad is one powerful mod that offers you optimum vaping forte when coupled with four 18650 batteries. You will have the best battery life than you ever wished. The iJoy MAXO packs an excellent 315-watts power, and it works perfectly with low resistance up to 0.06 ohms. The mod entails a firmware that has an upgradable chipset and capable of better temperature control. The design is basic, and the ergonomics are somewhat good when held. Also, the exchangeable side covers do let owners customize the look. Personalize the look by exchanging the leather sticker, and swapping colors. There is a simple to follow menu rendering your daily use a bliss.   

Official features, price, and specs

  •    Quad 18650/ two 18650 box mod
  •    Size: 41 x 64 x 89 millimeters
  •    Weight: 350 grams
  •    Wattage range: 5-315 watts
  •    Resistance range: 0.06-3.0 ohms
  •    Customizable body kit
  •    Upgradable firmware
  •    Powered by Iwepal chipset.
  •    Price: $64

Wismec Reuleaux RX300

four rx300 box mods in a row

It is a party for power enthusiasts. The launch of the Reuleaux RX 300 just pushed the power bar higher than before! Jaybo fabricates the power mod and mass-produced by Wismec. Reuleaux draws power from whooping four 18650 batteries breathing out up to 300 watts of wonderful power. The outside design is similar to its precursor, the pricey RX 200. The 300 watts powerhouse – the RX300, challenges the bounds of individual vape performance. It comprises an additional battery and a brilliant OLED screen user-interface. Also, it has an upgradeable firmware; hence, keeping you contented for quite a while.

The new screen interface reveals charge info for all four battery cells concurrently; hence, streamlining the task of the battery manager. The RX 300 is feature packed, counting temperature regulator and upgradeable firmware, choices for diverse personalization, and numerous protection systems; particularly imperative when vaping at the power levels that the RX 300 can produce.

Price: $64.99

Power range: 5-300 watts

Battery cells: 4 x 18650

Dimensions: 42 x 58 x 82 mm

Vaporesso Tarot Pro

box mod vaporesso tarot pro from two povs

Here comes the king of vape mods! The Vaporesso Tarot Pro is a must buy for serious vapers. The manufacturer did upgrade the mechanical/box mod from its predecessor – Vaporesso Tarot. It does come with lots of goodies. The soul of the Tarot Pro is its Omni Board chip –  a Vaporesso’s industry top chipset. And oh! This is the only device operating in the heart. That said, the chipset renders the vape mod an excellent choice for all vapers starting from the novices to the most advanced vapers. Adding to a power-packed 220-watt rocker, the powerhouse does allow personalization of vape performance that is unmatched.

Custom Curves!

Consider investing in a great power vape mod and never miss the vape hit. Vaporesso the all-time favorite does pump swiftly and then upholds a great hit. Does this set your nicotine shot in your desired mode? Some of the combined features of the mod such as Custom Curve of Wattage (CCW) and Custom Curve of Temperature (CCT) have the mind of a vaper. Take a little time to understand your Tarot system, and you will have no regrets. You will experience flawlessly optimized hits for as long as you keep your Pro!

Compatible with all tank systems

The Pro is your all-time confidant, even when you have no plans of tweaking. The gadget does automatically select the production power most suitable for the atomizer you installed, in Smart VW mode. No trifling, no chaos, just unique vape experience.

Excellent Style

The Pro is a remarkably cool gadget. Its external finishing offers it a classic touch, and the use of zinc, carbon fiber, and aluminum constituents provide it a very modern feel. It accommodates two 18650 cells for longer charge-life and entails an inbuilt charging system by use of a USB.

The TCR setting is fantastic! It allows vapers to operate in temperature control mode with third-party coils. Certainly.

Price: $59

Batteries: 2 x 18650

Power outage: 220 Watts

Size: 93 x 57 x 23 mm

Still worried about the excellent vape mod choice? Powerful vape mods available in the market cannot be exhausted. However, this particular article explains three mighty mods advanced vapers can buy. One of these gadgets will meet your needs and offer you the best vape experience you ever wanted.