GeekVape T200 Aegis Touch: The Outstanding Box Mod of 2023


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Updated: April 28, 2023

t200 aegis touch geekvape review

Review Score: 97/100

Price Range:
$79.95 - $105.80
Battery Type:
2 x 18650
Wattage Range:
5W -200W
Black, Blue, Green, Silver, Red, Rainbow
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Includes user-friendly menu selections
  • It is water, shock, and dust resistant
  • It has a responsive touchscreen


  • It exhibits uneven battery discharge rates
  • The large and bulky frame

Starting Price: $ 79.95

The GeekVape T200 is a box mod primarily operated by touch. Its IP68 classification ensures that the device is resistant to shock, water, and dust. The Aegis T200’s cutting-edge design has a rubberized back and edges for improved grip. Two 18650 batteries are used in the T200 device.

It is powered by an AS 3.0 chipset, which is the brains behind its intelligence. The smart mode feature switches it to adaptive power mode, which prevents excessive power from damaging the coil.

Aegis X kit Vs. Aegis T200

t200 aegis touch geekvape review

The Aegis X and Aegis T 200 share several characteristics.

  • They both use 2.4-inch screens, although the Aegis X is an OLED color screen.
  • They both have a maximum power output of 200W. The Aegis T200, on the other hand, employs an AS 3.0 processor, whereas the X kit employs an AS 2.0 chip.
  • As a result, the Aegis T200 has enhanced intelligence.
  • The Aegis T200 also employs Z0.15 ohm coils, which have twice the life of standard coils like the 0.2-ohm coil used in the X version.

How Does Aegis T200 Vape?

GeekVape’s Aegis T200 vape mod has excellent build quality. This device’s Z mesh sub-ohm tank is well-known for its enhanced airflow and top ventilation mechanism, which avoids leaks. It has a deep flavor that most users grade at 8.5 or higher.

Users with vision impairments can readily read the device’s enormous touch screen because it is intuitive and functional. In addition, it includes user-friendly features that allow users to customize the device to their likings, such as the ability to change the device’s theme, wallpaper, and brightness. Resetting the puff counter is an additional function of this mod.

Kit Content

t200 aegis touch geekvape starter kit

The contents of the Aegis T200 vape mod kit are equally effective and user-friendly as the device itself. Both the contents and the package will appeal to you. The following items are included in the product kit:

  • Geekvape T200 Aegis Touch mod
  • A Geekvape Z sub-ohm tank
  • A 70-85W 0.15ohm coil
  • A 50-60W 0.4ohm coil
  • USB type C-cable
  • Coil removal tool
  • SpareO rings and seal
  • A 5.5ml capacity glass
  • Manual
  • Warrants and warning cards

Internal Design and Building Quality

This pod’s screen will be the most noticeable and recognized design element. It has a thickness of 2.4 mm and is highly functional and sensitive. This vaporizer is typically 90.5mm tall, 54.86mm broad, and 29.3mm thick. The mod’s top comprises a spring-loaded 510 connector that fits the Z tank comfortably but has a difficult balance with larger tanks.

There is an A-lock button on one side of the mod that locks all of the controls without completely turning the device off with five fire button presses. The fire button is directly above the type-C charging port on the opposite side.

The battery compartment is positioned on the bottom of the gadget. On the interior of the battery port, positive and negative indications indicate where the battery should be inserted. The device automatically turns on when batteries are inserted. This piece is well-constructed, including a leather back cushion and a C-shaped profile at the base.

Battery Life

t200 aegis touch geekvape open

Although it seems that this upgrade’s screen type would significantly shorten its battery life, this appears not to be the case.

Its lengthy battery life can be attributable to its two 18650 battery ports. It may last a day or even longer, depending on its use. Users have reported that the two batteries appear to fade unevenly.

You need to see it in action to understand how the Aegis T200 vape truly works. You can check a video review covering everything from vapor production to battery life.

Pod Features

The GeekVape Aegis T200 200W box mod features a touch screen with a 2.4-inch display and a 510 connection.

It has a wattage range of 5W-200W and is powered by two 18650 batteries. With an IP68 rating, almost nothing can penetrate this beast of a device. It also has a variety of modes to choose from, ranging from smart to power to professional. This is an updated sub-ohm configuration.

What Kind of Juice Does the Aegis T200 Use?

The AegisT200 is compatible with any e-juice. A juice with a high VG percentage is great for cloud chasing. If you prefer a stronger flavor, though, an e-juice with at least 50% PG is your best option.

Coil Specifications

The GeekVape employs Z-coils and offers two basic types of these coils in its box. The resistance of the KA1 Kanthal sub-ohm coils is 0.15 and 0.4 ohms, which is visible on the coils’ bodies.

To prevent vapor leakage, lugs affixed to the coil sides ensure a tight fit for the coils inside the Z tank. Although both coils have a lengthy lifespan, the 0.4-ohm coil offers greater battery performance.

How to Use the Aegis Touch T200

t200 aegis touch geekvape colors

Since the Aegis T200 is a sub-ohm device, if you’re unfamiliar with the DTL vaping style and need some guidance, you can follow these simple techniques:

  1. If your mod device is brand new, remove it from its package and put your batteries.
  2. After you’ve installed your batteries, insert your coils into the Z tank by turning the tank cover counter-clockwise to open it, and then fill it with your favorite e-liquid.
  3. Allow the e-liquid to stay in the coil for 5-10 minutes to allow the taste to shine through
  4. After that, choose the mode in which you wish to vape. There are three settings to choose from: smart, professional, and power. The smart mode will automatically set the device to the recommended wattage for the coil you fitted. Temperature control and other factors are available in professional mode; however, different wattage levels can be selected in power mode.
  5. Return to the main screen by clicking OK on your touch screen after you’ve chosen your favorite mode and wattage.
  6. Now relax and enjoy your delectable flavor and cloudy vapor. Don’t worry about accidentally touching something on your screen because it automatically locks after 10 seconds.
  7. Refill as required.

Comparison with Competing Products

Aegis Touch T200 Vs. VooPoo Drag 3

voopoo drag 3 review

The Aegis Touch T200 outperforms the Drag 3 in several ways. It uses 200 watts for the VooPoo rather than 177 watts.

Also, the glass tank on the Aegis T200 can hold 5.5ml of e-liquid instead of the Drag 3’s 5ml. Unfortunately, the VooPoo drag leaks a little.

Aegis Touch T200 Vs. Innokin Coolfire Z80

Innokin Coolfire Z80 Review

Since it only utilizes one 18650 battery, the Innokin Cool Fire Z80’s battery life is much lower than the aegis t200’s. Although it can be used by both MLT and DLT vapers, it only has a limited wattage capacity of 6-80W.

Geekvape T200 Specifications

Size: 90.1mm x 54.6mm x 31.3mm
Z-tank capacity: 5.5mL
Z-tank Weight : 68g
Wattage Range: 5W - 200W
Pod Weight : 168g
Battery Compatibility: 2 x 18650
Maximum Power Output: 45A
Available modes: Automatic, temperature control, curves, watts, and bypass
Coil Resistance: 0.14 ohms and 0.5 ohms
Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Blackish Green, Silver, Claret Red, Rainbow, Azure Blue


The Positives

  • Clear screen visibility
  • It has a responsive touchscreen
  • Includes user-friendly menu selections
  • It is water, shock, and dust resistant

The Negatives

  • It exhibits uneven battery discharge rates
  • The large and bulky frame


Due to its ease of use and geeky vapers, the Aegis Touch T200 is a perfect device for beginners. Also, if you enjoy direct lung vaping, huge vapor clouds, and powerful flavor, the Geekvape Aegis T200 is the vape mod for you.

In addition to these vaping advantages, you are guaranteed a durable, haptic, and intelligent gadget. This vape mod offers outstanding autonomy, so you don’t need to be concerned about thoughtless mistakes that could damage your coil.

With this state-of-the-art technology, Geekvape has outdone itself. If you have used this product, feel free to share your experiences and opinions.

Published: February 1, 2023Updated: April 28, 2023

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