Vaping Etiquette: Finally a Guide for the Civilized Vaper

Every vaper knows certain facts regarding their favorite past time. For example, we know that vaping is potentially less dangerous than smoking. So, we know while vaping that we are taking in fewer toxins than our smoking counterparts. As a result, our vapor or “clouds” should be less of a nuisance than smoke from a cigarette. That said, we may feel we should be able to vape anywhere. However, is that right? Is there some etiquette to follow when vaping our favorite e-juice?

Vaping Etiquette - Finally a Guide for the Civilized Vaper

Why is Etiquette Important

First of all, it is self-control. As humans, others can expect us not to do certain things in a social setting. We rely on ourselves to make proper decisions in public. Etiquette is one of the cornerstones of modern society. Furthermore, we are improving it all the time. Recently, it has come to include things we do with technology. Such as, how we behave on social media, or how we avoid crossing into someone’s selfie picture.

Where can you Vape?

They say that a confined space are not a good place for vaping. That makes a lot of sense. There maybe people occupying the same space and will have to breathe in the vapors. The closed space means the vapors will stick around longer. As a result, the concentration will rise with each cloud. This might not be so pleasant for others around you.

Take it outside

Just like smoking you should consider the people around you, vaping in or around them can be offensive and inconsiderate. Take the time to find a place to yourself downwind or far enough from people not to get vapor in their faces.

Do it at home

It is your place, you have the privacy to do what you like. However, with vaping, you will not have to worry about the smell or having the smoke stain everything. It would be courteous though to air out your place first before having guests over.

While in a vehicle

If it is your vehicle and you feel confident vaping in you own confined space, why not. Though, we do recommend rolling the windows down to avoid impairing your vision. Again, as the same with your place, it is best to air out the vehicle before transporting friends or guests.

Out and about

This is a bit generalistic, when out in public, in a restaurant or at a shop it is recommended to avoid vaping at all. Most of the time, a lot of public places will offer warnings and restriction on smoking. It is best to follow the same rules for vaping – just don’t vape where you wouldn’t smoke.

Vaping Etiquette: Making a Good Impression

Making a good impression is a key to improving the vision of what vaping is compared to smoking. Most people do not know the difference between the two and may need enlightenment on just what it is they are witnessing. If you see someone curious or someone asks you about what you are doing, educate them. Answering a few quick questions about vaping makes a great impression and helps out everyone.

Asking for Permission

When you go into someone’s car or home, you might ask for permission for a number of things. For example, fixing a cup of tea, changing the channel, or changing the radio station. The same should apply to vaping. Always ask the house owner or driver before you start heating up those coils. Sometimes, they will try to look gracious. Therefore, they will say yes. Even so, offer to take it outside.

Vaping Etiquette: The Social Aspect

Vaping socially is not as common as a group of co-workers taking a quick smoke break. However, when it does come to vaping with or around other people a few pointers should be taken into consideration.

Vaping around non-smoker/vapers

If you are in around people that do not smoke just take a few moments and ask if it is okay to vape. If they end up having some question be polite and try to inform them about just what vaping is all about.

Pets and Children

Vaping around children and pets is more or less in the same boat as smoking. It is just good practice to avoid doing it at all. The risk of your pet or child getting into your nicotine e-juices could be fatal.

Vaping around smokers

Some of us vapers have been in their position before, try not to criticize and if a smoker is curious, try and inform them about vaping

What do People Consider Rude When Talking About Vaping?

One of the rudest things a smoker can do is to blow smoke into another person’s face. Thus, the same rule should apply in vaping. Again, even though vapors are less toxic, the act of blowing vapor is rude in itself.

There are times where you are bored doing nothing; it could be riding on a tram, bus, or maybe you are waiting in a line. At this point, many vapers might start to assemble their mods. It is recommended not to do that. In the case of public transport, the same rule about confined spaces applies. For example, this is more evident during the winter when the windows are shut. During the summer, you might get away with blowing the clouds out the windows. While waiting in a line, people may already be in a bad mood. Therefore, if you accidentally blow your vapors into someone’s face, you might end up in an avoidable situation.

The Stealth Vaper

Some vapers opt to go the more stealthy route and avoid people even noticing them vaping. Stealth vaping is an act where a vaper actively try to hide their device, either buy purchasing a discrete device or hiding a large one in their sleeve or elsewhere. Sure, you may get away with it but it is still really inconsiderate not to follow most of what was previously mentioned.

Vaping Etiquette: It is Just Common Sense

The last tip is more of a preventative measure. If you are in bed watching your favorite Netflix series, it is not recommends not to start puffing. The same theory with smoking applies here. Firstly, you might light your cigarettes wrong, or fall asleep while smoking. As a result, you could wake up in the middle of a fire. With vaping, if you have a leaky vape, you might cause a mess on your bed. On the other hand, you might charge the device wrong. If the battery explodes, you could again, wake up in the middle of a fire.

So, Now What?

In conclusion, we will let a quote from The Times article summarize for us:

“But it was also obvious that vapers and non-vapers are struggling to navigate social niceties. As vaping grows we want to do our bit to help vapers be considerate of others and non-vapers be more accepting. Good etiquette will go a long way to addressing this. In the same way that while the use of mobiles in public places is unrestricted, choosing to take a call at a restaurant table or in a quiet railway carriage can be seen as inconsiderate.”

Published: October 10, 2017 Updated: April 5, 2019



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