The Nugg Club: A Weed Subscription Boxes Worth Looking At?


by James Bickford

Updated: January 20, 2023

nuggclub brand review

Review Score: 96/100

Types of products:
pre-rolls, vape carts, flowers, edibles, accessories
Delivery time:
7 - 10 days
Works with:
  • Herbs icon
  • Oil icon


  • Wide selection of marijuana products
  • Excellent customer support
  • Discounts&Coupons
  • Popular brands available
  • Affordable prices


  • Limited number of subscriptions

There are many cannabis subscription services out there that have many interesting products in their inventories. However, many fall short because they only sell accessories and no marijuana.

Luckily, there are services like this that do have cannabis, such as the Nugg Club. This company has all the products sold by similar companies, but they also have marijuana products.

Nugg Club Review

This is a cannabis and weed accessories subscription service. The way it works is that the customer signs up to get monthly packages of several items. These items include concentrates, flower, paraphernalia, and other products.

The advantage of services like this is that they are significantly cheaper than buying these items individually. Plus, the subscriber is getting a regular supply of all the essential things needed to vape and smoke marijuana.

Nugg Club Box Review

Going into more detail, they stuff their boxes with five to seven items. These boxes are valued at $80 to over $200 and come with many exciting products, like pre-rolls, vape carts, flower, and other neat things. These products come from well-known brands that include:

  • Kurvana
  • Alien Labs
  • Tradecraft Farms
  • Ember Valley
  • Friendly Farms
  • Stone Road
  • Cream of the Crop

Their cannabis products are available in different strains, including:

  • Superglue
  • Summer Haze
  • Wedding Cake
  • Grapefruit
  • Blue Lemon
  • And more

Unfortunately, customers cannot choose what goes into their subscription boxes. However, customers can tell them about their preferences for strains and products, and they will customize the package according to those desires. But, according to their website, they plan on allowing further customization at a later date.

The preferences are customized by going to the account section of the membership page and clicking off different boxes in the product preferences section. However, every order has a cut-off date, so make sure to change the preferences before that date passes, or the order will not be customized until the next shipment.

Nugg Club Box: Select Box vs Premium

The differences between these subscriptions are the price and number of items in the box. The Premium Box is the most expensive at over $225, but it also comes with five to seven items. On the other hand, the Select Box is much cheaper at $80, but it only comes with two to four products.

Add-Ons Menu for Members Only Policy

There is an “add-ons” menu where users can choose discounted bud and accessories and then add them to the weed subscription box. The add-ons are billed in addition to the original cost of the box. But the policy is that you must be a member and create an account to add stuff to the order.

Nugg Club Cannabis Subscription Box Terms and Prices

As earlier stated, the prices range from $80 to over $200 in addition to the extra charges from using the add-on menu.

Unfortunately, they do not allow for returns or substitutions, citing cannabis laws. However, customers can notify customer service if an item is damaged or otherwise unsatisfactory within two weeks, and they can replace or refund it.

Orders can be canceled, but the cancelation must occur before the billing date, and there are no fees for canceling an order. The weed subscription boxes that have already been paid for cannot be refunded, but orders can be entirely refunded if canceled before the billing date. All of this can be done in the “my account” section.

Nugg Club Shipping & Returns

As earlier stated, items cannot be returned due to existing statutes regulating cannabis. As for shipping, expect it to arrive in three to seven days if you live in Southern California and up to ten days if you live up north.

Nugg Club Promo Codes Policy

The products in the weed boxes are already significantly discounted, but there are ways to save even more. For example, they have a spin-the-wheel game that players can use to get 20 percent off or a Bob Ross DVD.

Nugg Club Customer Service Rating

They have very high ratings from customers on Yelp, with a mark of 4.5 stars. There are very few negative reviews. The customers leaving comments say they are prompt and that the products are of high quality.

The only thing in this area that could be improved is to have more detailed contact information. At the bottom of their homepage, they have a link to their email address, Instagram, and Yelp. The Yelp page has their full postal address and phone number. It would be much better if they posted this information somewhere on their site.


Nugg Club Box vs Cannabox

Cannabox Brand Review

Cannabox runs a similar operation where customers can order a regular supply of packages.

They arrive every month, and they have one, three, and six-month subscriptions. While Cannabox does have more options, they do not have as many cannabis products. All they have are concentrates, bongs, and accessories.

While Cannabox may not have as many options in the marijuana department, they are significantly less expensive.

Overall, the Nugg Club is better because they have more options for cannabis. But Cannabox is less expensive, and they have more affordable subscriptions.

Nugg Club Box vs. 420 Goody Box

420 Goody Box Review

420 Goody Box is another monthly subscription business. They have one, three, and six-month options that cost $29.98, $86.94, and $167.88. Each package has items like glassware, rolling papers, and munchies.

However, they do not seem to have a lot of options when it comes to actual cannabis. The ability to buy cannabis at the Nugg Club gives them a slight advantage over 420 Goody Box.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Nugg Club Worth It?

    They are definitely worth it. The advantage of being one of their customers is significant discounts on products that would be significantly more expensive as individual items. Also, they have the additional option of adding items to the box and customizing it. Similar companies often do not have that option.

  • Who Owns Nugg Club?

    The company was founded by Alex Milligan created by the same group that created NuggMD, which distributes medical cannabis out of New York City and White Plains, New York, and San Francisco, California.

  • Where Are They Located?

    Their dispensary is located in the greater Los Angeles area in California.

  • How Much Is Nugg Club Membership?

    The cost of a membership depends on the type. The Premium Box costs $225, and the Select Box costs $80. However, the price can change if anything is added to the package.

  • How Do I Cancel My Membership?

    Subscriptions are canceled by going to the account details and manage membership section. From there, the membership can be canceled. However, it may be hard to reactivate a membership because they handle a lot of members, and there are a limited number of memberships available.

    As a result, you may have to wait in a queue for several weeks before you can start getting your orders again.


The Positives

  • They have flower and other marijuana products
  • Excellent customer support
  • Opportunities for discounts
  • Easy to cancel plans
  • Many brands available

The Negatives

  • Limited number of subscriptions
  • They need a detailed contact page

Final Thoughts

This is a fabulous business to shop with, as they have many options on their site, including cannabis. Some things need improvement, though.

They only have two subscription options, and it would be better if they had three or four like other sites do. Also, it would be better if they had a dedicated contact page with full contact details.

However, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. The prices are competitive, different goodies can be added to the package, and their customer suppor is top-notch.

If you have shopped with this online shop, let us know what you think. Please leave a comment below.

Published: October 30, 2022Updated: January 20, 2023

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