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Dime Carts
Dime Carts
10/10 icon-question
  • 1000mg THC concentrations (not for beginners)
  • Blended with taste-specific terpenes
  • Available in 600mg strengths as well

Dime cartridges from Dime Industries are a new type of cartridge explicitly built for the patented distillate that the company makes. Dim...

Jetty Extracts
Jetty Extracts
  • Available in 0.5g and 1g sizes
  • 510-threaded and compatible with most battery types
  • Available only in California
Raw Garden
Raw Garden
  • Flash-freezing technique preserves cannabinoid quality
  • Available in different sizes: 1g, 0.5g
  • 0.3g sample tasters also are available

THC cartridges can hold 0.5l of liquid THC concentrate or as much as 3ml, depending on the mark and brand. THC vape cartridges are only available in legal states. They contain high doses of the psychoactive component of cannabis. But they can also come in CBD-dominant strains.

The Ins and Outs of THC Cartridges

A THC cartridge consists of a small glass or plastic tank. It comes pre-filled with a liquid distillate of the psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol. The tank is 510-threaded. It can attach to a similarly threaded battery type to create THC-infused aerosol that the user inhales.

THC cartridge capacities vary. They can often come with as little as 0.5ml or upwards or 2ml, the standard capacity. The cartridges also come with attached mouthpieces. Depending on the cartridge or tank type, it may not be removable or interchangeable with other mouthpiece styles.

THC cartridges are meant to be simple, easy-to-use devices that even novices can control. They are usually attached to specific battery types. It has a single button or no variable voltage features. Medical patients enjoy using vapes as they receive a highly concentrated THC dosage without combustion or inhaling other chemicals.

Now that some states have legalized recreational marijuana, THC vapes are getting much more attention. Users like them for their simplicity and high THC concentrations. But new users should start with the smallest concentration. The vaping THC concentrate is much more different than vaping or smoking dry herb THC.

The Top THC Cartridges Out Right Now

THC cartridges have similar designs, but they all have different contents. The strain and potency of the THC concentrate inside the tank distinguish a cartridge, as their technical designs are more or less the same. Many different strains and potencies let users pick and choose the best THC vape cartridge based on their preferences, like the taste, smell, and effect.

#1 Dime Carts

A Premium Cartridge Design

Bubble Gum Kush, Wedding Cake, Water Melon, Strawberry Cough, Jack Fruite
THC Concentrations :


  • Long steeping process ensures greater flavor
  • High terpene counts give them unique properties
  • Proprietary tank designs built around THC extract
  • All cartridges are hand-filled
  • All concentrates third-party tested and verified


  • Expensive
  • Low liquid capacity

Dime cartridges from Dime Industries are a new type of cartridge explicitly built for the patented distillate that the company makes. Dime cartridges are recognizable for their white and gold color scheme, enlarged mouthpiece, and greater liquid capacity. The tanks also feature adjustable airflow vents on the bottom, which is rare for pre-filled liquid cartridges. The mouthpieces are also made for larger draws, so users can make significant clouds with their Dime tank. The strains offered by Dime are many, from Wedding Cake to Dime OG to Bubble Gum Kush and Apple Gelato.

#2 Jetty Extracts

Quality Extracts in Stylish Carts

Sizes :
0.5g / 1g
Gelato, Blue Dream, Alien OG, Pineapple Express


  • A wide variety of different strains and strengths
  • Unique cartridge design with wood-tipped mouthpieces
  • Available in 0.5g and 1g capacities
  • Cryoextraction used in the manufacturing process


  • Only available in California

Jetty Extract carts come in the familiar 510-threaded tank shape. But with unique touches like flat-tipped wooden mouthpieces instead of plastic. The extract inside each Jetty cart is also remarkable for its cold-pressed solventless extraction process that takes out only the most valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. Jetty Extract tanks are split between Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, and Hybrid strains. With flavors like Pineapple Express and Granddaddy Purps, users are sure to find their favorite strain from among Jetty’s thirteen different strains.

#3 Raw Garden

Specially Extracted for Pure Quality

1g / 0.5g
natural aromas, flavors, and terpenes of the high-quality source flower


  • Free of fillers, additives and other flavors
  • Patented freezing process preserves terpenes, potency and flavor profile
  • Organic and sustainable farming practices
  • Over 800 different strains available


  • Hard-to-find products

Raw Garden cartridges and pens are filled with the brand’s proprietary concentrate. It features no unwanted materials or extra additives. Raw Garden’s cartridges are all 510-threaded. It comes with similarly threaded batteries for easy compatibility. Raw Garden has several different strains evenly split between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. When released, the company posts lab results of each new strain to ensure quality, potency, and safety. Third-party labs do the reports, and they are readily available on the company’s website. The tank’s design and shape are all standards as they consist of glass tanks and flat-tipped, plastic mouthpieces.

#4 Korova Cartridges

A Variety of Flavors in 510-Carts

0.5g / 1g


  • Quality-tested and certified
  • Close to 13 different variety of extracts
  • C02-extracted and third-party lab tested
  • Made with high-quality, locally sourced, organic cannabis


  • Cartridges can leak sometimes

Korova cartridges are standard 510-tanks that come pre-filled with exclusively-made THC concentrate in either Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains. Korova pairs each of their specially formulated distillates with a variable voltage battery so that users can enjoy their vape at different power levels. The Korova battery is 510-threaded and rechargeable, so users can continue using it even with new tanks. Korova offers users 13 different types of extract from OG Kush to Gelato and Romulan Haze. The vape cartridges have standard designs and use CCELL ceramic coils to heat the liquid. With variable voltage batteries, users can adjust the temperature to achieve different effects.

#5 Kurvana Ascnd

Science-Driven Cannabis Extraction

Dutch Treat, Earth OG, Jet Fuel, Lunar OG, Northern Lights


  • Ceramic heating element in each cartridge
  • Quality controlled and tested at each step of production
  • Three varieties of products from full-spectrum, high-CBD and single strain
  • 15+ different strains


  • Limited liquid capacity

The Ascnd line of cannabis vapes from Kurvana uses its unique extraction method to ensure that every distillate tank contains high-potency THC. Kurvana takes THC and other cannabinoids from the raw hemp plant to ensure that it meets the company’s high standards at every stage of production. From plant to product, Kurvana tests against the presence of additives, herbicides, and pesticides to ensure users get an ultra-refined cannabis extract. The company puts the result into a newly-designed vape tank with a ceramic core and a patented airflow control system. The company offers flavors and tastes from all three main strains like Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

The Best THC Cartridges of 2021

Category THC Cartridge Rating Price
Best Designed THC Cartridge Dime Carts 10 $35.00
Best Pure THC Cartridge Jetty Extracts 9.5 $65.00
Premium THC Cartridge Raw Garden 9 $50.00
The Strongest THC Cartridge CBD Genesis - Delta-10 THC Cartridges 9 $34.99
Best High Potency Cart Koi - Delta-8 THC Cartridge 8.5 $39.99

Which is the Best THC Cartridge?

The best cannabis cartridge for any user depends on their preference and taste. With so many different varieties available, users have many choices to choose from. They each produce different effects or have different flavors and tastes. Not only is there ample selection, especially from these producers, but users are also given a lot of background information on the way the THC was extracted, the growing and cultivation process, and the terpene profile of each strain.

There are also several concentrations from low-THC to ultra-potent 90% THC concentrations. They are not recommended for new users. Vape cartridges are also not limited to 510-threaded carts. Pod devices with pre-filled pods are also available for people who love to vape extracts. Not to mention that dabbing, a small amount of solid THC concentrate is available to those who want to use their e-rig or dab rig to vape THC.

What’s the Difference Between THC and CBD?

THC is an intoxicating cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It produces the high associated with vaping or smoking raw cannabis and THC extracts. CBD is a non-intoxicating cousin of THC found primarily in hemp plants. But it is also present in cannabis plants and vice-versa.

Both THC and CBD are available in extract form, whether as an oil or in a solidified product like crumble, shatter, resin and butter. Their effects differ, of course. For example, many people use CBD to help with specific physical or mental ailments like joint pain or anxiety. However, the FDA does not approve it for any of those purposes.

CBD is non-toxic, so there is little to no risk in using it instead of THC. However, it is intoxicating and can create a dependency. THC remains illegal at the federal level, but recreational marijuana is legal in over fifteen different states. So make sure you know your state’s laws on recreational marijuana before buying or using such a product.

The Contents of a Cartridge

THC carts are typically filled with a blend of extracted THC oil and other carrier oils like MCT or even hempseed oil. Each producer and manufacturer has its processes and standards by which they produce THC oil. They strive for oil purity and quality, but they use different methods to achieve those ends with differing results.

The technical side of THC carts is also different. Manufacturers may use other materials or designs, but THC oil carts are also quite similar. The cartridges are intended to be for new or inexperienced users who are not familiar with vaping anything. For example, the battery section of a vape cart usually has a single button to turn it on or off and power the cartridge’s heating element. But it could also be draw-activated and have no button.

Depending on the manufacturer, the THC distillate inside a cartridge can come from marijuana plants organically grown in the US or another approved country. Each manufacturer also uses different extraction methods. They affect the quality of the end product. Makers also blend their oil with various additives (like VG and PG) and flavors to produce a specific flavor. Still, usually, they add terpenes found in the raw plant material to give that particular strain a unique taste.

How to choose a THC cartridge?

Choosing a THC cartridge comes down to things like choosing the right potency, strain, quantity, and device quality. Users should also always buy authentic cartridges made with safe, high-quality ingredients that have been lab-tested and certified. They should also check the ingredients list to make sure that nothing harmful or illegal is among them.

Price is another consideration. Many pre-filled THC cartridges are priced somewhere between $20-$40, with more potent varieties costing a little more. The advantage of buying something more high-priced is that the quality and safety are more assured than cheaper brands that use various cutting agents or do not perform quality control tests. Users can also buy dry herb or concentrates vape pens with guaranteed safe material. For example, it can be dabs and waxes or even dry herb flowers.

Everything You Need to Know About THC Cartridges

How do I change my THC cartridge?

Changing your cartridge depends on its types, like a 510-cartridge, a disposable pen, or a pod device. 510-cartridges need to be unscrewed from their accompanying battery, while the disposable pen can be thrown away. Remove the pod from its pod bay and replace it with a fresh pod for a pod device.

How do I fill a cartridge with a syringe?

Several manufacturers offer their THC distillate in a syringe to help users refill small tanks and pods. If you fill a pod or tank with a syringe, make sure to find the right fill hole on the cartridge. Make it to ensure that your liquid does not spill everywhere or damage the attached battery.

Why does a THC cartridge have bubbles?

Some THC cartridges have bubbles when used as air flowing through them gets trapped inside the cartridge. However, bubbles inside a cart are not a sign that the distillate is no good or has expired. Even when the liquid solution harders, it is only a natural effect of the liquid and only requires a few pulses of a battery to melt back to a liquid.

What cart has the most THC?

There are many THC cartridges available that run-up to and above 90% THC content. There are too many to list, but users should check the potency, quality, and ingredients list before consuming any THC cartridges. The type of strain can also affect quality and flavor.

What oil is in THC cartridges?

The oil in THC cartridges is the liquid form of THC extracted from marijuana plants. Depending on the brand and manufacturer, the extraction could have been done with C02-extraction or ethanol extraction, or a mixture of both. The oil typically contains high levels of THC – up to an including 70-90%. And It can be blended with other natural terpenes for flavor and effect.

What is the best type of THC cart?

The best type of THC cartridge is one that contains no added materials like cutting agents. It is guaranteed safe by the manufacturer after having been lab-tested and certified by them. But apart from that, the best THC cart can have a high concentration of THC or a unique flavor profile. It is thanks to the many different terpenes that are present.

Conclusion: THC Cartridge: Pre-Filled, Convenient and Easy-to-Use

Have you ever used THC concentrates? Do you prefer flowers to extracts? Do you prefer vaping over smoking? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

THC cartridges have become one of the most popular ways for users to consume THC. Now it has become legal in several states. Cannabis concentrates lets users get the pure extract without having to smoke or vape raw flower. It creates a mess with leftover material and requires more maintenance and cleaning. Extracts let users inhale the pure element without having to worry about the smell or the clean-up.

Extracts can be consumed in many different ways. Still, liquid concentrates are very popular for ease of use, varied flavor profiles, and the wide variety of strains available to the consumer. However, THC is not legal everywhere, so make sure you know the laws about marijuana in your state before buying or using a THC product.

Published: May 21, 2021 Updated: September 24, 2021



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