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Puffco Peak Pro
Puffco Peak Pro
10/10 icon-question
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Precision temperature control
  • Large water capacity

The Puffco Peak Pro is a state-of-the-art concentrates vaporizer. It has simple, one-button controls and a heat-up time of fewer than fou...

Lookah Unicorn
Lookah Unicorn
  • Internal 1900mAh battery
  • Two firing options (auto and manual)
  • Ceramic and quartz heating chamber
The Goody Bag
The Goody Bag
  • No subscription needed to buy
  • One-time only
  • The perfect gift to give away at parties

A Closer Look

420 Goody Box Review

The Goody Box brand started in the late 2010s as a curated service for cannabis lovers to receive all their favorite items through the mail. The brand does not sell actual cannabis or other cannabis derivatives. Instead, the brand offers users a wide selection of cannabis-affiliated products like rolling papers, bongs, lighters, and vaporizers.

The brand is similar to other vaping subscription services. It selects various products based on customers’ preferences and ships it to them every month. Users can sign up for the service up-front and choose from multiple pre-selected boxes or choose their products from the Goody Box online store.

A typical Goody Box contains things like rolling papers, merchandise, smoking or vaping accessories (pipe cleaners, lighters, ashtrays, etc.), and other things like snacks and vaping devices. Users can also buy individual items from the brand rather than signing up for the delivery service.

Users can also buy individual, non-subscription packs that offer a few different items in a single package, often picked at random, so a user has no idea what they are getting. The boxes range in size from small, medium, and large, and the company offers them at different price points depending on their contents.

The Best Goody Box Products

Goody Box has several different product categories that users can choose from. They include smoking accessories, rolling papers, pipes, bongs, and more advanced items like concentrates and dry herb vaporizers.

#1 Puffco Peak Pro

A Next-Level Concentrates Device

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Puffco Peak Pro is a state-of-the-art concentrates vaporizer. It has simple, one-button controls and a heat-up time of fewer than four seconds. The device consists of a battery base with a glass water attachment on top. The Peak Pro has a separate, all-ceramic heating element with a quartz glass carb cap. The device has a portable, lightweight build. It features several pre-programmed heating levels that users can toggle with the base’s simple touch button.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Precision temperature control
  • Unique, user-friendly design
  • Fast USB-C charging


  • Expensive

#2 Lookah Unicorn

An Efficient E-Rig For Micro-Dosing

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Lookah Unicon is a portable dab rig that features two distinct heating coils (quartz and ceramic) while also offering users three pre-installed heat settings. The Lookah Unicorn is for vaping wax and other solid concentrates. It features an internal 1900mAh battery. The device has three heat settings that range from 10W to 19W. It comes with a separate water attachment that connects to the base with a magnetic connection. In addition, the unit has three-button controls and features an auto and manual mode for better user control.


  • Well-priced
  • Versatile and efficient
  • Good vapor production
  • Built-in safety features


  • Short battery life

#3 The Goody Bag

A Perfect Gift Idea

9/10 icon-question Review score

The Goody Bag is a one-time purchase gift pack. It includes several different cannabis-related items like a silicone pipe and a pack of scented rolling papers. In addition, the package comes with several smoking-related items like a rolling device, a one-hitter pipe, and a selection of different flavored, blunt wraps. Users can choose their Goody Bag based on sex. They come differently color coordinated depending on whether it is for a boy or girl.


  • Features several different products
  • No subscription needed to buy
  • Well-priced
  • Fun and versatile


  • Not the best gift for everyone

What’s In the Goody Box and How To Get One?

The contents of a Goody Box vary between the different options the company offers. Two standard options are open to subscribers. But non-subscribers can buy boxes as one-time purchases with various goodies inside. The two main options consist of:

  • The OG Goody Box
  • The Top Shelf Goody Box

The OG Box is the starter package that contains up to 5-8 different items, all of which are picked at random every month. Subscribers always receive a glass pipe or vaping device, and the value of the entire box is around $100. The Top Shelf Box has a higher value (around $150-$275), and it also always includes a smoking or vaping device inside.

Anyone who wants to receive a monthly Goody Box needs to pay the $20 subscription. Then sign-up for the box they want to receive (the OG or the Top Shelf). Users can also change the contents of the box month-to-month. But the box’s contents do change every month.

How It Treats Its Customers

The brand has a responsible attitude towards its customers. For example, they let them change up the contents of their boxes every month. In addition, the company always sends their packages in discreet packaging to ensure their customers’ privacy. And it has a customer service line open to receive customer questions or complaints. Users can also choose from various plans that range from a one-time monthly subscription to a three or six-month subscription with the option to renew or cancel at any time.

Users do not sign any contract and are not obligated to continue with the subscription if they do not want to. There are no hidden fees in the subscription, so users only pay what is stated upfront. They also can choose from different items rather than receiving the same box every month.

Delivery, Deals, and Returns

Depending on the box a user has requested, the company ships out a new pack on the 20th of every month or the 30th of every month. The OG box goes out on the 20th, and the Top Shelf is shipped out on the 30th. All Goody Box packages are shipped discreetly, so no one else will know what’s inside the box.

International shipping is also available for overseas clients. But those rates are calculated at check-out and can vary from country to country. Shipping times also vary between countries and locations. But US customers can expect to receive their packages within 3-5 business days from the shipping date.

The company regularly runs deals and discounts for its packages. And non-subscribers can often find promotions on its website. A dedicated Daily Deals tab on the website lists the promoted merchandise. It runs from things like pipes, bongs, and other smoking devices to e-rigs and portable electronic vaporizers.

Users who sign-up for a subscription or receive a non-subscription box have the option to return the entire package if they are unhappy with it. However, they must first contact the company directly via email and send the parcel back in its original packaging to receive a full refund. But, the box must be returned within seven days of receipt to qualify for a refund.

The Competition


Hemper Brand Review

Hemper is another cannabis-centered subscription service. It lets users choose a specialized box for delivery every month. The company also allows users to select the frequency with which they receive a package (every month, every two months, or every three months). Also lets them choose the contents or receive a pre-assembled box consisting of things like rolling papers, bongs, pipes, apparel, and other smoking or vaping accessories. The base price for a box ranges between $40 and $200, depending on the frequency of orders. So it is a little pricier than the Goody Box service.


BuddaBox is another cannabis subscription service. It skews more toward 710-aficionados (dabs and concentrates) than dry herb smokers and vapers. Users can receive several dab-related products in their monthly boxes and some smoking and vaping herb items. The packages are delivered every month and are valued at between $50 and $65, depending on the box type.

Questions Answered

How to win a 420 Goody Box?

The company often runs promotions and contests. Both subscribers and non-subscribers can participate in. The company runs this content via social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). So anyone interested in winning a free Goody Box should follow the company on their pages to find out when they are running a contest for a chance to win a free box.

When does the company ship its boxes?

The company offers different shipping dates for its other boxes. For example, the OG box ships out on the 20th, while the Top Shelf boxes go out on the 20th or 30th. Non-subscription packages are often shipped the same day or the day after purchase. But exact dates are known at check-out.

How to cancel a delivery?

Subscribers can stop a monthly delivery by simply contacting the company and requesting to pause the delivery. Users can opt to pause a delivery for a month without canceling their subscription. Or they can cancel their subscription if they want.`



  • Reasonably priced items
  • Convenient and a lot of freedom
  • Easy to sign up and cancel
  • Full refunds are available within seven days


  • Too many items in one box

Conclusion: 420 Goody Box Review: A Easy-to-Use Service with Monthly Surprises

Would you sign-up for a monthly subscription? What kind of items would you pick to receive every month? Have you used a subscription service before? Let us know in the comments section below.

The 420 Goody Box subscription service is a perfect solution for people who want to receive something new every month. The service is reasonably priced for its starter package. Users can add or reduce the size of their monthly package. Getting in touch with the company is very easy, and the company lets users pick and choose what they want.

Non-subscribers can also buy one-time boxes if they do not want to sign-up for a monthly package. In addition, the company has a straightforward return policy, so users who are unhappy with their box can return it for a full refund. The boxes are also great gift ideas for someone who loves cannabis and likes to collect cannabis-related memorabilia.

Published: October 25, 2022 Updated: October 24, 2022



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  • James Prickett

    September 26, 2022 at 1:01 pm

    Do you Goody Box is a joke. I ordered a Top Shelf box from them on August 30th before their cut off date for it to be shipped out Sept. 1st and still hasn’t received my box. It shows on their end that it hasn’t even been filled yet.