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Cloud V Platinum Vaporizer
Cloud V Platinum
10/10 icon-question
  • Single-button operation
  • Direct-voltage output
  • Pass-through charging enabled

The Cloud V Platinum is the second-generation Cloud vape pen for concentrates from the CV brand. The original Cloud was a small, slender ...

Cloud V Phantom Vaporizer
Cloud V Phantom Vaporizer
  • Soft, comfortable grip
  • Three preset temperature settings
  • LED Indicator
Cloud V Knight Box Mod
Cloud V Knight Box Mod
  • One coil and a replacement coil included in the kit
  • Variable wattage and temperature control enabled

Into the Clouds with CloudVapes


The CloudVapes company started in 2012. Since then, this SoCal vaporizer company has been creating and marketing its line of portable alternative vaping products. The company leans heavily towards the alternative vaping scene, although they do carry e-liquid tanks that can also double as liquid concentrate atomizers.

The company has about the same amount of devices for herbs as they do for waxes. They also feature portable e-nails for dab vaping. Since many of their products are interchangeable, users have a lot of options to mix and match. The site also features a Bundles page, where they pair different items together based on their material.

Users can find mods with several tank options or tanks paired with different mods. The brand does not feature vaporizers from other brands. The CloudVapes inventory consists only of Cloud Vapes brand products. The site also features a separate Accessories page, where users can find individual nails, coils, tanks, mouthpieces, and other accessories to support the brand’s vaping devices. Users can buy replacement coils and atomizers, or upgrade to different styles of atomizer for their tanks.

The mods and tanks are by no means basic devices. They feature quality materials like ceramic cores for the tank atomizers and stainless-steel elements for the herb tanks. Users also have their choice of mouthpiece style as they can choose steel or ceramic mouthpieces for their herb or concentrate products.

The Cloud Vapes Product Line

The company offers users several personal vaporizers on its website. Users can visit the Cloud Vapes website for a full listing of their products. The list consists of a few devices from most, if not all, of their product lines.

#1 Cloud V Platinum Vaporizer

An Improved Pen for Cloud-Making

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Cloud V Platinum is the second-generation Cloud vape pen for concentrates from the CV brand. The original Cloud was a small, slender pen-like device for concentrates that featured a pull-off mouthpiece, ceramic heating chamber, and one-button control. The Cloud V carries on that tradition but with a few upgrades.

The Cloud V Platinum has a glass window mouthpiece so users can check their liquid levels. The new Cloud also comes with two atomizers. The first is a standard ceramic core heating element, while the second also features the new Tornado ceramic core but with more wiring. The unit uses a snap connection to connect to the battery that also features pass-through charging.

#2 Cloud V Phantom Vaporizer

A Powerful, Soft-Touch Ground Herb Vaporizer

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Cloud V Phantom is a dry herb vaporizer that features an internal, rechargeable battery. The device has a rubberized, soft-touch texture that keeps the heat in, while it protects hands from heat transfer. The Phantom features three preset temperature settings, each signaled with a different LED: 374F (green light), 410F (blue light), and finally 436F (red light).

The device only stands at under 7” tall and has a diameter of 0.83” so it is pocket-friendly and portable. The Phantom uses a conduction heating element, which is made from stainless steel. The surrounding oven walls are also stainless steel. The new chamber is even larger as it can hold up to 0.3g of ground material.

#3 Cloud Classic Vaporizer

A Blast From the Vaping Past

9/10 icon-question Review score

The Cloud Classic vaporizer is the brand’s signature device that supports liquid and solid concentrates. The Classic features a simple, straight-forward design as it has a removable top cap/mouthpiece that snaps into place on the battery section. The device has a single operating button on its front that lights up when in use.

The Classic is not draw-activated, and users have to press the firing button to heat the coils inside. The Classic uses a ceramic core at its center with wiring around the rod. The unit is portable and lightweight. Users can easily conceal the device in their hand or pocket. The device takes USB charging and has a charging port at its base.

#4 Cloud V Knight Box Mod

A Wattage and Temperature Control Mod

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Cloud V Knight kit features the single-18650 Knight mod as well as the Knight e-liquid tank. The mod features a 510- connection up-top, while the kit includes the single 2500mAh cell to power the device. The mod can power up to 60W and has a range of between 7-60W.

The mod also carries a Temperature Control feature that lets users set an ideal temperature between 200-600F. Users can install the tank onto the 510- connection, and then fill the tank with e-liquid or liquid concentrates. Users have two coil options for the tank, which run from 0.15ohms to 0.5ohms. The tank can hold a fair amount of liquid, and it features a stainless steel build, along with an adjustable airflow ring at the bottom.

#5 Cloud V Jet Vaporizer

A Tank and Mod Device for Oils and Liquids

8/10 icon-question Review score

The Jet Vaporizer from Cloud Vapes pairs the Jet liquid tank with a variable wattage mod. The tank features 510-threading for an easy connection, while the battery holds a 450mAh capacity for near, all-day vaping. The tank features a vertical coil with a ceramic coil. The tank has a removable top cap for users to fill.

The mod itself has three voltage settings represented by different colors, 3.0V (green), 3.7V (blue), and 4.2V (red). The mod also has a preheat mode that users can enable with three clicks of the single firing button. The preheat setting is good for thick oils so they can vaporize easily. The mod can recharge via the USB charging port.

Cloud Vapes Delivery Options

Users can buy Cloud Vapes products directly from their website or at hundreds of authorized resellers. Buying directly from the CV site is very easy and simple. The company ships to the US, Canada, and international addresses. In the US, the brand offers free shipping on orders over $60. Users can opt for priority or express shipping but have to pay more.

Cloud Vapes also performs age verification, so all users must provide their proof of legal age to purchase a CV product. The company also ships overseas using the USPS, but delivery times vary. Users in the US have their orders processed on the same day and can expect a delivery time of between 5-7 business days.

Deals and Discounts

Cloud Vapes does not offer any explicit discounts for members of the armed forces, active-duty, or veteran. The page does feature a Sales page where users can find regular items marked down from their original price. As for other discounts and deals, users can sign-up for the CV newsletter to get news as well as discounts on selected items.

Customer Protections

Since the brand only sells its proprietary products, it also guarantees the life of its batteries and other materials. Each item has a warranty. Users who get the Cloud Classic or Platinum device receive a lifetime warranty for the battery section, as the company will replace or repair the battery. Users who get the Electro, Phantom, Tera, or Diamond mods have a one year warranty, while the Liquid, Slim, and Knight batteries are only covered by a six-month warranty.

Customer Satisfaction

The company has been around for a while, so it has built a loyal customer base at that time. CV vaporizers are budget items for new users that perform well for their cost. Their products have not changed the industry, but for everyday use and average performance, users seem to be happy with Cloud Vapes products. Those who are expecting next-level vapor quality will be disappointed, however. In terms of customer service, the company gets no complaints online, and they seem to have a smooth-running customer service line where users can contact the company directly with any problems they have.

The Competition

Open Vape


Open Vape is a Colorado-based company that deals in high-quality, discreet vaping devices for recreational and medical users of cannabis. The company features several 510-threaded battery devices to pair with similarly-threaded 510-tanks that can hold either liquid or solid concentrates. The company also creates its proprietary blend of oils using supercritical C02 extraction. The brand fills tanks with their oils for use with its roster of mods. The selection of mods run from simple, draw-activated batteries to more advanced mods with variable power settings.

Ooze Life


Ooze Life is an online vape retailer for members of high society. The company features vaping products, as well as items for combustion of raw, ground materials. The brand is based in Michigan, but they ship all over the US. Users will find a wide selection of vaping gear like branded, 510-batteries, as well as an assortment of bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and other accessories. The company also features branded Ooze Life portable vaporizers, along with old-school items like rolling papers, grinders, and hand pipes.

Final Thoughts: Cloud Vapes Review: Cloudy with a Chance of Vapor

Cloud Vapes has been a regular fixture on the vaping scene since 2012. The brand first won acclaim with their Cloud Vape Pen, which looked like a real pen but used a hidden mouthpiece and refillable tank to vape oils and liquids. Since then, the company has come out with more devices aimed at alternative vaping.

They have several reasonably-priced devices that are easy to use and assemble. The best thing about CV products is that they are interchangeable so users can get the full experience of their products. Users can mix and match the tanks with their preferred atomizers, or they can simply go to the Bundles section of the site to pick out a device that is right for them.

Have you ever used a Cloud Vapes device? Have you shopped on their website? Let us know about it in the comments section below.


  • The product line is interchangeable
  • Focus on herb and wax vaping (they do have e-liquid mods)
  • Moderately-priced
  • Easy-to-use devices
  • Compatible with other tanks and mods
  • Warranties on several products


  • Low-quality build materials
Published: May 12, 2020 Updated: May 21, 2020

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