Eleaf IJust S Vape Pen Review — Affordable & Customizable


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: October 21, 2022

Eleaf IJust S desktop

Review Score: 74/100

Price Range:
Black, Silver, Wood Grain, Red Crackle, Dazzling, Brushed Black Silver, Brushed Bronze
Battery Capacity:
3000 mAh
139 x 24.5mm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Incredibly Cheap, for a Sub Ohm Vape of this caliber
  • Selection of Three Coil structures


  • Tank gets quite hot

You can say plenty about the ELeaf iJust S. It comes leaps and bounds from the previous iJust 2. It’s clear they’ve made so many important changes that have ultimately made this device one of the best in the market up to date. Eleaf offers a wide variety of great colors and finishes the iJust S has features for everyone! The pen is available from the Eleaf Website you can pick yours up today, from only $34.95!

Box Contents

  • Eleaf IJust S Battery
  • Eleaf IJust S Atomizer (0.3ohm EC Head Pre-installed)
  • Eleaf IJust S Atomizer (o.5ohm EC Head)
  • Eleaf IJust S Atomizer (o.18ohm ECL Head)]
  • Airflow Control Ring
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual

The Style Variety

The Design

Eleaf IJust S desktop

When it comes to the design of this device, I can confidentially say it’s the best looking Sub-Ohm pen I have ever seen. It possesses some of the most appealing colors and designs (as seen below). There is an option for everyone. Overall, this device holds a high standard of quality and content.

Size and Weight

The battery comes in at around 139mm by 24.5mm this isn’t including the tank. This makes the device quite an average size to be perfectly honest. The device has the average amount of weight, you’d expect it from a device with a battery and tank of this size. You can expect the tank to be a little under 1/3 of the body length. Therefore, overall it’s quite an enjoyable size.


The Eleaf iJust S has made many changes and added a lot of features. Due to the release of the IJust 2, they’ve had the ability to reflect and react on a previous model. This is something that other vape producers don’t have the ability to do! Here are some of the best features that this device has to offer:

  • Selection of Atomizers — The Eleaf IJust S comes available with a choice of 3 atomizers. This gives users the ability to hit that perfect vaping experience that they want. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy the biggest cloud or the most intensive taste. There will be an atomizer for you; and the IJust S will support it!
  • Top/Bottom Fill — You get the ability to either top fill or bottom fill. As a result, the device is a lot better than some people may think. For someone that has only ever bottom filled it will provide a bit of peace of mind. This means I don’t have to start refilling a different way. It’s worth mentioning if you’re one of those people that tend to over tighten devices, this could help you out too. Some people might top fill and over-tighten it and can’t get the device apart. In this case, you can just use the bottom fill instead.
  • Adjustable Airflow — The device does come with adjustable airflow, however, they did not build it into the device. You can control the airflow by using a rubber band provided with the device. You just have to rotate it to further cover or further open up the holes to get your desired airflow.
  • Ability to purchase accessories cheap — Each of the accessories that you may need for this device is relatively affordable from the Eleaf website. If you need to replace atomizers, the tank, or even the battery you can get them individually from the website. This is without needing to buy the whole kit again.

Using the Eleaf IJust S Vape Pen


When it comes to the performance of this device, for under $35, does it actually perform to the same standard you’d expect from a Sub-Ohm pen? With a battery and tank of this size, yes, it sure does. At some points, I actually started wondering whether they accidentally forgot a zero at the end of the price tag. Here’s the breakdown of the performance of this impressive device.

The Quality of the Cloud

You have the choice of 3 different atomizers. As a result, it gives you the best selection when it comes to your choice of vapor production. However, if you’re looking for the biggest cloud the Eleaf IJust S has you covered. Using the huge 3000 mAh battery, it’s able to produce huge clouds whilst managing to keep a decent temperature and consumption of juice.

If you’d rather enjoy an intensive flavor, just swap out the atomizers. With this new design, you wouldn’t even have to drain the tank! This device is that simple.

Battery Life

The 3000 mAh battery comes as default with this device. This will give you plenty of power throughout the day. The moderate vapor could easily get a full day’s use out of this device, if not two. To fully charge the battery, it would take around 2 – 3 hours, plugged into the outlet.


  • The Design — When reflecting on the IJust 2, it’s clear ELeaf have made some great changes to the overall architecture of the device. Therefore, this makes it a lot slimmer and more compact. Yet, it still manages to put higher quality hardware inside.
  • Battery Life — The device making a huge leap to 3000 mAh from the previous 2600 mAh found in the IJust 2. ELeaf has managed to pack a bigger punch into the new Eleaf IJust S. As a result, it gives you a bigger hit, more battery life, and an overall more enjoyable experience.
  • Upgraded Tank — ELeaf has decided to upgrade the tank from the 5.5ML found in the IJust 2. They opted for a larger 6ML tank found in the new Eleaf IJust S. Ultimately, this will give you a much better experience with the device, better airflow around the device itself. Furthermore, you have the ability to hold more juice to vape for longer amounts of time.
  • More Coil heads — ELeaf have decided to create compatibility for a brand new coil head. This is with the IJust 2 coming equipped with only 2 atomizers and coil heads. However, it is only available with the new IJust S.
  • Better Airflow — Overall, they have adjusted the airflow. As a result, it increases the size of the airflow hole, and providing a rubber band to come with the new Eleaf IJust S. The point of the band is to surround the airflow holes, then adjust the band for your desired airflow. Although you’re not forced to use this and most people just remove it from the device altogether, it’s still a nice addition to have.

The Competition

All in all, the IJust S pretty much smashes any competition that it has. Due to the insanely small price tag, there isn’t much you can do to complain. They are providing the same standard of features as the majority of more powerful Sub-Ohm Pens. However, at half the price there’s no arguing it’s one of the best on the market.

The Maintenance Info

Priming the Atomizer

These steps will start from the device being fully assembled. First, take the device, holding it at the base and the tank. Then, unscrew it until the bottom of the tank and base comes apart.

  • This will leave you with the tank in your hands, you can unscrew the base of this, giving you access to the reservoir and the atomizer.
  • Remove the coil from the atomizer by gently unscrewing it.
  • Place 4 -5 drops in and around your new coil to prime the tank.
  • Reconnect to the atomizer and place to one side while you are filling the tank.
  • Filling the tank (Bottom Fill)
  • If you have just primed the atomizer, you will already have access to the reservoir from the bottom filling method.
  • Hold the tank upside down, and gently fill with your choice of liquid.
  • Once filled, reconnect the atomizer to the device.

Filling the tank (Top Fill)

  • If you’re refilling the tank, but not replacing the coil, you can use the top fill method. Just under the tip of the device and above the glass tank, pinch the metal and unscrew.
  • This will remove the tip from the device, exposing 2 holes that lead to the reservoir. Take your juice and slowly put your juice into those holes, ensuring you don’t over fill.
  • Reconnect the tip of the device.
  • Once you have completed all of the required steps, you can take 4 – 5 dry hits from the device. Make sure the juice circulates the atomizer correctly. Leave it for at least 5 mins to stand before vaping with the device powered on.

Maintenance Instructions

It’s important to keep a device like this well maintained. In fact, failure to do so will reduce the life of the device. Ultimately, it will start to cause problems when you’re using the device.

There are a couple things you can do to maintain and keep your device in full working order:

  1. Occasionally wipe down the device, removing any buildup of dust that may accumulate around the exterior of the device. Try to catch the dust before it makes its way into the insides of the device. This will greatly remove any problems you may have with connection issues.
  2. Completely take apart the device, making sure you clean and wipe down each of the components. This will ensure the removal of any buildup of dried liquid that could cause connection issues. Doing this once a week should be enough. It will also stop connections from sticking together, making you unable to access parts of the device.

Firing Instructions

If you come across any issues with the device not performing correctly, it could be down to firing issues.

This issue primarily comes from problems with the connection between the battery and the atomizer. To ensure this problem does not happen, you can use the maintenance steps that I have provided above. It’s important to ensure the device is well looked after to prevent these issues happening. Once it happens, it’s normally quite costly to fix.

If you do have issues firing, replacing the atomizer could be an easy fix. Furthermore, it is most commonly the main cause of this problem.

More information

If you need any additional information, please be sure to take a look at the user manual provided with the device before looking online. Although the internet and forums are great, sometimes, the legitimacy of the content can be questionable.

Eleaf IJust S Specifications

Eleaf IJust S
Colors: Black, Silver, Wood Grain, Red Crackle, Dazzling, Brushed Black Silver, Brushed Bronze
Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
E-Juice Capacity: 4mL
Diameter: 24.5mm
Height: 139.0mm
Resistance: 0.15ohm-3.5ohm 
Thread Type: 510 thread

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Incredibly Cheap, for a Sub Ohm Vape of this caliber
  • Selection of Three Coil structures
  • Simplicity, with a lot of functionality

The Negatives

  • Tank gets quite hot
  • Small poor design choices

Long Story Short


Coming in at under $35, this device is definitely a bang for your buck. It is one of the best and cheapest devices that I’ve seen in a long while.


The flawless design leaves options for the more professional user, or the more youthful user of the device. Options are available for everyone giving you a more unique feel to the device.


The performance of this device is outstanding. It has one of the largest batteries and largest tanks in the market. As a result, there’s not much you can say negatively about this device.

I can confidentially say that the Eleaf IJust S is the most affordable and hardware filled device on the market. Coming in at only $35, it is a definite bargain. It offering more features than some of the leading more expensive brands. In summary, it’s a great entry level or intermediate level sub-ohm pen.

Published: May 25, 2017Updated: October 21, 2022

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    Is that mechanical or electronic ?