eGo One Mini Vape Pen Review – Sub-Ohm Vaping in a Simple Build


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: December 10, 2020

eGo One Mini desktop

Review Score: 76/100

Price Range:
Silver, Pink, Blue, Black, Orange, White, Red
E-Juice Capacity:
17mm x 110mm (Including Drip Tip)
Battery Capacity:
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Tiny Pocket Size
  • Great Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung Inhales
  • Industrial grade design and material
  • Many improvements from the previous model


  • Small Battery
  • Limited Space when refilling the tank

When it comes to entry-level Sub Ohm vaping, the eGo One Mini is for sure one of the best on the market.

If you’re looking for your first Sub Ohm tank and finally making the leap from E-Cigs to mods, then this device is more than likely the one for you! Available from the majority of high-street vape stores, you can pick yours up today for as cheap as $44.90! Let me tell you why you need to get yourself the latest eGo One Mini, right now.

What’s Included

eGo One Mini desktop

Box Contents:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Atomizer Tube
  • 2x CL Atomizer Head (0.5/1.0ohm)
  • Atomizer Base
  • 850mAh Battery
  • 10ml Joyetech e-liquid
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual

Essential Features

Joyetech have managed to take all of the features from the previous eGo One Standard and fit them all into this tiny device, and more! Leaving eGo One Mini bursting at the seams with functionality and technology. Here are some of the best features it has to offer you:

  • Protected Tank – In case you haven’t noticed already, the eGo One Mini features small windows around the tank, these are placed behind the main structure of the device itself. Making it nearly impossible to crack when it’s dropped. Small enough to make it more physically strong, yet large enough for you to easily see the remaining amount of juice you have.
  • Color Variations – You will have a choice from 4 different colors, all finished with a nice brush effect onto the stainless steel body; providing a high-quality finish.
  • CLR Head Compatibility – The eGo One Mini Supports 0.5ohm and 1.0ohm CLR Heads. Giving the users the ability to re-wick the cotton easily to suit your vaping styles. Or, you can simply use the standard CL Head Provided.
  • Adjustable Airflow – Users will have the control over the airflow, making it a lot easier to reach your desired air to vapor ratio. Furthermore, this is something that other mini vape devices do not always offer.
  • Battery Display – Something that is commonly underrated in vapes. The eGo One Mini has integrated a fully functional battery display, letting you know how much vape time you have left on the device; and when it’s time to charge.

The Design, Size and Weight

When it comes to the design of the eGo One Mini, there is not a single negative thing I can say about it! In my opinion, Joyetech has managed to create possibly the most visually pleasing Mini Sub Ohm vape that I have ever seen! Using brushed stainless steel, the manage to provide outstanding finishes on a really well-cut device. You can tell they have made a lot of changes from the previous eGo One, and they’ve nailed every single issue they had before.

Size and Weight

The eGo One Mini comes in at around 16mm in diameter, and around 109mm in length. Making it quite a small and cute size! The tip provides a nice narrow gap, yet still managing to leave plenty of room to get a nice airflow from the device.

Due to the material of the device, it is quite on the heavy side. But that’s to expect from a device filled with so much functionality and high-quality design as this. Am I disappointed? Not at all, to be perfectly honest, the weight of the device makes it feel a lot nicer than the previous eGo One Standard!

Using the vape


Taking into consideration the size of the eGo One Mini, and the power that the battery provides; my goodness does it pack some performance. After using this device, you’ll be left with the same quality as some of the slightly larger Sub Ohm vapes. As mentioned, because of the size of the battery it does have some downsides; but that’s expected with a vape that’s the same size as the palm of my hand.

The Quality of the Cloud

The vapor production quality of the eGo One Mini has come a long way compared to the previous eGo One. Providing almost the same vapor quality as the eGo One Mega; I can confidentially say that this device the best Mini Sub Ohm on the market. You can see that Joyetech has made huge changes to the Atomizer and the vapor production since the release of the eGo One Standard.

Battery Life

This is the only downside to this device. The device is more than capable of producing huge clouds, but it takes a huge toll on the battery. Users have reported the battery life being poor, but can we really complain? I mean, it is a mini Sub Ohm after all. With a charging time of around 1.5 hours, I think it’s safe to say that this battery issue is manageable; maybe you’ll just have to charge it on the go.


Joyetech has made some changes to their devices since the eGo One Standard. The majority of these are visual changes. However, battery sizes and compatibility is included in the changes.
eGo One build quality review
Overall Look & Feel – The device has been made slightly taller, and slightly thinner. I believe these changes make the device a lot more satisfying to hold and use. They’ve also replaced the standard old boring clear tip with a brand new, stainless steel tip from default; carrying on from the main design focus.
Battery – Although they haven’t managed to meet the old 1100mAh battery capacity on the old eGo One Standard. They’ve managed to put a huge 850mAh into this mini device. However, with the balance of the new air flow, you’ll pull the same performance with the new mini.

The Competition

It’s safe to say the eGo One Mini smashes any competition in the mini Sub Ohm category. The size of the battery, the vapor production quality, and the visual appeal, easily places this device right on top; leading the way for mini Sub Ohm vapes.

Details about Maintenance

If you’re purchasing the eGo One Mini, there’s a high chance you’re using this device as your entry into beginner level Sub Ohm vaping. There’s a lot of difference between E-Cigs and Sub Ohms. Below you will find all the instructions you need to use this device to its full potential correctly.

Priming the Atomizer

To prevent getting a burnt hit from the device and potentially ruining the atomizer please follow these steps to get it setup properly!

  1. If the device is already assembled, remove the tank from the battery. It can easily be done by holding the tank at the base and twisting counter-clockwise. There’s a chance the device doesn’t come assembled; skip to step 2 if that’s the case.
  2. You will then need to remove the base of the tank; this will give you access to the atomizer and the reservoir. You can do this by holding the base of the tank and gently twisting the body of the tank counterclockwise.
  3. You will then have access to the atomizer; you can remove this by once again gently twisting it counter clockwise. You will only need to remove it when replacing the atomizer.
  4. You can then take your liquid of choice and put 3 – 5 drops into the center of the atomizer. Be aware, exceeding five drops will more than likely flood the atomizer.
  5. If you removed the atomizer for this step, you could now screw the atomizer back onto the base.
  6. Take the tank, filling it with your choice of liquid. Make sure this is done by pouring the liquid against the inner walls; ensuring no juice goes down the center.
  7. Everything can be screwed back together; you can then take five deep breaths through the tank, helping the liquid circulate in the atomizer correctly. After, leave it for 10/20 mins to give the atomizer time to soak in the liquid correctly.

Maintaining the Device

Maintaining your device is key to ensuring it’s running at its best potential and overall increasing the lifespan. Taking regular care of the device can greatly improve your vaping experience.

  • Make sure you wipe down the device regularly, this will stop any dust from building up and getting into the device. It’s good to get into the habit of doing this every time you’re done vaping.
  • Occasionally the connection between the tank and the battery will get dry liquid, causing problems with the connection. You should remove this using a cotton swab. No need to apply too much pressure, it should just pop straight off.

Issues Firing

If you come across any issues with the device not performing correctly, it could be down to firing issues.

This issue is primarily caused by problems with the connection between the battery and the atomizer. To ensure this problem is not encountered you can use the maintenance steps that I have provided above. It’s important to ensure the device is well looked after to prevent these issues happening; once it happens, it’s normally quite costly to fix.

If you do have issues firing, replacing the atomizer could be an easy fix and is commonly the main cause of this problem.

More information

Any additional information that is required can be found in the user manual that is provided in the kit. Please be sure to read the user manual before looking online for any information. Although forums are great, the legitimacy of the content can sometimes be questioned.


eGo One
Battery: 850 mAh
Atomizer Tube/Tank : 8mL
Build Quality: Stainless Steel body
Atomizers: 2x Atomizer Head/Coil (0.5ohm & 1.0ohm)
Ability for : CLR Rebuildable Coil Heads


Go For eGo Mini


Starting from $44.90, I can confidently say the eGo One Mini is the best mini vape device on the market currently. Coming in at around half the price of a standard Sub Ohm device, it’s surprisingly cheap.


The design of this device is quite possibly the best thing about it. Providing a nice clean, professional and well-designed vape. With a well-balanced weight ratio between battery and tank; it’s perfect.


The performance of this device is still pretty great, despite comments on battery life and vape production being slightly under par, I feel the price of the device and the fact it’s a mini Sub Ohm justifies this.

All in all, the eGo One Mini is possibly the best entry-level Mini Sub Ohm tank on the market. Providing a well-balanced quality throughout the device, I can confidentially recommend this device to anyone. If you’re looking to move on from E-Cigs and get into Sub Ohm vaping, this could be the device you’ve been looking for! However, I couldn’t find any in stock online! So you’ll have to go to your local vape store to get yours.

Published: May 17, 2017Updated: December 10, 2020

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