Sigelei SnowWolf VFENG Review: Futuristic Design Affordable to Anyone


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: August 31, 2021

Sigelei SnowWolf VFENG Review

Review Score: 73/100

Price Range:
Yellow, Black, Blue, Woodland Camouflage, Midnight, Desert Camouflage
Wattage Range:
Resistance Range:
0.05-3.0 ohm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Exellent vaping experience
  • Decent battery life (8-12 hours)


  • This mod is recommended for experienced vapers.

Starting Price: $ 28.91

The SnowWolf VFENG is a vape mod with adjustable features that allow you to personalize your vaping experience.

The box mod is durable with its stainless-steel frame with futuristic lines and robotic design elements. The SnowWolf VFENG is capable of 10 to 230W of output. Like most box mods it has a long battery life, better cloud production, and excellent temperature control. It uses dual 18650 batteries.

What is special about the VFENG?

First and foremost, this device is visually stunning with its futuristic lines, and light up LED functionalities. The SnowWolf has a lighter shell than its predecessors because the chassis is constructed with zinc alloy and stainless steel with a two-tone color scheme and a fully customizable colored LED cutout of the logo.

The VFENG has a 1.3-inch OLED touch screen that tells you the wattage the vape is using. The wattage can be adjusted from 10W to 230W TC. The higher wattage in vaping means more vapor is being produced. Most vaping pens have a maximum wattage, that cannot be adjusted, of 8-15W.

This ability to adjust the wattage allows the user to personalize his own vape.
The display screen also informs the user of the remaining battery power. There is an image of a battery that is filled in with color. Where the color is at is how much battery the device has left. This is much more accurate than the three-color system the vape pens use.

Sigelei SnowWolf VFENG Review

Temperature control is easier to personalize with the box mod. The device has a Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) adjustment.

The SnowWolf VFENG allows the user to change or limit the temperature of the coils. Lowering and raising the temperature will prevent the coil from burning. The higher wattage being used will require a lower temperature of the coil to prevent it from overheating.

Other menu options include puff counter, resistance, and voltage. LED changeable color options are purple, green, red, pink, yellow, or blue.
The box mod comes with a USB charger that can be inserted into the bottom slot on the front of the mod and is powered by dual 18650 batteries. The mod supports atomizers within the range of 0.5ohms to 3.0ohms.

What does the kit come with?

SnowWolf Vfeng Starter Kit

  • the box mod
  • a USB charger cable
  • a manual and a warranty card

Vaping experience

The SnowWolf VFENG allows for a more personalized vaping experience. If you want to blow out more vapor, then simply increase the wattage on the device.

It’s got a great reaction time. It’s a very consistent and hard-hitting mod. The mod lasts for an extended period without dying.

Internal building quality and design

This mod offers tremendous power and has an ergonomic chassis made from zinc alloy and stainless-steel.

It uses a SnowWolf chipset that is capable of 10W to 230W of output, adjustable temperature control support, TCR functionality with degree-based settings, and support for standard TC heating elements.

The centered fire button is a nice touch and the thumb and trigger firing feels natural in either hand.

Battery and charging

The mod holds dual high amperage 18650 batteries. These batteries are sold separately but will allow the mod to last a long time.

VD Snowwolf vfeng Battery

It has a rapid 2.5A maximum charge port for minimal downtime. Simply recharge the batteries after your device dies. The USB plugin is located on the front of the unit.

What temperature and power outage it can hold?

The temperature the device holds ranges from 212 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature control allows for different hits.

The device has a 0.5 to 3.0ohm atomizer resistance range. The typical mod or vape has a 1.5 to 3-ohm atomizer resistance range.

Having less than 1.5 ohms is called sub-ohm vaping. People like sub-ohm vaping because it allows for thicker and more clouds. The vapor is also more flavorful when you sub-ohm vape. The resistance of the coil used in atomizers is defined in ohms.

VD Sigelei Snowwolf vfeng Colors

If the voltage is kept constant, and the resistance of the coil is reduced, the current passing through the coil will increase exponentially, making it hotter and resulting in more vapor.

Thicker wires offer lower resistance because they have more surface area and allow more current to flow. Replacement coils can be purchased if the current ones start to burn. You can tell they are burning if you experience dry hits.

How to upgrade

People upgrade their mods by changing their coils. Coil will burn after they have been used for a long time, but different coils have different functions.

Some coils will have more clarity in their flavor, while others will change the amount of vapor produced. It is essential for the user to find the right balance between flavor and vapor.

Another upgrade that the user can personalize is the tank that they are using. The tank is the part of the unit that holds the juice.

SnowWolf Vfeng Tank

Different tanks have different levels of adjustable airflow. The main difference between tanks is their performance at different power levels. Some tanks are perfect for lower wattage, but others operate best at the higher wattage power.

Consider a sub-ohm tank if you want larger clouds and hotter coils which result in a more efficient vaping and flavorful experience. They also control airflow enabling you to adjust your draw and vaping experience.
Customize your e-juice to change the way it flows through your mod.
The micro USB port can be used to update the firmware.

Puff count and how to get the device working

The puff count is in the top right-hand corner of the display screen. There is no set number of puffs the device will last for before it dies, but the battery is good for a couple of days.

The battery life depends on how often the user vapes. The device will work as soon as the dual high amperage 18650 batteries are inserted into the unit. To reset the counter simply turn the mod on and open the battery door. Hold down the up button and close the battery door. The prompt will ask you to reset your puff counter back to zero.

How to be safe with your device

The leading safety concern is proper battery usage. The batteries this device uses are amperage 18650. The numbers 18650 are used to describe the size of the battery, which is 18 millimeters in diameter, and 65.0 in length.

VD SnowWolf Vfeng X2

This is barely larger than an AA battery, which is a 14500 size. Never mix batteries that have different charges or use damaged batteries. If you replace one of the batteries with a backup, make sure both are fully charged before you use your unit.

The VFENG battery sleeves are lined for safety, and the exterior of the door does have venting.
Another safety tip is never charge your device overnight because it will overcharge the batteries.

Sigelei SnowWolf VFENG vs. Voopoo Drag

The Voopoo drag is a much bulkier mod than the SnowWolf VFENG. The Voopoo drag also operated on a 5W to 157W power. The SnowWolf VFENG can get as high as 230W. The VFENG 230W allows for large clouds. The Voopoo Drag is a cheaper device and is not as advanced as the SnowWolf VFENG.

The SnowWolf’s display screen tells you the puff count, time, wattage, and more, but the Voopoo Drag only displays the wattage.

VD VooPoo Drag 157W

The Voopoo Drag has an overcharge protector built into the mod. This allows the user to leave his vape on the charger over night without worrying about messing up the battery.

Batteries will break much sooner if they are constantly overcharged, but, because of this feature on the Voopoo Drag, this problem does not exist will this unit.

If you are looking for a device with more and better features, then consider the SnowWolf VFENG.

Sigelei SnowWolf VFENG vs. Smok Alien

The Smok alien is similar to the SnowWolf VFENG. The Smok reached a 220W power compared to the 230W of the SnowWolf VFENG. The Smok also has a similar LED interface. The main screen shows your watts, ohms, amps, volts, mode, puffs, and duration of each puff.

The main difference between the devices is the material they are made of. The SnowWolf VFENG is made of zinc alloy and stainless steel. Stainless steel is popular for its resistance, and the alloy makes it lighter and more portable. Stainless steel is also heat resistant allowing the mod to have increased voltage that heats the device.

VD Alien 220W Starter Kit

The Smok is made from carbon fiber, which gives the unit a cleaner look. Carbon fiber is known for looking nice and its lightweight. If you are more concerned with looks than durability than maybe the Smok could be right for you.

Despite not using carbon fiber, the SnowWolf VFENG looks nice, and it fits firmly into your hand. It combines durability with design.

Sigelei SnowWolf VFENG Specifications

Power Output: 10-230 W
Voltage Output: 1-7.5 V
Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0 ohm
Display: Multicolored OLED
Colors: Yellow, Black, Blue, Woodland Camouflage, Midnight, Desert Camouflage

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Adjustable wattage that maxes out at 230 watts.
  • Large clouds
  • Exellent vaping experience
  • Decent battery life (8-12 hours)

The Negatives

  • This mod is recommended for experienced vapers.
  • Does not come with the dual batteries required to power the device.

Last Word

The SnowWolf VFENG is a durable unit that will more than satisfy your vaping needs. It provides adjustable, high power to create clouds that will fit your vaping style. For $50 this box mod provides a high-tech vaping experience that is well worth your money.

Published: March 5, 2020Updated: August 31, 2021

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