The New Smok Stick N18 & R22: Which Is Better?


by James Bickford

Updated: August 16, 2022

New Smok Stick N18 & R22 Review

Review Score: 86/100

Price Range:
$25.32 - $26.99
Battery Capacity:
2,000 mAh (1,300 mAh)
Wattage Range:
10W - 40W (9W - 30W)
Matte Gold, Matte Black, Stainless Steel, Matte Red, Matte Green, and Matte Blue
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Excellent form factor
  • Solid airflow path and adjustment
  • Good vapor and flavor production


  • The R22 needs a higher wattage coil
  • Juice ports need to be redesigned to accommodate bottle nozzles

Starting Price: $ 25.32

The Smok Stick N18 and R22 are new tube-shaped devices that have a few surprises that vapers will appreciate. But which is better? This article provides a detailed comparison that will allow you to make an informed decision the next time you place an order.

N18 vs. R22: What Is It Like to Vape These Mods?

These are pretty fun mods to vape, primarily because of their small size and tube-like body. This is their main selling point. The flavor on both of these devices is that it is on point, but it is better when these coils are vaped at their recommended wattage settings. There are some criticisms on that end, but there will be more on that later.

Smok Stick N18 R22 Kit

One of the more exciting features these new mods have in common is how the wattage is adjusted. There is a little knob at the bottom of the vape that is turned like a dial on an old television.

Turning it pushes the wattage up in five watt increments. It would have been nice had it increased or decreased in one watt increments, but it might not have been possible with the given design. Regardless, that is a very neat and fun feature.

Key Differences Between the Smok Stick N18 & R22 Kits

Besides the batteries, which are talked about in a few paragraphs below, the only differences between these devices are their size and wattage output. The N18 is 145 mm tall, and the N22 is 135 mm, and the N22 is a little bit wider. As for wattage production, the R22 puts out 40 watts, and the N18 does 30.

Vapor Production

There is not a discernible difference between these devices when it comes to vapor production. However, if you are paying close attention, the R22 produces a little bit more than the N18 because it simply runs hotter.

Power Modes

These devices do not have power modes.

Safety Features

These vapes have the same safety features:

  • 8 Second Cut-Off
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Lithium Battery Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Atomizer Recognition

Smok Stick N18 & R22 Pen Starter Kits

Smok Stick R22 Starter Kit

Both kits come with:

  • A user manual
  • Warranty
  • Type-c charging cable
  • A packet of o-rings and gaskets.
  • The Smok Stick R22 comes with 0.4 and 0.8 RPM Mesh Coils
  • The Smok N18 kit comes with a 0.6 ohm and a 1.4 ohm Nord coil.

Smok Stick Pen Internal Build Quality and Design

This is a very unique design and build. The Smok Stick N18 & R22 are made from stainless steel and have a tube design that makes them very comfortable to hold and convenient to transport. The build and outer design of these devices are their number one selling points.

Battery Performance

The Smok Stick N18 has a 1,300 watt battery, and the R22 has a much larger 2,000 mah battery. Obviously, the R22 is the better choice in this category, but not by much. The N18’s max output is 30 watts, and the R22’s is 40, so neither of these vapes will put much drain on the battery.

Battery Life Indicator

Smok Stick R22 Colors

The battery life indicator is located on the firing button.

  • It shines green when the vape is 70 percent charged
  • orange for 70 to 30 percent
  • red when the battery is low.

Tank Comparison

The R22 has the bigger tank of the two, with 4 ml of liquid capacity. The N18 holds 3 ml of liquid. Other than the sizes, they are the exact same tanks. The drip tips are replaceable, and the top cap is threaded with two fill ports beneath.

Smok Stick R22 Empty Tank

Keep in mind that the fill port is not the hole in the middle. It is easy to get confused because the fill ports have a membrane that prevents leaking. However, some people may not realize they are fill ports because not many devices have this feature.

These membranes are good feature that make the tank resistant to leaking. The only problem with the juice slots is that they are very thin, especially with those membranes. Smok would have done well to make those slots a little bit wider than they did.

Compatible Liquid

These coils should be good with salt nicotine liquid or regular liquid, depending on the coil in the tank. The higher resistance coils, especially the 1.4 ohm that comes with the N18, should be great with salt nicotine. The lower resistance liquids will be great with 0 to 6 mg regular nicotine with a high vegetable glycerin content.


The airflow control is located on the part that looks like a ring found between the tank and the base. Turning it allows the user to go from a solid mouth-to-lung hit or wide open for a smooth direct-to-lung hit. There is no problem with this feature; the airflow is smooth and there are no whistling sounds.

The Smok Stick N18 & R22 Kit Coils

The different coils have already been mentioned, and they work great. The problem is that the vapor is a little bit too cool. Now, there is nothing wrong with cool vapor, but it would be nice if they included a coil that could handle 30 to 40 watts with the R22.

That would have resulted in a much warmer flow of vapor. As things stand now, it has an RPM coil rated for 25 watts. It is possible to go up to 30 to 40 watts with this coil and get a pretty warm vape, but the high temperatures will reduce the life of the coil significantly.

Smok Stick R22 Black

Currently, there are no Smok Stick R22 coils that go up to 40 watts, if what this writer knows is correct. If they exist, please let us know in the comments section because this mod would be top-notch if it were possible to put a higher wattage coil in it.

The N22’s coils are perfect for this vape, as it only shoots to 30 watts. The 0.6 ohm Nord coil that comes with it is rated for 25 watts, and pushing it higher is not going to hurt the coil that much.

How Long Do the Coils Last?

The longevity of any coil depends on how well it is primed and how often it is used. If the coil is adequately primed, meaning it was given time to soak in the liquids before vaping, it will last a long time. Also, frequently hitting it with sugary liquids will reduce coil life, too.

How to Use Smok Stick N18 & R22

These vapes are easy to use, and both are used the same way. The tank screws off of the base, and the coils are pushed inside. The user can watch the coils go into the tank’s recess through the juice window. Once the o-rings disappear and the coil is secure, there will be no leaks.

Make sure to prime those coils before putting them into the tank.

  • Drip two or three drops of liquid onto the wicking and then put it into the tank.
  • Fill the tank and let the coil sit for five to ten minutes.
  • After the coils are done absorbing the juice, select the appropriate wattage for the given coil.
  • Finally, click the firing button five times and then hold the firing button and inhale.

Button Combinations

  • Click the firing button five times to turn the vape on and off
  • Use the knob at the bottom of either vape to change the wattage

Smok Stick R22 Specifications

Diameter: 135 x 22
Battery: Built-In 2,000 mah
Wattage Range: 10 to 40 Watts (5 Settings)
Voltage Range: 2.0 to 4.0 Volts
Resistance Range: 0.4 to 3.0 ohms
Adjustable Airflow:
Tank Capacity: 4.5 mL (Top Fill)
Coils: 0.4 and 0.8 RPM Coils
Plug-and-Play Coils:
USB Port: Type C
Colors: Matte Gold, Matte Black, Stainless Steel, Matte Red, Matte Green, and Matte Blue

Smok Stick N18 Specifications

Dimensions: 45 x 18
Battery: Built-In 1,300 mah
Wattage Range: 9 to 30 Watts (5 Settings)
Voltage Range: 2.0 to 4.0 Volts
Resistance Range: 0.5 to 3.0 ohms
Adjustable Airflow:
Tank Capacity: 3 mL (Top Fill)
Coils: 0.6 and 1.4 ohm Nord Coils
Plug-and-Play Coils:
USB Port: Type-C
Colors: Matte Gold, Matte Black, Stainless Steel, Matte Red, Matte Green, and Matte Blue


The Positives

  • Excellent form factor
  • Solid airflow path and adjustment
  • Easy to use
  • Good vapor and flavor production
  • Interesting and creative wattage adjustment knob

The Negatives

  • Juice ports need to be redesigned to accommodate bottle nozzles
  • The R22 needs a higher wattage coil

Final Thoughts About This New Smok Vape Kit

There are not a lot of bad things reviewers can say about these kits. The best thing about them is the design. They are perfect for people who travel and need something that can go with them.

They also have solid airflow and flavor, and the wattage dial is excellent. You do not have to worry about sticky buttons. Just turn the dial like changing the station on an old television. Would it have been better if the mod could be adjusted in one watt increments? Probably, but it is what it is.

The membranes on the fill ports are the most prominent design flaw on these devices. Some bottles are not going to be able to get the juice into the tank. What is needed is a blunted syringe, and even then, it is very challenging to do. Smok would do well to start including a bottle in the starter kit with a nozzle that fits the fill ports. If they cannot do that, they should redesign those fill ports.

Finally, there is the RPM coil that is rated for 25 watts. The R22 is rated for 40 watts, so why could Smok not make a coil that can handle higher wattages? That is also a con.

To answer the original question of which is better; it is hard to say. The N18 with its 1.4 ohm coil is great for salt nicotine, but the R22 and its coils are ideal for those with a taste for cooler and open hits. The answer to the question depends on the user’s preferences.

If you would like to share your thoughts about this vape, or have any questions, do not hesitate to comment below. Comments from our readers are always a joy to read.

Published: September 13, 2021Updated: August 16, 2022

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My way of understanding the significance of vaping came not only through the disruption of smoking but its effects on society as a whole. Now I bring people to vaping and bring vaping to people. I love using new gear, writing in-depth reviews and generally nerding out about vaping to like-minded people.


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2 comments on “The New Smok Stick N18 & R22: Which Is Better?

  • Mona

    April 30, 2023 at 2:27 pm

    I found your information about the R22 & the N18 very helpful. I have two N18’s & they don’t work although I can’t really say why. They’ve been on the stand for so long as I’ve pretty much switched to the R22. I do like the N18 a little more as they’re smaller but I’ve just pretty much grown accustomed to the R22. When I get down to two I start the replenish dance to keep my inventory in good shape. I often times drop them & although they seem to be quite sturdy they’re not indestructable. My biggest gripes are #1 I can’t find a source that keeps them in stock so I have to search all over to find them & #2 they leak & I’m not sure why. Duh! Do you suppose it could be they’ve been dropped a few too many times? Uh, well yeah! Anyway, I will accept the possibility of operator error but I treat them the same so I’m kind of at a loss. All said & done I wish I could go back to the 18’s but as I said, I have two & I must’ve put them down for a reason. I’m feeling pretty stupid not remembering why I even consider them broken but as soon as I finish this I’ll go check them out & see what I can find. I’ll post what I learn later in this same place.

    Finally, Jeffrey Buckley & James Bickford I want to thank you again for the information you put out there. I feel I have a place to go to get questions answered & I’m not alone trying to wing it on my own. It’s very helpful & I’m most appreciative.

    So, in closing, thanks for providing the Vaping 101 class. I hope I can find it again when I need to reference it in the future. Suffice it to say I’m no computer guru. : /

    All the best & great vaping to ya!

    Mona N.
    Pasadena, Texas

  • TJ Jones

    October 8, 2021 at 8:38 pm

    I have used smok rpm coils for a long time in quite a few devices. I never have trouble mixing and matching any combo of rpm coils in different devices, I fast change wattage or airflow a bit. Is there any reason you would not want to put the 1.4 in the R22. Ps. Use alot, but don’t pay attention to specs really, that is why I ask. Thank you for your review. Very informative!