The New Innokin Sensis 40w: Why This Vape Is Suddenly All the Rage


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: May 3, 2022

innokin sensis review

Review Score: 93/100

Price Range:
‎$46.99 - ‎$49.99
Battery Capacity:
Wattage Range:
6W - 40W
Jet Black, Navy Blue, Carbon Black, Desert Brown, Ultra Pink
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Excellent flavor and cloud production
  • Mod supports MTL, RDL, and DL vaping
  • Powerful and fast-charging battery


  • Fill port located on the bottom
  • Pod looks a bit brittle

The Innokin Sensis is a new vape from Innokin, and it brings forth a new generation of pod mods. A compact vape for all-day vaping, the outstanding Innokin Sensis uses a powerful battery that quickly generates high output and charges.

It also has a uniquely designed tank that features a magnetic connection and easy-to-change coils. Additionally, the coils are designed so that priming is more efficient and longer-lasting. This pod mod is ideal for those who want a vape that brings the latest technology to the table.

Innokin Sensis 40w Pod Kit Review

There is so much to say about the device because it is highly innovative. It comes with two modes that enhance the flavor and extend coil life significantly, and it has several other good features that every good vape should have.

These new features are Coil+ and Refresh mode. It also has a complete starter kit with everyone a vaper needs and exceptional build quality.

Sensis Vapor Production

Every Innokin Sensis produces enormous clouds of vapor when using either of the Sceptre coils included in the starter kit. Not only are the clouds huge, but they are thick and puffy.

The clouds complement the flavor very nicely. It is great to find a vape that can produce high vapor and flavor levels without having to fiddle around with the coils or settings too much.

Innokin Sensis 40W Colors

Innokin Sensis Sceptre Coils

The Innokin Sensis comes with 0.25 and 0.65 ohm Scepter Coils. These are new coils that are capable of handling higher wattages while allowing for restricted lung hits.

Additionally, Coil + mode automatically primes the coil after each puff. This feature enhances the flavor significantly. This is accomplished by running at a reduced wattage so that the liquid can be drawn in.

Coil Refresh Feature

This coil allows the user to refresh the coil between each hit manually. This allows the coil’s wicking to absorb the liquid better; it improves the flavor and extends coil life. Refresh does this by running at 40 percent of the reduced wattage to absorb more liquid.

Opening The Innokin Sensis Pod Mod Starter Kit

The Innokin Sensis starter kit has a lot of exciting bits and pieces. The kit comes with the mod and the pod, and it comes with the two coils mentioned earlier.

There are also 0.5 and 1.2 ohm Sceptre S Coils for restricted lung and mouth-to-lung vaping, respectively. These coils have to be bought separately, but they are worth it.

The starter kit also comes with:

  • an Innokin Sensis coil connector
  • a 510 adapter
  • a Type-C charging cable
  • a bag of accessories containing a Delrin drip tip

Internal Building Quality and Design

The design and build quality are pretty good overall. It is comfortable to hold, and the firing button (the screen) is clicky and responsive. This device is a little bit bulkier than others, and the screen is a fingerprint magnet, but these cons do not detract too much from the vaping experience.

The only con for the battery part of the kit is that the connection between it and the pod is not as strong as it could have been. Innokin either needs to use stronger magnets, or they need a snap-in connection.

Innokin Sensis Battery and Charging

One of the top highlights of this vape is its powerful 3,000 mah battery. The Sceptre coils included in this starter kit are best used at around 9 to 35 watts, so there will not be a massive drain on the battery.

Innokin Sensis 40W Battery

This vape will last over a day before it has to be recharged, depending on how often it is used. Additionally, it uses Type-C charging, meaning it can recharge very quickly.

Innokin Sensis 510 Adapter

  • The 510 adapter is another excellent inclusion because it gives the user the ability to swap out tanks.
  • This is a massive advantage because the pod does not have a lot of liquid capacity.

The Glass Pod Tank Features

This pod tank is not that bad, but there are a few areas that need improvement.

First off, it has excellent airflow and can handle all kinds of vaping styles. Innokin did a good day’s work developing a pod and a series of coils that handles most vaping styles. Additionally, the modes earlier mentioned allow for superior flavor.

Innokin Sensis 40W Tank

Even though this is a great pod, some minor things detract from the vaping experience. One, the pod tank is made of glass, and it can break easily. It would have been better had they encased it in rubber to make it more resistant to breaking. A rubber sleeve would make a great addition to the kit.

Secondly, the fill port for the liquid is at the bottom, which is inconvenient and makes the pod more prone to leaking and condensation.

The Pod Mod Airflow

As earlier mentioned, the airflow is outstanding, which helps to enhance vapor production. There are two airflow holes on either side of the battery. The holes are sufficiently large enough to generate the necessary airflow needed for RDL and DTL hits.

Innokin Sensis 40W Colors

Also, changing the airflow is very easy, thanks to the tab on the mod. Moving it back and forth tightens and opens the airflow, allowing for restricted and wide open draws.

Upgraded Sceptre S Coils

One thing about the Scepter coils to mention is that the 0.25 ohm coil is an upgrade. It can generate more power, allowing it to handle high wattages while supporting RDL draws. This is very impressive when considering that most coils with resistances this low are for DTL vaping.

Innokin Sensis 40W Coil

How to Use the Innokin Sensis 40w

One might think that a vape with so many never-before-seen features would be hard to use, but it is quite a simple vape. The coils are pushed into the pod, and there is a small plug at the bottom that covers the refilling port.

  • First, prime the coil, insert it into the pod, and then fill the pod.
  • To use the 510 adapter, screw on the pod tank first, and then connect it to the mod.
  • The black drip tip preinstalled can be pulled out and replaced with the Delrin with ease.
  • As earlier stated, push the tab back and forth to adjust the airflow.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click the firing button three times to turn it on or off
  2. Press plus and minus simultaneously to enter the menu
  3. Use the plus and minus buttons to navigate through the menu
  4. Press the firing button and the plus button simultaneously to access the secondary screen
  5. Hold the firing button and minus button to lock the wattage
  6. Hold the plus and minus buttons press them up or down when the setting flashes
  7. Reset the puff counter by entering the secondary screen and pressing ‘clear’

Competing Products

VooPoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Kit vs. Innokin Sensis 40w

VooPoo Argus Pro 80W

The Innokin Sensis may have a lot of bells and whistles, but other vapes compare very well with it. One such vape is the VooPoo Argus Pro.

  • The Argus Pro generates 80 watts of output compared to the Sensis’s 40 watts, and it also has a 4.5 ml pod, which is the sweet spot when it comes to liquid capacity.
  • The Argus Pro also has a range of modes, such as RBA, Manual, Smart, but a Sensis also has its new modes.
  • As for these devices’ design quality, they are both similar, except that the Argus Pro has a better-protected pod.
  • The device is encased by a protective barrier that makes it resistant to breaking.

VooPoo Drag X Mod Pod Kit vs. Innokin Sensis 40w

voopoo drag X

The VooPoo Drag X also has a few features that outshine the Innokin Sensis.

  • It uses lower resistance coils and has a substantially larger tank.
  • Also, the Drag X’s pod is better protected.
  • However, the Innokin Sensis’s flavor is slightly better, thanks to the vaping modes earlier mentioned.
  • As for the batteries, the VooPoo Drag X uses a 18650 while the Sensis’s is built into the vape.
  • Overall, these devices compare favorably with one another, and either would be a great purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Innokin Sensis

  • Is the Innokin Sensis the First Mod with Auto-Priming Function?

    As far as is known, this is the first vape out there that uses auto-priming. One thing to worry about when it comes to buying something with a brand new feature is teething problems.

    However, with this vape, there are no problems related to the auto-priming and other new features. The flavor is always excellent.

  • How Is the Coil Life?

    Coil life is perfect, but despite what is said about auto-priming, vapers still have to prime the coils before they put them in the pod.

    Prime them as you would any other coil, put them in the pod, fill it with liquid, and allow five to ten minutes for the wicking to absorb the liquid. These coils can last a week longer than standard, because Coil+ mode reduces carbon buildup.

  • What Is the Difference Between Coil+ Mode and Refresh Mode?

    Coil+ mode automatically primes the coil after each puff and thereby reduces carbon buildup on the coil. Refresh mode refreshes the wicking between hits to improve the flavor.

  • How to Use the Refresh Mode?

    After entering refresh mode, the user is presented with the options to ‘run 1x auto’ and ‘extended hold.’ After selecting one of these modes, the user is in refresh mode.

Innokin Sensis Specifications

Dimensions: 121 x 40 x 30 mm
Battery Type: 3,000 mah Rechargeable Battery (Type-C Charging)
Wattage Range: 6W to 40W
Modes: Wattage, Voltage, Coil+, and Refresh
Pod Capacity: 3.1mL
Coils: 0.25 and 0.65 Scepter-S Coils
Safety Features: Low Battery, Overtime, Overheating, Short-Circuit, and Low Resistance Protection
Colors: Jet Black, Navy Blue, Carbon Black, Desert Brown, Ultra Pink


The Positives

  • Excellent flavor and cloud production
  • Mod supports MTL, RDL, and DL vaping
  • Comes with a 510 Adapter
  • Powerful and fast-charging battery
  • Can accommodate a wide range of coils

The Negatives

  • The connection between the pod and mod needs to be stronger
  • Fill port located on the bottom
  • Pod looks a bit brittle

Closing Thoughts About the Innokin Sensis Kit

The Innokin Sensis is a highly innovative creation that is sure to catch a lot of heads. It produces quality clouds and vapor thanks to its advanced features, and its coils and airflow can accommodate a wide range of vaping styles.

There are features some people might not like, such as the fill port on the bottom, but that is mostly subjective. However, what is not subjective is the weak connection between the pod and the battery.

If there is a second model, and surely there will be, this vape needs stronger magnets or a latch that keeps it securely on the vape mod. The first vape of any generation is sure to have some teething problems, but the good thing is that these problems do not detract too much from the overall experience.

If you have any thoughts you would like to share about this product, please feel free to do so. Let everyone know what you think about this device’s features and whether you have “found F.”

Published: July 14, 2021Updated: May 3, 2022

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