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GeekVape Aegis Legend

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The Aegis Legend is a luxurious vape mod kit with a sturdy aesthetic and build that is not like other mods. The mod comes in a diverse range of colors and has a clear tank for monitoring e-juice levels. It uses dual 18650 batteries to reach up to 200W and temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Aegis Legend box mod has different settings and modes that can be altered by vapers. This makes every different vaper’s experience with the mod kit unique. Additionally, the package comes with a slew of built-in features that increase the safety and ease of the vape’s use. Read this vape review to find out of this mod kit is worth a purchase!

Unboxing the 200W Aegis Legend

The Aegis Legend box mod comes in a nice sturdy box that will protect it from damage while shipping. Additionally, the pieces that come with this box mod kit are individually fashioned as an extra layer of precaution. With a purchase of the 200W Aegis Legend starter kit, users get lots of extra goodies. The purchase of the standard package also comes the vape itself, an aero mesh sub-ohm tank, a 0.4-ohm quad coil, and a spare bubble glass tube.

GeekVape Aegis Legend kit img

Additionally, customers get a micro USB charging cable, a bag full of spare accessories, and an instruction manual. Sadly, the dual 18650 batteries the Legend unit needs are not included in the purchase. Fortunately, the instruction manual is easy to use even for first-time vapers. If a vaper wants to, they can also purchase a limited edition package of the Aegis Legend kit that comes with a special vape mod and a .15 coil as well.

The box mod comes in a huge variety of different colors. They are sure to have the perfect style of the Aegis Legend for everyone who wants to review the vape mod. The limited edition colors for the box mod include coffee, jade, and jeans.

GeekVape Aegis Legend colors image

All of these are low-key and chic. There are also some more unique ones, such as the UK flag color, Korea flag color, and two Christmas color varieties. Regular colors include some traditional ones, such as stealth black, navy blue, and silver. There are some fun ones as well, including green, orange, snakeskin, camouflage, and rainbow.


The Aegis Legend vape mod is a nice size for vapers to use. The unit’s dimensions are 90.5mm (3.6 inches) by 58.5mm (2.3 inches) by 30.6mm (1.2 inches). This is a comfortable size to hold, and it is small enough to tuck into a bag or pocket when finished. As previously mentioned, the package comes with a 0.4 coil fit for sub-ohm vaping. The minimum resistance this atomizer can still successfully function at is 0.05 ohm, which is extremely low.

geekvape aegis legend dimensions image

The device is capable of utilizing wattages all the way from sky-high 200W down to 5W. This leaves vapers a lot of flexibility to play around with and review different wattage levels. Eventually, they will find the wattage level that is perfect for them. The wattage range on the Aegis Legend mod kit is not the only impressive range though. The temperature range is wide as well, spanning from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

One of the coolest features about the unit is its IP67 water, and dustproof system. This makes the vape box mod easier to take on the go. It is especially useful for vapers who work in a potentially dusty or wet environment. This also helps out active vapers who like to take their box mods outdoors on hikes and other excursions. Plus, the premium leather grip section on this box mod helps vapers keep it safe in their hands while working, walking, etc. Additionally, it is shockproof. This protects both the user and the Aegis Legend mod kit from any harm.

Aegis Legend’s Performance

There are lots of neat features of the Aegis Legend that increase its ability to perform after a close review. For example, built into the exterior of the box mod’s surface is a .91” intuitive OLED screen with a full-color display so vapers can review their vape info like the battery life of the dual 18650 batteries. This makes it easier for vapers to change the settings on the Legend mod.

geekvape aegis legend OLED image

In addition to being able to change their wattage output and the temperature at which they are vaping in, users can also put their mod in BYPASS mode, or VPC mode (for power curve adjustments). Lastly, they are able to make TCR adjustments (temperature coefficient of resistance adjustments).

The Aegis Legend’s spring-loaded 510 connection utilizes gold plating to maintain a steady and reliable vaping experience. The included quad coil can also be depended on for these characteristics. It is recommended that this 0.15 sub-ohm quad coil be used for wattages between 60 and 80. Additionally, coils can be purchased in order to vape outside of this wattage range. The Aegis Legend’s super mesh coil system keeps the coils saturated and ready to go.

geekvape aegis legend 510 image

The nickel, stainless steel, and titanium heating elements that are compatible with the 200W Aegis Legend all vaporize e-liquid efficiently. When the vaper is ready to begin their session, all they have to do is hit the rocker-style firing button and begin to inhale. Then, they can use the dual slotted airflow control method to adjust their vapor density. If they run out of juice, the top-fill method and Delrin Wide bore drip tip are both easy to use. The 200W Aegis Legend’s tank is 25 mm in diameter and can hold up to 4 mL of juice. The glass on it is reinforced with pyrex glass, the ideal tank glass. It is durable and will protect the tank from cracking or shattering during transport.

Similar Competitors to the GeekVape Aegis Legend on the Market

Voopoo Drag 2 177W TC Ultra Kit

Even though the Voopoo Drag 2 ultra kit is priced higher than the Aegis Legend, it is only able to reach up to 177W instead of 200W. It does not come with its battery included.

voopoo drag mini img

What users are mostly paying for with this unit is its cool exterior design, which looks like colorful lava or marble. With its bubble glass extension, this unit can hold 5 mL. However, it does not have dual slotted airflow control.

SMOK Morph 219W

The SMOK Morph box mod can reach up to 219W, which is slightly higher than the 200W of the Aegis Legend. That being said, this difference is honestly not too noticeable in the grand scheme of things.

SMOK Morph 219 red image

The device has a similar aesthetic to the Aegis Legend. Its HD touch screen is slightly larger. It comes in much less color variety though and lacks both Pyrex glass and a gold plated connection.

Is It Worth a Purchase?

For vapers who are looking specifically for a sub-ohm, dual 18650 batteries, box mod kit that is reliable and easy to use, the device is it. The 200W Aegis Legend is all they will likely ever need to own. Vapers can also change up their vaping experience with the Legend mod by playing with its wattage and temperature settings. Altering these vape settings will affect the taste, temperature, and density of the vapor. The 0.4 sub-ohm quad coil paired with the gold-plated 510 connection in this unit will ensure a smooth session every time.

The durable materials that this vape is made out of, such as Pyrex reinforced glass and superior stainless steel, make it easy to take on the go. Vapers can just throw the Aegis Legend in their bag when they leave the house and trust that it will be in one piece when they take it out to vape.

The shockproof, IP67 water resistance, and dustproof features will also protect the Aegis Legend from harm. Plus, the vape’s small size and leather grip section make holding the mod kit comfortable. Compared to other kits on the market, the 200W Aegis Legend is practically a steal at the price it is offered. Any vaper who gives it a shot will have a hard time putting it down.

Aegis Legend Specifications

GeekVape Aegis Legend
Colors Silver, Black/Orange, Red Trim, Green Trim, Camo, Azure Trim, Navy Blue, UK Flag, Korea Flag, Jade, Jeans, Coffee
Material Zinc & Aluminum (the mod), Stainless Steel & Glass (Aero Mesh sub-ohm Tank), Stainless Steel & Resin (Alpha sub-ohm tank)
Dimensions 90.5mm (3.6 inches) by 58.5mm (2.3 inches) by 30.6mm (1.2 inches)
E-Juice Capacity 4mL
Batteries Dual 18650 (sold separately)
Temperature Control Range 200-600F
Minimum Atomizer Resistance 0.05ohm
Wattage Output Range 5-200W

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Shockproof, dustproof, and has IP67 water resistance
  • Composed of durable construction materials
  • Decent sized 4 mL tank
  • 0.91″intuitive OLED screen with full-color capability
  • 5-200W range and 200-600F temperature range
  • Battery not included
  • Sub-ohm vaping only

Where to buy GeekVape Aegis Legend?

GeekVape Aegis Legend colors img

Buy GeekVape Aegis Legend directly from the EightVape website.


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