VooPoo Drag Review – 157W Box Mod with Chip


by James Bickford

Updated: July 7, 2021

VooPoo Drag desktop

Review Score: 71/100

Price Range:
90mm x 54mm x 24mm
Turquoise resin, rainbow resin, purple jade resin, jade resin, azure resin, black/green, black/gold, black/blue, gold-azure resin etc.
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Highly Advanced 32-Bit GENE Chip
  • Comprehensive OLED Display
  • Available in Voopoo Drag Resin


  • Does not come with a battery
  • Does not come with an atomizer

Starting Price: $ 79.99

Established in 2014, VooPoo developed rapidly with good sales performance all around the world. The company aims to serve tens of millions of vapers across the globe. Box mod cover entry-level to enthusiast-level of vapers.

VooPoo continuously excels in the best technique in every detail and demonstrates its persistent pursuit of technology. Preserving the craftsmanship, they are one of the leading brands in the industry standards of both technique and technology. The VooPoo Drag is setting the power compensation mode standard to be deemed scientific, more secure, and more intelligent and approved by user reviews.

VooPoo Drag Overview


VooPoo Drag desktop

VooPoo Drag’s design is excellent – a box mod with 2 diagonal corners cut off. Drag’s material on the front side is made of carbon fiber and on the opposite side, it is engraved with the name DRAG. The 510 connector with two screws can be found on the top and is designed to fix it firmly to the mod.

Mod’s bottom, on the other hand, has two lines of needle-styled venting holes. The fire button, two adjustment buttons, the screen, and the USB port can be found on one of the side faces. The fire button’s feedback of pressing is very ringing and is pretty ergonomically designed.

While the screen is not that big, it is enough to display the battery remnant power under different modes and other corresponding information. The vape’s two adjustment buttons are arranged vertically. It is convenient to carry around and use when traveling with its portable small size and compact design.

VooPoo Drag 157W Green Black

Internal Building Quality

VooPoo Drag comes with eight security protections which are battery reverse protection, switch timeout protection, over-temperature protection, output over-current protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, short-circuit protection, and support balance charge with different brands of battery.


voopoo drag functions and performance
The VooPoo Drag has a 5 to 157W output and is powered by the latest custom-made Gene chip. It performs really well, with the fastest firing speed in the world of 0.025 seconds. The Gene chip that powers mod precisely controls its temperature and output with more power. Allowing vaper to get better taste and bigger clouds, Voopoo Drag has a wattage range of 130 to 157W with atomizers of 0.1 to 3 ohms.

The mod also features a newly-added voltage mode, providing a chance to alter the amount of vaping cloud to find faster what is perfect for the user. A stable power output ensures the power of the atomizer. As the atomizer’s coil resistance is customizable, adjust the modes to your personal preference and get the best vaping experience. Operating box mod is a breeze and the one-watt adjustment increments is a nice touch.

Best Tank for VooPoo Drag

Voopoo drag tank compatibility is universal. The vape mod works with any type of the vape tank and RDA. For users that are looking for a customized vaping experience, RDA’s are a great option.

Also, VooPoo drag vape mod supports mesh coil tanks allowing a user to get the maximum of the flavor and clouds. Mesh coil Sub Ohm tanks fit well the mod, so choosing tank like Smok TFV12 vaper can achieve huge vapor clouds.

VooPoo Drag Kit

The VooPoo Drag kit comes in a box with a cover that bears similarity with leather and has the classic red and black color scheme. The kit comes with the box mod itself, a micro USB cable, an instruction manual, a gene chip card, and a warranty card.

The vape mod can be purchased in several different body finishes and colors — which are silver, black, and gold for the finishes and the colors being azure, jade, purple jade, rainbow, turquoise, full black carbon, black green carbon, black blue carbon, black gold carbon, black silver carbon, and black red carbon. All these grants that every vaper finds what is looking for, no matter what the preference is.

Specifications and Features

The VooPoo Drag, with its chip, can do everything a high-end chip can do while also being one of the most powerful chip around and one of the fastest firings at that one. The vape is extremely power efficient with a 95% chip efficiency rating which means reliable and accurate power output regardless of whether the mod is in variable wattage or temperature control mode.

Variable Wattage

The mod’s variable wattage is smart and is able to make ideal output recommendations for the attached atomizer and can easily adjust. Pressing the fire button four ties leads to the wattage adjustment interface — which is indicated by a flashing letter W.

The wattage could be adjusted from 5 watts to 80 watts. 5 watts to 192 watts means normal mode, while mod’s super mode activates between 130 watts and 157 watts for high wattage vapers. Each step is 1 watt. It is easy to access — just press the fire button thrice in rapid succession. Attaching an atomizer prompts the mod to ask if it is a new coil, it then sets the wattage to 45 watts if press yes.

Temperature Control

VooPoo Drag’s temperature could be controlled and adjusted, and the Gene chip it comes with does a great job of monitoring the temperature of the coil while protecting it by never overheating. The temperature control in this mod is incredibly accurate and full-featured. Drag also supports SS3116, Ni200, Ti, NC, and TCR.

Pressing the down button coverts the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. The temperature control wire can be turned on or off through the app function when the device is connected to a computer.


The VooPoo Drag’s computer chip, which is called the Gene chip, has been updated and is a highly sought-after chip. It allows users to change when the mod times out (it is set at 10 seconds). While the software is basic and simple, the mod is easily customized by changing some of its operating characteristics like vaping time-out and custom vaping curves.

Drag mod also features the option of changing the vape’s screens and updating the firmware. The software interface is easy to use with the vape, but it should be noted that it is easier to use with a PC. The voltage regulation mode is similar to the mechanical mode and is specially designed for advanced vapers.

Locking the up and down button will lock the fire button, too. Aside from being easy to use, the software is powerful enough to satisfy a vaper’s vaping need in both variable wattage and temperature control.

VooPoo Drag Manual

The VooPoo Drag manual’s first page shows and labels the different parts of the vape. It mentions the vape’s dimensions which are 90 by 54 by 24 mm.

The specifications of the vape, such as its working voltage, working current, output voltage range, output current range, resistance under wattage mode, resistance under temperature control mode, output power, charging voltage, charging current, quiescent current, temperature range, working efficiency, and firmware upgrades.

Drag is equipped with eight safety protection functions. Box mod’s manual includes instructions on how to power on and off the vape, the mode switch instruction, the temperature adjustment instruction, the wattage control instruction, the vape’s function menu, its customization mode, its sleep mode, and details on how to charge it. Not to waste batteries and get the most of vaping the manual gives tips on charging time, requirements for the battery’s specs, suggested battery brands, its screen, and the accommodation coefficient of the TC wire.

For safe vaping, we recommend to look it through as it also has some warnings for the user as a guide.

VooPoo Drag 157W Battery Silver

Voopoo Drag 2

The VooPoo Drag 2 kit is the new version of the ever-popular Drag, dual 18650 mod. It is still a 18650 mod but comes equipped with the new GENE chip that can power the device up to 177W. The Drag 2 kit also includes the UForce T2 sub-ohm tank.

The Drag 2 mod now features several different color options for its all-resin side panels. It also has softer, rounded edges to make for a more ergonomic grip. The mod is also a little smaller than its predecessor, standing at only 3.4 inches. The main difference of the VooPoo Drag 2 is the weight: height of the Drag 2 is 158g in comparison with 204mm of the VooPoo Drag. Vapers can use the advanced GENE chip to vape in TC, TCR, variable wattage.

A quick review of the Drag 2’s internals revealed a lot of new features. There are also three new power adjustment modes on the GENE. Each mode has a unique function. Based on these functions, vapers can choose to increase cloud size, flavor quality or to conserve battery life.

VooPoo Drag 157W Silver

VooPoo Drag Box Mod Comparison with Competitors

VooPoo X-217

VooPoo X-217 comes in a box with a cover that bears similarity with leather. Its colorful and interactive LED light is V-shaped and gently breathes in seven different colors. Flattening the UI interface with the features of conciseness and cleanness, it comes with a 1.3-inch TFT high definition color screen.

It is made with a sturdy zinc alloy with a touch of textured leather and colorful resin – making it look and feel more luxurious. Powered with two 21700 batteries with a capacity of 7500mAh, X217 will surely last long. It has a powerful output and features 4 modes: power, temperature control, voltage, and custom — to get what one is looking for.

It is powered by the Gene chip, a 32-bit high-end customized chip that ignites the vape in only 0.01 second. For a safer internal charging system, the VooPoo X-217 comes with 8 battery charging protections.

GeekVape Aegis 100W

The GeekVape Aegis runs up to 100W and is powered by a single 26650 or 1850 battery and has the most advanced features built-in as it makes use of one of the most advanced chips that feature instantaneous firing that only takes 0.015 seconds.

As it adopts the advanced LSR Injection Moulding technology, it is dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof – making it one of the most robust vape mod, so you won’t have to worry about it getting broken, soiled, or scratched by accident. Being IP67 certified, it is safe to use in the beach, while fishing and swimming, kayaking, boating, and other waterpark activities.

It has a wattage range of 5 to 100W, a TC range of 100 to 300 degree Celsius, and a resistance range of 0.1 to 3 ohms. It boasts a flavorful and smooth bottom airflow RTA and a quick access refill system. It is made of a combination of aluminum and zinc alloy, genuine leather, and plastic – giving it a high-quality feel.

VooPoo Drag 157W Specifications

Temperature Range: 200-600F
Wattage Output Range: 5-157W
Battery: Dual High-Amp 18650
Resistance: 0.05ohm
Colors: Turquoise Resin, Rainbow Resin, Purple Jade Resin, Jade Resin, Azure Resin, Black/Gray, Black/Green, Black/Gold, Black/Blue, Gold-Azure Resin, Gold-Jade Resin, Gold-Purple Jade Resin, Gold-Rainbow Resin, Gold-Turquoise Resin
Dimensions: 90mm x 54mm x 24mm
Price: $49.99

Pros and Cons


  • Highly Advanced 32-Bit GENE Chip
  • Comprehensive OLED Display
  • Available in Voopoo Drag Resin
  • Decorative Carbon Fiber Inlay
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection


  • Does not come with a battery
  • Does not come with an atomizer

Final Verdict

The VooPoo Drag is overall an impressive mode. Everything about it, from how well the mod is put together to the quality of the materials used, to its various features and its computer app and how the fire button’s responsiveness is just awesome. It is that good. Mod is one of the feature-rich and most interesting mods available in the market today.

Everything from the responsive and efficient chip to the superior build quality is just exceptional – it is made from what seems like a solid piece of high-quality stain sleet – giving the mod a sturdy feel and a bit of heft. The VooPoo Drag is surely well worth your money. It is an absolute beast at that. Its simplified display is also very handy, and the upgradeable firmware is a nice bonus.

All in all, the VooPoo Drag brings impressive design, strong features, and premium machining at a very good price point. What could be improved is its edges, which are a little bit sharp. The size could be improved too. The device performs really great, has a lot of features, is durable, has a good battery life, and is powerful enough for most tanks.

Published: March 6, 2019Updated: July 7, 2021

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