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Selection: 92%

Quality of Flavors: 90%

Value for Money: 92%

Our Verdict: Totally Wicked e-liquids are the perfect solution for vapers who want strong and bold flavors. Rich vapor and potent taste make Totally Wicked’s reputation. Although the boldness in the flavor of their e-liquids may not be suitable for those who want it mild and subtle, there is no questioning Totally Wicked’s sincerity in delivering top quality juices. 

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Totally Wicked’s Best E-Juices:

Titan Fluid

Caramelly, light fruity tobacco$17.99/30ml


Since 2009, The Titan fluid range has been on the market via the Titan e-cig kit. The e-juice line, apparently manufactured by JoyEtech for Totally Wicked, quickly gained popularity among vapers. Thus, the brand decided to sell it as a full range of e-juice.

The Titan fluid focused on tobacco and menthol flavors, which expanded to fruit, beverage, and sweet options for those who want lighter all day vapes. Totally Wicked is known for their exceptional tobacco flavors that are excellent for ex-smokers craving for analog cigarettes. Heavy Cigar is among the most famous choices from the Titan Fluid Range.

Patriot Range

Tobacco, beverages, candies and fruit$7.59/20ml


Made in the US, the Patriot Range is a line of e-liquids under high standards, to satisfy customers within the USA and beyond. This line includes 40 different flavors of tobacco, fruits, beverage, and candy flavor groups.

Under the Patriot Range, the tobacco taste is incomparable to other brands as well. In fact, the Americano Tobacco is a remarkably strong and rich vape for smokers who are trying to quit the habit. On the other hand, the RY4, Double Apple Shisha, and Cherry Cigar are the same excellent tobacco based flavors topped with a mild sweetness from caramel, apple, and cherry, accordingly.

Consistently, despite coming from a different manufacturer, the Patriot Range of e-juices from Totally Wicked holds the same powerful taste that is found in the Titan Fluid range.

Odyssey E-Liquids

Tobacco, sweet, and refreshingly fruity$5.99/10ml


The Odyssey is Totally Wicked’s premium e-liquid range that is comprised of complex and rich flavors, and mild throat hit for those who prefer flavor over the kick. The Odyssey is VG-based and produces smooth and thick vapor for cloud chasers.

Among the 12 flavors included in the Odyssey line, the Origin Tobacco simulates the taste of a hand-rolled tobacco and is topped with hints of dry pepper, caramel, dark berries and very subtle cherries. The Dark Magic, on the other hand, is a combination of dark tobacco, black coffee, and dark chocolate.

Another sensational flavor under this range is the Cherry Tobacco, which tastes like tobacco and caramel combined as you inhale and transforms into a succulent but mild blend of black and red cherries as you exhale.

For the menthol lover, the Mountain Breeze holds an intense menthol inhale that is finished off with a very mild sweet exhale. This flavor is a perfect all-day vape for those who are not up for strong and rich blends.


Straightforward tobacco, fruits, candy$16.99/30ml


Totally Wicked’s original e-liquids are among the oldest in the industry, beginning in 2008 with the determination to produce the finest juices through endless development.

The original e-liquids come in 10 flavors, a few of which are the American Red Tobacco and Blended Tobacco. They also offer Cherry, Cigar, and Cherry Cigar. Coconut, Cola, Coffee, and Dark Plum are also included in the original line, as well as Menthol, Minty Choc Chip, Salemint, Spearmint, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Virginia.

Totally Wicked also offers unflavored e-juice under their original range of e-liquids, which can be used as a purely nicotine e-juice or mixed with your chosen blend.

Meet the Totally Wicked E-Liquids

Brand: Totally Wicked began in 2008 as one of the first e-cigarette companies that started the industry. From producing e-cigs and pre-filled cartomizers and clearomizers, the company expanded into selling their e-juice as one of their specialties that have continuously undergone improvements through the years.

Apart from the above-mentioned flavor lines, Totally Wicked also has their ‘exclusive signature range’ called the Red Label fluid. For this particular flavor range, Totally Wicked boasts of high-quality ingredients from the UK that are processed by their in-house team of experts.

The company partnered with several top of the class manufacturers that produce their other e-liquid lines, such as JoyEtech. The results are powerful vape juices that only give out the best tasting flavors. Through the years, Totally Wicked has done a great job in achieving a reputable image without letting in any weak taste in their wide range of e-liquids.

Bottles and Flavors: Totally Wicked e-liquids come in plastic bottles with dripping nozzles and child lock caps. Each one is labeled according to the flavor range that it belongs, with quite an overload of warnings on the box. While they are undoubtedly very informative in terms of the harms that e-liquids may cause, this becomes a slight drawback to new vapers since it may discourage them from using e-liquids. The Original line is available in glass bottles that somewhat look like medicine, or on the other hand, some poisonous substance (especially with their demonic logo on the label). They come with standard glass eye droppers to make refills easy.

Setting their warnings aside, we think that Totally Wicked’s packaging is pretty straightforward but presentable in its modesty. Each one speaks of durability that is essential for those who want to carry around their stack of e-juice.

Totally Wicked e-liquids are available in different PG-VG blends, depending on the flavor range. The Red Label comes in a 50-50 PG-VG ratio while the Odyssey is a 35-65 PG-VG line. The Titan Fluid and Patriot Range comes in 70-30 PG-VG blends for more distinguishable flavors. The original, which goes for more strength and boldness in the taste, is available in 80-20 PG-VG blends. Based on this information, cloud chasers who prefer VG-based/Max VG blends will have to stick with their 50-50 ratio.

The nicotine levels of their e-juices also vary. The Red Label is the only line that offers 0% nicotine and six others (0.3%, 0.6%, 1%, 1.4%, 1.8%, and 3%). The Odyssey has three nicotine strengths that you can choose from, while the Patriot and Original both have five, with 30mg/ml and 36mg/ml as their maximum. Their unflavored line comes in two nicotine levels, which is at 1% and 1.8%.

Totally Wicked apparently did the right decision when they partnered with the best manufacturers in the business, as today, they offer a relatively wide array of flavors with all their lines combined. Their specialty, based on consumer reviews, is tobacco based e-juices. Nonetheless, their fruit, beverage and dessert flavors are equally well crafted.

Since vapor production depends on the PG-VG ratio, Totally Wicked e-liquids focus more on the flavor strength rather than clouds of vape. They do not have Max VG options. However, their 50-50 blends do create a significant amount of vape that is more than satisfying.

Additional Information

Different from most popular e-liquid brands, Totally Wicked boasts of UK sourced ingredients that are processed under US and UK standards.

Apart from their ready-mixed e-juice flavors, Totally Wicked also allows vaping enthusiasts to mix their e-liquids with a complete guide on their site. They have a customer service team that willingly helps out on any issue or concern, which can be contacted via a toll-free telephone call or visiting their e-liquid support section.

Anyone who wants to find a complete e-liquid brand with a wide selection of strong flavors and perfect blends should try out Totally Wicked. This brand is obviously determined to deliver top notch vape juices. With numerous superior options, any vaper will surely find his or her match at Totally Wicked.

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Published: September 7, 2015


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