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Whether you are a newbie or an advanced and experienced vaper, joining a vaping community may be one of the things you will decide on. Some vapers are satisfied with low-end, entry-level cartridge e-cigs used in their own space and time, while others are more into cloud vapor producing devices that are shown off at gatherings and special occasions. A lot of people begin vaping to quit smoking and an equal number of people vape as a hobby. Whatever your reason for using the device, there is a vaping community that will suit you and your character.

Vaping communities not only serve as effective support groups for people who want to quit tobacco smoking, but they are also great venues for discussions, hanging out, sharing your thoughts, hearing others’ opinions, asking for advice, and having fun. When you are new to vaping, having other vapers, new and experts alike, is a good source of information on what to buy and what not to.

Commercial advertisements from e-cig manufacturers, while reliable in terms of technical specifications of the products, are evidently sugar-coated. Whether they are talking about their most standard and basic models, or the most complicated units they have designed so far, it is fairly given that these manufacturers will speak highly of their make and avoid telling the slightest disadvantages. In the end, these giant manufacturers are focused on profit as their main goal.

Once you take a look at a specific brand’s website to see what their products are made of, the next thing you will ask is “what are these things? Will they be right for me?” A good source of reliable answers is an established vaping community where people gather, either online or offline, to help each other find the best units and distinguish the most favorable ones for each particular preference.

Types of Communities

There are different kinds of vaping communities for all types of personalities and dispositions. Online forums are perfect starting points for introverts who need good advice on e-cigs, while local vaping groups are for those who want to interact personally with their fellow vapers without a large crowd. Then there are vape conventions and meets where the fully involved vapers gather around for a variety of activities and exhibits of the latest models of vaporizers. It is also a great place to get some bags of freebies and accessories from leading manufacturers.

Here is a list of the most popular vaping communities that you can check out, based on your partiality.

Online Vaping Forums and Communities

There are countless vaping forums and communities on the Internet that you can join, with Vaping Undergound, E-Cigarette Forum, Vapers Forum, and Planet of the Vapes, which has the most members. There are other English-speaking communities, such as the E-Cig Reviews, International Vapers Club, Vapor Talk, E-Smokers Forum, AussieVapers (for Australian vapers), Vapers Rest, and a lot more. Rebuildable Ecigs is an online forum for RBA and mod enthusiasts. Of course, there are plenty of forums in other languages for vapers from all over the globe—the E-cig Forum Brazil, Dampforum, Vaporama, Dampfertreff, Korean Vapers, Thai E Vape Forum, and the like.

There are also useful online bulletins on Reddit, an online community where members can post links and texts about useful information, such as that which refers to e-cigs and everything about it.

Subreddits are created according to subjects of interest and this is where particular vaping forums are found. There is the ECR_EU, which is a discussion about vaping in the EU, and r/electronic_cigarette, which covers general topics related to e-cigs. r/SteamHeads is a subreddit for advanced users, while r/VapePorn is where vapers show off their devices and accessories. There is also the r/DIY_ejuice and the r/RBA, which are for discussions about e-liquids and rebuildable atomizers, accordingly. For those looking for devices and accessories for sale, r/ecig_vendors, r/vapeotforward, and r/ecigclassifieds are the places to join.

Youtube also hosts a number of channels and media communities dedicated to vaping. For users, especially beginners, who are more visually inclined and rely on seeing how the device actually works and what it looks like, this is a great venue to spend free time in.

Local Vaping Groups and Communities

A suitable option for those who are not into online surfing and big events, local vaping groups provide pleasant opportunities to meet and greet fellow vapers who share the same culture in your local area. Most middle-aged men and women who just want to hangout, talk, and get to know other vapers join this type of community.

A lot of community vape groups meet up at vape shops, which you can find right next to your doorstep or workplace. Local vape stores regularly have lounges where vapers gather in small groups and share their insights about the latest e-cigs in the shop, or probably just anything they want to talk about, including their long battle against cigarette smoking or how vaping helps them relax after a stressful day at work or at home.

If you are planning to buy a new kit or upgrade to a more advanced one, having a group to help you decide which model to get is a huge advantage. In fact, local vape communities interact more intimately with more time to share advices. You can even try out different types of vapes and flavors of e-liquids from co-members, which will allow you to make a more suitable decision.

Meets and Conventions

If you are up for grand conventions and meet-ups where thousands of vapers gather in a festive mood, then here are a few of the most popular vapers’ meets in the US.

VapeBash – This party-like get together, which had its fourth successful version held in Illinois in April 2015, is hosted by the Windy City Vapers Club. The said VapeBash was held in a huge resort and was attended by more than 4,000 guests. VapeBash is one of the few meets where guests do not pay a cent for admission and vendors and sponsors take care of all the expenses. Innokin Technology, Roar Vapor, Wyoming Vapor Co., Cigtechs, NicQuid, VapePGH, Vapor Company, Hot Vapes, and Vape City are among their frequent vendors who display their latest models.

ECC – One of the first vaping conventions ever held in the history of vaping technology, the ECC is a vaping convention and consumer expo in one. In this event, the leading manufacturers of vaping gears are present to show their products to dedicated vapers. Like VapeBash, there is an age limit of 18 to attend this convention. On the other hand, ECC has a general admission fee of $12 per day or $20 for 2 days. The last ECC was held on August 13-16, 2015 in Southern California.

Vapefest – Contrary to the ECC, Vapefest is purely a vape meet and not an expo. Different types of vaporizers are shown in this event, where beginners and advanced vapers learn, share, and discuss while having fun and socializing. They also have live auctions and different activities, such as shows featuring the newest mods in the market. If you are a smoker who is still trying out vaping, this vape meet is one that you can attend since they are open to smokers, unlike Vapebash and ECC.

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    May 31, 2019 at 8:30 am

    How do i meet other vaping guys to socialize with in lower westchester county ny, near the bronx line

  • Tia Howell

    July 20, 2018 at 10:17 am

    In Rhode island I had a nice group to vape with. Since we moved to Texas I can’t seem to find any vapers except for people who work in vape shops does anyone know of a vape group in Arlington TX?