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by James Bickford

Updated: November 5, 2021

mistic haus eliquid

Review Score: 86/100

tobacco, menthol, cherry, fruit
100% PG
Throat hit:


  • Perfect flavors
  • Made with just 4 ingredients
  • Excellent vapor quality


  • Limited selection of flavors
  • No VG blend

Mistic E-cigs is a highly marketable brand manufacturing premium-quality e-liquids and other truly authentic vaping products for several years at the retailer and consumer levels. However, the company notified its customers of discontinuing its sales a year ago. It happened because of the FDA regulations that went into effect in 2019. They banned the sale of e-liquids in all flavors except menthol and tobacco.

Mistic Haus E-liquid Brand Overview

Mistic E-cig is a company located out in North Carolina and offers a variety of products ranging from e-cigarettes to e-liquid. The company has been selling its e-liquid for several years in North Carolina, where its CEO makes routine checks to ensure the quality of its product.

Mistic E-cig’s facilities are made sure to be clean and sterile, and they conduct rigorous testing to ensure that each bottle of Mistic HAUS e-liquid contains only the finest ingredients. This dedication to quality helps Mistic E-cig make a name for itself in the vaping industry.

The Best Mistic Haus E-liquids

Mistic Haus American Blend E-liquid

mistic haus ejuice
American-blend-e-juice is a rich, flavorful blend that tries to capture the taste of authentic tobacco, Mistic Haus’ American Blend is perfect for those craving to light up. It has a slightly sweet taste to it, though overall, the tobacco flavor is the focus. Great for users who just quit smoking.

Mistic Haus Cool Ice Blend E-liquid

cool blend mistic
Cool-ice-blend-e-liquid is e-liquid with a crisp, refreshing, flavor, Cool Ice Blend will awaken even the most dormant senses. It is a predominantly mentholated e-juice without any other flavor and works well if mixed with American Blend to create a subtle menthol tobacco flavor. For those who love the taste of menthol, or just want to mix it up with other flavors, Cool Ice Blend is perfect.

Mistic Haus Washington Red

Mistic Haus Washington Red
Washington-red-e-liquid bursting with cherry flavored goodness, Mistic HAUS’ Washington Red is an authentic tasting e-liquid that will remind users of Pacific Northwest cherries. If mixed with American Blend, users can create their own classic cherry-pipe tobacco-inspired flavor that will evoke memories of their pipe-smoking days.

Mistic Haus Havana Mojito

havana mistic haus
Havana-mojito-e-liquid is one of the more complex blends of Mistic HAUS, Havana Mojito gives users a refreshing mix of cool menthol and Havana tobacco with a hint of lime. Users who love their tobacco mentholated will enjoy this blend, made even more scrumptious with the addition of citrusy lime.

Mistic Haus E-liquids Flavors and Package

Mistic Haus e-liquids are packaged in 10ml plastic bottles that are robust enough to handle everyday squeezing and transport. Labels are marked with the HAUS name, flavor, and other pertinent info. Bottle caps are child-proof, and the overall packaging seems to be of high quality. The only downside is the stubby nozzles that make filling tanks a little difficult.

The Mistic Haus e-liquids contain just four ingredients: water, nicotine, flavoring, and propylene glycol (PG). No mention of VG is made whatsoever, leading many to assume that the company has no VG blends. This lack of variety in blend ratios can be a detriment to the business itself, especially since many users today prefer their e-liquid to have at least 50% VG in it.

Flavor groups are limited to tobacco, menthol, and fruit. A weak selection is made worse by the fact that the total number of flavors available is 16. There are only four e-liquid choices that contain two or more flavors, which is a shame given the amount of praise the company gives its team of flavorists and high-end facilities.

However, despite the poor selection, the vapor quality of Mistic HAUS e-liquid is decent. It is flavorful and vapor density is good, especially for PG-based e-liquid.

Mistic Haus E-liquid Offers

Mistic HAUS e-liquid may be US-made and flavorful, but the lack of customizable options, especially flavor selection, is a real shame. The company seems to have the resources to come up with new flavor blends, but instead, they leave it to the customer to create their own.

Users of Mistic Haus e-liquid have to resort to mixing various flavors to come up with their own. While this practice may promote creativity, users who do not have the patience or skill to combine different flavors are left out. If one wants a flavor more exotic or sophisticated than what Mistic offers, they will have no choice but to seek it elsewhere.

Further dampening Mistic HAUS’ growth as a premium e-liquid manufacturer is its prices. Other brands that offer better flavors at bigger quantities price theirs significantly lower. $7.99 for a 15ml bottle is reasonable, but the same price for just 10ml is obscenely overpriced in today’s brutal e-liquid market. This could have been justified if the company has a wide selection of flavors and special blends that make them stand out. However, as it is, all they have are generic flavors that are easily outperformed by other, more affordable, brands.

In all, Mistic HAUS e-liquid may be made from high-quality ingredients, but the limited selection and generic flavors make them hard to recommend. Only those who crave basic flavors and love Mistic Haus’ versions more than other brands will find the appeal in them.

Final Thoughts About Mistic Haus E-liquid

In all, Mistic Haus e-liquid may be made from high-quality ingredients, but the limited selection and generic flavors make them hard to recommend. Only those who crave basic flavors and love Mistic Haus’ versions more than other brands will find the appeal in them.

As stated earlier, Mistic Haus is out of business now, but there are a lot of alternatives such as Hooloo e-liquids, Space Jam e-liquids that are also worth trying.

Published: August 21, 2015Updated: November 5, 2021

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