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Banana Bomb
Hooloo Banana Bomb
10/10 icon-question
  • High VG-e juice ideal for cloud-making
  • Flavor profile: banana bread, vanilla ice cream, nuts, spice, cinnamon
  • No-nicotine option

Banana Bomb is from Hooloo’s DOLO line, which is their signature series of e-juices. Banana Bomb combines caramelized banana bits with ...

Hooloo B.V.F. High-VG E-Juice
Hooloo B.V.F. high VG
  • Secret ratio of VG/PG
  • Made for all-day cloud-chasing
  • Mystery flavor profile
Premium Tobacco
Hooloo Premium Tabacco
  • Available in a single 30ml, childproof bottle
  • Natural tobacco flavor
  • Strong tobacco aroma

An Up-Close Look at Hooloo


The Hooloo brand has been around for a while and has built up an impressive line-up of e-juices. The heart of the brand is its focus on fruit-inspired flavors, but it also branches out into other flavors and inspirations, some of which we will review here. The brand features three main product categories on its website.

Users can find e-juices in the Nicotine Salt, Fruit, Tobacco, Beverage, and something that the company calls B.V.F., which is a proprietary blend of VG/PG made especially for cloud-production and that we will talk about later. The brand’s signature sextet of fruit-flavored e-juices is what gained them recognition for their bright-orange bottles and unique combinations.

The DOLO line – as it is known – features six different e-juices ranging from Banana Bomb to Guava Apricot to Kiwi Melon. The line features natural and artificial fruit flavorings, as well as USP-certified ingredients like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The second sizable product category in the Hooloo line-up is their Nicotine Salt page.

Users can find close to twenty different flavors in the Nic Salt section. The nicotine salt line features a lot of different flavors and ranges from fruit-based, dessert-based to menthol and tobacco-based. There is only one nicotine strength for these selections, though, which is 50mg. The regular nicotine e-juices have three different nicotine concentrations among them, including 0mg, 1mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

The following Hooloo products are not a comprehensive look at the brand’s offerings. The juices listed here are only a small sample of what the brand has to offer so make sure to check out the full Hooloo line-up.

#1 Banana Bomb

A Luscious Fruit and Dessert Combination

10/10 icon-question Review score

Banana Bomb is from Hooloo’s DOLO line, which is their signature series of e-juices. Banana Bomb combines caramelized banana bits with the warm texture of a freshly-baked banana bread topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Users will feel the crispy, sugary layer of a banana bread smoothed out by the cooling effect of vanilla ice cream, while there are also notes of nuts, cinnamon, and other subtle flavors lurking in the cloud. This e-juice comes in a 30ml, GCC-compliant glass bottle with a dropper-style tip. It comes in two nicotine strengths (0mg, 3mg) and has an 80/20 VG/PG blend.

#2 Hooloo B.V.F. High-VG E-Juice

For Bigger Clouds

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Hooloo B.V.F. e-liquid is their specially formulated juice that features a proprietary blend of VG and PG to produce a next-level juice for cloud-chasers. The B.V.F liquid uses an unspecified ratio – the company calls it the “Golden Ratio” of VG/PG – of VG/PG that achieves all the effects of each without dampening their effects. The e-juice absorbs easily into cotton, while also retaining its flavor profile so users can vape comfortably all-day without losing flavor consistency or having throat problems. The flavor profile is also a mystery. The B.V.F. e-juice comes in a single 120ml bottle.

#3 Premium Tobacco

True-Tobacco Flavor

9/10 icon-question Review score

The Premium Tobacco offering represents only one of Hooloo’s three e-juices in the tobacco-based e-juice category. The other two being the Creamy Tobacco and Fruit Tobacco. The Premium Tobacco selection offers pure tobacco flavor with other sweet and smoky flavors sprinkled throughout the cloud. Users will feel the sudden rush of tobacco flavor upon inhaling, while the latter hints of caramel and oak eventually emerge in the after-taste. This e-liquid features authentic, 100% natural tobacco flavor, made in the USA. It comes in three different nicotine strengths from 0mg, 1mg, to 3mg.

#4 Macha E-Liquid

Tea-Inspired E-liquid

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

Macha tea is an offshoot of green tea, as it consists of ground-up tea leaves that is drunk as a hot beverage. The Macha e-liquid from Hooloo borrows the flavor profile of this popular drink from Southeast Asia and combines it with the subtlety sweet, spongey, gooiness of a matcha cake along with other flavors that recall afternoon tea time. The sweet notes of the vape blend well with the other hints of warm milk and cream that also emerge on a full inhale. This e-juice is available in a 60ml, plastic bottle that features three nicotine strengths, 0mg, 1mg, and 3mg.

#5 Kiwi Melon

An Unusual Combo Made Deliciously

8/10 icon-question Review score

Kiwi Melon is another feature e-juice from the DOLO line. This fruit-centered e-juice prominently spotlights the stinging sweetness of kiwi-fruit with the calming, juiciness of freshly-cut melon slices. The two fruits occupy different spots on the taste spectrum by they play-off each other well to combine something completely different. Users will feel the citrusy bite of a ripe kiwi right-off the bat, while on the exhale, the softer, soothing flavors of a ripe cantaloupe finish off the vape. This e-juice comes in the signature, bright-orange, GCC-compliant glass bottle with a dropper. It comes in a single 30ml size. Users can choose from three nicotine strengths from 0mg to 3mg.

Delivery Options

Users looking to buy Hooloo e-juices have several options. The Hooloo website delivers directly to customers in the US and internationally. Handling time – the time between ordering, payment clearance, and shipping – takes about three days upon receiving the initial order.

Once payment has been cleared, the company sends packages one of two ways: standard (10-20 working days) and rush (5-10 working days). International orders may take longer depending on shipping options.

Discounts and Savings

The brand offers savings on orders over a certain limit. Users whose orders are over $100 get a 2% discount, while orders above $200 get a 3% discount. The company does not have a dedicated discount program for military members (active-duty or veteran) and it also does not feature a discount program for frequent users or members of a loyalty program.

Warranties and Guarantees

The company offers customers seven days to return unused purchases if they pay for shipping. The company does not offer a money-back guarantee or a grace period, as e-liquids are generally unreturnable and cannot be returned or refunded or exchanged unless they are unused and in their original wrapping.

Customer Opinions

The consensus on the brand is that they offer unique flavors. There are not a lot of customer reviews on the Hooloo site nor on the web, as it seems the brand has more word-of-mouth marketing than other brands. The company has gained recognition in the e-juice industry through its unique branding and packaging that makes it a standout amongst the crowded field of e-liquid makers.

Alternative Brands

Broke Dick

broke dick e juices online vape store

Broke Dick is another e-juice brand that relies more on word-of-mouth advertising, low prices, and quality ingredients than flashy, marketing campaigns. If the name is not enough to get your attention, then the BD product line should be enough.

The company rents out an ISO 7 facility to keep costs low, while making delicious, multi-layered e-juices in small batches that range in flavors from dessert-based to fruit-based.

Dollar E-Juice Club


The vape juice site for vapers on a budget, Dollar E-Juice Club is an online e-juice retailer that lives up to its name. Users can find small, 5ml bottles of high-quality e-juice on its site priced at only $1.

The product categories on the site separate into nicotine salt and regular nicotine offerings, while the flavor profiles run from dessert and fruit-based to more traditional offerings like tobacco and menthol.

Conclusion: Hooloo E-Juice Review: Taste the Fruit-Flavored Rainbow

Hooloo E-juice found a way to make a mark on the e-juice industry by adding a healthy dose of color to its brand. The bright orange glass bottles in which they packaged its most famous line of fruit-centered e-liquids were enough to get people’s attention. When users taste the literal fruits of the brand’s labor, then it is easy to understand why people stay loyal to the brand.

Beyond the DOLO line, Hooloo also has a wide range of flavor profiles from granola to waffles and other delectable treats. Users will also find flavors unique to the brand like its Beverage line-up made up of exotic teas. Finally, the traditionalists out there will find tobacco-based flavors, although no menthol to round out the brand’s versatile selection.


  • Wide-range of flavors
  • Several nicotine options
  • Low-profile company
  • Uses an IS0 7 production facility


  • Little to no information on ingredients
Published: July 7, 2020

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