The Baton Vape Review: The Latest Refillable Pod from Baton Vapor


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: September 28, 2020

Baton Vape Review

Review Score: 77/100

Price range:
Black, Electric blue, Orenji, Evergreen, Ruby Red, Classic Silver
350 mAh
Refillable Pods:
1.2 mL
Coils Resistance:
1.6 ohm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Powerful battery
  • Long lasting pods
  • Good flavors


  • Leakage

The Baton Vape V2 is the latest pod vape meant to phase out the Baton Classic refillable pod system. Like its predecessor, the V2 is small and portable, making it easy to carry around. Its low maintenance, solid build, and ergonomic design make it great not only for day to day use but also for long trips away from home. The V2 uses a 350 mah battery and looks and feels similar to the Baton Classic but for its draw activated firing mechanism, smaller battery, and new Baton pods.

Everything about the Baton V2 Refillable Pod Device

The Baton Vape is a refillable pod system that is easy to use, comfortable to hold thanks to the metallic grip, and quiet. It has smoother and rounder edges than the Baton Classic, it requires less attention, and it is highly portable.

The most outstanding feature of this mod is that it vapes quietly. When a pull is taken, it makes no sucking or bubbling sounds. This is great for those who want to vape discreetly and quietly. Others will not be disturbed, making it good for work and public outings with people who might frown upon vaping. Another good thing is that the pod uses a liquid trapping system to reduce spit back.

Baton Vape V2 Starter Kit

The V2 has a built in 350 mah battery, a USB charging cable and port, and two refillable pod devices. While the battery is only 350 mah, it can go through an entire pod before having to be recharged. An LED light at the bottom of the device shaped like an arrow indicates the battery’s power level.

The Baton pods contain 1.6 ohm resistance coils, allowing them to last longer than other devices. The wicking is made from organic Japanese cotton to maximize the flavor and longevity of the pods.

The Baton Vape is made for salt nicotine e-liquids, and the company has seven salt nic flavors from which to choose.

Baton Vapor’s latest innovation is an improvement over the Baton Classic. It has a decent battery, it feels good in the hand, and there is little to no spitback. But, there are a few things that should be improved upon. Bubbles trapped in the pod negatively affect performance, causing dry hits, and the pods sometime leaks because of the proprietary spit back prevention device. If Baton Vapor ever comes out with another device, they should find a way to correct these issues.

What Comes in the Kit?

The kit comes with everything needed to vape. The Baton V2 Black package comes with the device, two refillable Baton pods, a charging cable, and the user’s manual.

A bundle can be bought instead, which comes with the device, two 1.2 ml pods, a pod pack, one 10 ml bottle of nic salts, the charging cable, and a manual.

Internal Building Quality and Design

The external design of the Baton Vape is superb. It has rounded edges and a metallic grip, which make the device easier to hold onto. The Baton Classic had sharper edges which made it uncomfortable for some. Unfortunately, issues with the Baton pods, such as dry and burn hits caused by bubbles getting trapped inside, detract from the internal building quality.

Baton V2 Pod Vape Black

For those wanting to modify the outward appearance of their device, Vapor Skinz has dozens of different covers for the Baton V2.

Baton Vape V2 Battery

The Baton Vape has a 350 mah battery that can last a full day depending on how often it is used.

Why is the Baton Vape Light Flashing?

The bottom of the pod vape has an LED light that shows the battery level. It turns on when a pod is placed in the unit. There are three colors: blue for fully charged, yellow for medium, and red for low battery. It also will flash several different colors at once if it is placed in “party mode”.

The Refillable Pods

The Baton Vape uses a refillable pod that can hold 1.2 ml of e-juice, and the Baton pods contain a 1.6 ohm coil that increases its longevity. It has an anti-spitback device that redirects the vapor so that the nic salts do not go directly into the mouth. The problem is that it when it redirects the fluids they leak out of the pod. This is another feature Baton Vapor should improve if they create a new model.

VD Baton V2 Vape Pods

Each starter kit comes with two refillable pods, and the bundle comes with an additional pod pack. The pods are very affordable at $9.99 per pack.

What Juices Work Well in the Baton Vape?

This device works very well with nicotine salt e-liquids, particularly the ones sold by Baton Vapor. We recommend Crisp Apple, Island Mango, and Fruit Confit. All of the liquids sold on Baton Vapor’s website should perform well with the V2.

How Long Do the Pods Last?

The pods last an incredibly long time. They can be filled up four times before having to be discarded. The length of time between replacing a pod depends on how often it is used. The life span of these pods make the Baton Vape a cost effective alternative to other pod vape systems.

How to Use the V2 Baton Vape

Read the manual before doing anything with the vape. This will give the user a better understanding of the device and its capabilities. Inspect the contents of the package to make sure everything is in order, and then plug in the device and charge it if it is not already charged.

Once the device is fully charged, take the pod and cap off. Beneath it is the proprietary spit back prevention device. Remove it by gently pulling it away. Underneath it is the reservoir cover. Again, gently pull it off until two holes above the reservoir are exposed. Take the e-liquid and shake it so that the nic salts inside are mixed. Insert the nose of the bottle into one of the two holes and refill the pod. Wipe away any excess juice with a napkin or damp piece of cloth.

Cover the two holes with the rubber reservoir stopper, place over it the proprietary spit back prevention device, and then put the plastic cover onto the pod vape. Allow the coil system and the cotton wicking time to absorb the juice. Five to ten minutes should be enough time. It is draw activated, so take a pull to get started.


Baton Vape vs Juul

The Juul starter kit has several features that make it similar to the Baton V2. They are both comfortable to hold and easy to carry around.

VD juul kit

One of the main differences is that the Baton’s battery and pods last longer than those of the Juul. Another difference is that the Juul’s pods only hold .7 ml, whereas the Baton V2’s pods hold 1.2 ml. The Juul, however, does not leak the way the Baton V2 does.

Baton Vape vs Juno Vape

The Juno looks very similar to the Baton pod vape with its rounded corners and sleek design, but there are several key differences users should be aware of before they make a purchasing decision.

Juno Vape

The Juno has a larger battery at 380 mah, and it carries 1.6 ml of e-juice to the Baton V2’s 1.2 ml. Another great benefit to buying the Juno is that there are 16 flavor options from which to choose, while the Baton only has seven.

Baton Vape Specifications

Different nic salts Seven Varieties
Battery 350 mAh
Coils Resistance 1.6 ohm
Refillable Pods 1.2mL

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Powerful battery
  • Long lasting pods
  • Proprietary spit back prevention device
  • Good flavors
  • Quiet

The Negatives

  • Leakage
  • Limited amount of flavors
  • Bubbles get trapped in the pods

Final Thoughts about the Baton Vape

The Baton Vape is a mod made for those who want a simple starter kit that is easy to use and lasts throughout the day. Putting it together and filling and refilling is simple, and it is draw activated unlike its button activated predecessor. The proprietary spit back prevention device, the longevity of the 1.2 ml pods, draw activator, and its nearly noiseless operation are great additions that improve the vaping experience.

There are a lot of mixed feelings about this starter kit, though. A lot of people have good things to say about it because of the battery, flavor, and proprietary spit back device, but some feel differently because of the problems with leakage and bubbles getting trapped in the pod.

Since a lot of people obviously have strong feelings about this pod vape either way, we would like to hear from you. Did leaks cause the device to malfunction, or did yours function normally? Do bubbles get trapped inside of your pods? Let us know what you think by leaving your comments on our discussion thread. It is always a pleasure to hear from our readers.

Published: June 13, 2019Updated: September 28, 2020

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  • Druxle

    August 13, 2019 at 2:02 am

    Bâton V2: Accidentally used it backwards, hitting it from the charging port, and it started firing constantly and the light was flashing multicolored. Had to remove cartridge to stop it. Just an fyi.

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      April 1, 2021 at 10:15 am

      Why can’t I recharge battery a second time ??