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Selection: 22%
Vapor Quality: 18%
Battery Life: 24%
Value for Money: 10%
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Our Verdict: This is probably our least favorite among e-cigarette brands that offer cig-a-likes. Apart from the low-quality products that do not quite meet the average performance of other brands, Smoke 51 offers overpriced kits with the smallest amount of positive feedbacks. They may be among the oldest companies to sell e-cigarettes at the most convenient places, but it turns out their long experience did not teach them how to deliver quality e-cigs.

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Smoke Fifty-One’s Best Products

Starter Kit

BeginnersPrice: $69.95

Smoke 51 starter kit

Without having to compare with other beginner’s starter kits out there, Smoke 51’s Starter Kit is obviously a rip-off. One set costs $69.95, which will give you a USB charger, one rechargeable battery, one atomizer, and three cartridges. For something very basic, the price is already very discouraging without even knowing how it performs.
First off, their website seems to be very unfriendly towards its customers. There is no page for their available starter kits, and the link that comes with the ‘shop now’ button on the topmost banner goes to their contact us page. It is amazing how they could stay for so very long in the industry without giving much attention to their products, moreover, their online store.

As you would navigate through the pages, and finally arrive at one product (cartridges), only then will you see that they have ‘evolved’ into VaporX products. Nothing blatant tells you this, but a link to VaporX’s site will somehow get you there as you try to look for Smoke 51’s starter kit.

Going back to the original starter kit, anyone would easily say that he or she are a hit or miss in terms of satisfying their users. We are confident to name it a beginner’s e-cig because of its build, quality, performance, and power.
The build is, of course, made of plastic material that feels cheap and easy to break. It has a light at the tip of the battery that illuminates each time you inhale through the mouthpiece.

The battery does not deliver even half of what we usually get from other cig-a-likes in the industry. The flavors of their cartridges taste similarly bland. Vapor production is poor, even inferior to other low-quality cig-a-likes that we have reviewed before.

Then again, nobody should expect clouds of vape from cig-a-like kits. However, the very least that these products should have does not exist with Smoke 51, given their skyrocketing prices.

Additional Details

Smoke 51 offers a five-pack cartomizer set for $14.95 and cartridges with different flavors and nicotine levels to choose. They also have accessories on their website, but the selection is limited to car chargers, wall adapters, batteries, carrying cases, and atomizers. Other than that, everything stays as basic as what they offer on their starter kit.

This company also has its affiliates program, but in our opinion, selling something as inferior as Smoke 51’s e-cigarettes will not become a lucrative business. While their site has links to VaporX, there is a lack of comprehensible announcement that clearly states their change of brand or products. Whether Smoke 51 still exists or not, it is definite that they should improve their products should they want to stay in business.

Smoke 51 Electronic Cigarettes
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