Rocky Mountain Vapor E-Cig Review – What They Make?

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  • Selection: 88%
  • Quality: 80%
  • Price: 76%
  • Customer Service/Shipping: 88%
  • Overall Rating: 81%

Every now and again I come across an e-cig supplier that carries a ton of stuff. When I find these types of places I like to make a note to bookmark the site’s address because places like this will tend to have the best prices on things that are sometimes hard to find. Will this be the case for Rocky Mountain Vapor? Only time will tell, but I think they are in good shape.

A Big Selection

rocky mountain vapingRocky Mountain carries a good selection of products. From complete kits to parts and accessories. They carry replacement heads and coils for Kanger and Aspire and clearomizers for a couple brands that I have never heard of! They have done a great job sourcing their parts selection that is for sure.

That is not all they carry. They also stock complete starter kits or just “kits” in general. Of course, considering the selection of some of the other products for sale, you would hope that they also have a decent selection of these too.

Starter Kits and other Complete Kits

There are only two brands offered for Starter Kits by Rocky Mountain Vapor. Just because there are only two brands however does not mean they only have two products. They have more than ten different kits to choose from made by Kanger or JoyE.

They have mini kits and the JoyE eRoll as well as Kanger kits. All of the come complete with chargers, cases (for some)and extra heads or cartridges depending on the type you choose. Here however you will be limited to either a cig-a-like style or the eGo style of rechargeable. If you are partial to disposables however, Rocky Mountain has you covered there as well.

They do carry a few of the disposables and you will find no shortage of the flavors for these either. In everything they here they do with a big selection in mind. They are doing their best to give their customers a lot of options.

E-Liquids Too

When it comes to e-liquids Rocky Mountain Vapor outshines many other suppliers. They do not have the biggest selection of flavors, but what they do have is a very good selection as well as accessories for those who prefer to mix their own flavors.

The juices sold are very rich and all that I have experienced had a very solid vapor production and rich flavor. Every flavor has an unmistakable aroma and taste. There is a great throat hit and a good, big vapor cloud. I would even venture to say that you could put these in an e-cig that has poor production and you would still get a solid vapor cloud from it. This juice actually makes e-cigs better.

The Ending Results

Looking at Rocky Mountain Vapor from afar, it would seem to be just another e-cig supplier selling their products online. As you get closer to the site however, you can start to see through the haze and get a glimpse of what is really going on.

You will find a website that is easy to navigate, yet does not try and win you with flair and fancy graphics. A standard site must have been the plan so as to not take away from what they are selling. What they are selling is a wide array of e-cig products and accessories for standard prices.

They make no bones about specific products or their downsides or advantages. They are content to leave the decisions up to you, but in the mean time they will supply you with the options. That is what a good store does too. Present you with choices and allow YOU to make the decision.

Rocky Mountain will not win any prizes for web design or product promotion, but they will sell e-cig products and accessories. In the end, that is all that matters to them, and to the consumer. They offer consistent promotions and sales and continue to find new products to bring the consumer. Rocky Mountain will do well if they continue on this path.




Published: October 16, 2017 Updated: March 25, 2019



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