Best Kanger Starter Kits Review – We Tested Them

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When shopping around for a reputable and trusted vaping brand, the Kangertech is a top contender. Amazingly, the brand has continued to answer vaping questions, giving users first-class vaping experience.

They use top technology to manufacture products giving you innovative, high-quality, and high performance-driven products to quench your vaping thirst. In fact, a Kanger kit can be a perfect introduction to vaping.


First, here’s one of Kanger’s most esteemed product, the Subvod Kit. It’s an incredible, high performance, new entry level e-cigarette gadget from Kanger. Furthermore, they designed it to maximize and redefine your vaping experience. The device is good looking, comes in a variety of colors, and works remarkably well.

Featuring a powerful 1300mAh battery, this exclusive, easy to use device can give you the vapor you crave. Additionally, they outfitted it with fantastic features like the Kanger TopTank Nano, a new SSOCC coil, plus many essential accessories. As a result, this makes a perfect starter kit for people looking to vape while on the go.

They base the technology of the device on their favorite battery design. Consequently, it ensures longer battery life to enable you vape longer. This Kanger Subvod provides a great sub-ohm experience and in the popular pen-style form. The TopTank feature can hold 3.2 ml of liquid, which is perfect for the size. For a better, more unique vaping experience, the unit features an airflow control and a top-fill design. Both work fairly well.

Notable Features

  • Sub-ohm vaping in a pen-shaped vaporizer
  • It’s portable; thanks to its compact size
  • The micro USB charging capability is convenient for those who want to use the device while on the go
  • Single button operation simplifies the unit

Kangertech SUBOX Mini Starter Kit

The SUBOX Mini Starter Kit is an ideal pick for those who wants a sub-ohm experience. As a result, they get top quality cloud vapors without messing with their wallets. For example, it features the super popular Subtank Mini plus the new KBOX Mini that can fire about 50 watts. The device has everything! Therefore, it has been getting tons of praise from the vaping community!

For maximum vapor experience, the device comes with the Subtank Mini. The Mini features a 510-delrin drip tip plus an aqueous ceramic coating.

The Kangertech SUBOX Mini Starter Kit’s designers listened to customer’s feedback. That’s why they base the build of the KBOX Mini on the original KBOX model. In addition, they improved many of the old features. These upper-level features ensure that SUBOX Mini is capable of outputting from 7 to 50 watts. In fact. you can change it with increments of 0.1 watts! This device can now fire 0.3-ohm atomizers, which is perfect for any cloud chasing enthusiast.

Notable Features

  • A highly portable vape mod measuring only 3.25-inch height and 1.5 in width
  • The device uses a single high amp replaceable 18650 battery
  • Comes with Japanese organic cotton, RDA coils, and a clearomizer

The Kanger Topbox Nano 60W Temp Starter Kit

The Topbox starter kit is one of the latest technologies in the vaping industry. Kanger based it on the output and beautiful aesthetics to optimize performance and make it compact. Moreover, they also outfitted this unit with the new top-fill tank along with Kbox 60W Box Mod.

Upgrading from the popular Subox Nano, the Topbox is able to increase output by 20 percent (to about 60 W). It features a 3.2Ml capacity, SSOCC atomizer core. Therefore, this unit looks set to improve upon nearly all performance aspects.

They power the Topbox Nano with an interchangeable battery. As a result, you can be charge it using a USB cable. They’ve also outfitted the vape with a temperature control module for accommodating an array of tank systems. The slim aluminum KBox is ergonomic to fit into your hands perfectly.

Subtank series (the Nano TC Tank) was the inspiration behind it. The Nano features a digitally adjustable airflow system that you can synergize with the high-performance SSOCC system. Consequently, these features make it a top-class vaping gadget.

Notable Features

  • A svelte design, which even allows stealth vaping and fires as low as 0.1 ohm
  • 3.2 ml top-fill tank
  • Wattage output of 7W – 60W

Kanger NEBOX Starter Kit

Kanger NEBOX Starter Kit represents a unique integration of a tank plus a mod into a single unit. NEBOX is quickly gaining popularity, especially with those who want an enhanced e-juice capacity.

The kit features temperature control and adjustable wattage. As a result, they’ve designed the Kanger Nebox Starter Kit to meet a diverse array of vaping experiences. The unit’s compact design makes it portable and convenient.

The vertical SSOCC Coils are thin and cylindrical in shape. They work and yield vapor that tastes great. The micro USB charger is always a great luxury. However, the little downside to the mod is that it consumes the batteries rather quickly.

Notable Features

  • Temperature control
  • Compatible with Kanger Subtank OCC Coils
  • Can output 7W – 60W
  • Available in blue, red, pure white and black colors
  • Features a handy, removable drip tip

Kanger starter kits: KANGER EMOW 1300MAH KIT

They designed the Kanger EMOW is a mid-range vape pen for both beginners and veterans. This vape pen features a variable voltage control system. This way, you can quickly set it to 4.8V, 4.2V, or 3.7V voltage output. Also, it offers a higher e-juice capability and a decent adjustable airflow control system with five air holes.

The EMOW features an EVOD VV battery. This is a high performing 1300mAh Lithium-ion battery. As a result, the unit looks to allow you to vape for hours without interruption. They equipped the battery with an Aerotank cartomizer tank that is capable of holding about 1.8ml of e-liquid. To withstand very strong vapors, they made the tube from Pyrex glass.

They accessorized the unit’s stainless steel drip tip with a 510 connection. As a result, this makes it easy to swap with different drip tips easily. To maximize the EMOW’s performance, it comes with a bottom dual coil for pure, clean, and tasty vapor. This will minimize any chances of dry hits.


  • Five-click on/off switch
  • Spring-loaded connector
  • Short circuit protection
  • Safety cutoff atomizer protection:
  • Low voltage protection and eGo compatible

Kanger starter kits: Conclusion

Of course, no matter how good a brand is, they can have a mix of good and less good devices. Kanger is no exception. The company has earned a name for their durable and quality devices. However, some Kanger vaporizers might not be worth the price. We wanted to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Therefore, our team of experts has chosen the top five starter kits for you. At this point, the only thing you have to do is read their quick reviews. Then, you can choose one that seems to match your preferences. No matter which kit you choose, Kanger shouldn’t disappoint you.

Published: May 23, 2017


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