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Selection: 75%
Vapor Quality: 75%
Battery Life: 77%
Value for Money: 77%
Our Verdict: NicStick is an e-cig brand for beginners and intermediate vapers. Their line of products focuses on basic e-cigarette kits and eGo starter kits, which cater to different vaping needs. They may not be as famous as other brands, but NicStick has options that deserve followers.

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NicStick’s Best Products:

Freedom Kit

BeginnersPrice: $21.75 nicstick-freedom-e-cigs

The Freedom Kit is a simple entry-level vape starter kit that involves uncomplicated vaping. The sleek black battery and pre-filled clearomizer make a classy design for stylish yet modest users. This kit comes with a 900mAh battery, one USB charger, one disposable clearomizer with 1.6ml of e-liquid, and a user manual for easy operation.

The 900mAh battery is remarkably powerful compared to other beginners’ kits within the same price range. For light to moderate vapers, this is enough to last the whole day with occasional vaping and regular breaks.

The vapor production is light to moderate, with a very subtle throat hit with any of the two flavors being offered (Menthol and USA Mix, both in 18 and 24 mg nicotine levels). Of course, cloud chasers will be dismayed with how this starter kit makes too light of a vapor. Then again, we believe it was designed for newbies who simply want to try out and see if vaping is for them.

A bonus for beginners is the screwless technology between the battery and clearomizer, which saves this kit from metal screws, thus the lightweight feature as compared to other clearomizer kits. The disposable tanks are also convenient for newbies who do not want to spend time on refills, drips, cleaning, and replacing atomizers.

EGO Pro 900

Beginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $42.99 ego-pro-nicstick-e-cigMost often judged as a starter kit for advanced users, the EGO Pro 900 is likewise a great starter set for beginners. It comes with a 900mAh EGO Pro battery, one CE5 atomizer, and a free lanyard from NicStick. The matte black battery with NicStick’s logo in gold has a very tasteful look while the CE5 atomizer speaks of innovation and durability.

When compared to higher models and more advanced vaping kits, the EGO Pro 900 is capable of producing a fairly remarkable amount of vapor. However, the battery and the amount of e-liquid that you can put in the tank do not last very long. There is no extra battery included in the kit, so this is rather a downside for heavy vapers who can live with the EGO Pro’s vapor production capacity.

Despite the need for refilling the clearomizer yourself, the EGO Pro 900 gives any user the advantage of being able to choose the right e-liquid that will match his or her taste. NicStick has won and will continue to win the hearts of many vapers with such an efficient vaporizer, sold at a very reasonable price.

Sirius Deluxe Starter Kit

Beginners$13.49 sirius-starter-kit-whiteOffering pre-filled cartomizers with five different flavors to choose from, the Sirius Deluxe Starter Kit is one of NicStick’s newest products. This kit includes two 300-time rechargeable batteries, two cartomizers, and one USB charger.

The Sirius Deluxe Starter Kit wears a cig-a-like build, similar to other disposable and reusable cig-a-likes. It has white batteries and yellow cartridges that, when put together, make a portable and lightweight device that can be used discreetly. If you have recently quit or are currently trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, then this kit will make the transition to vaping a lot easier.

Vapor production with the Sirius Deluxe is very light. In fact, any vaper who has experienced something better, say, the EGO Kit will find it insignificant. Nevertheless, vapers who are just after cigarette smoke-like quantity will more or less feel satisfied with the Sirius Deluxe. It does, on the other hand, let you choose Blueberry, Mango, and Cinnamon flavored cartridges apart from the usual USA Mix and Menthol they offer.

Nicotine Strengths are at 11 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg to cater to the usual needs of ex-smokers. At $13.49, this kit is a notable beginners’ vape that is designed for longer use compared to more expensive disposables from other brands.

Aspire Kit with Atlantis Clearomizer and SubOhm 2000 mAh Battery

Advanced UsersPrice: $42.99 aspire-kit-nicstickAs for advanced vaping, NicStick puts together the most reliable brands to create a complete, durable, and efficient sub ohm vaping kit, the Aspire Kit with Atlantis Clearomizer and SubOgm 2000 mAh battery. This kit is particularly assembled for high-end vaping with adjustable airflow and low resistance clearomizer that is powered by a 2000 mAh battery.

Famous for its resiliency, the tank included in this kit is made of Pyrex glass that can surpass occasional drops and shocks. The kit comes with an extra pyrex tank and replacement coil that, when combined with a steady, powerful, and long-lasting battery, makes up for a potent vaping device for long-term use.

With such features, this kit is capable of producing the optimum vapor that is rich in flavor and topped with a smooth throat hit.


What Else NicStick Has In Store For You?

On top of the products mentioned above from NicStick, they also have gift sets and accessories that offer the same quality and power as with their Freedom and EGO kits. They have some other kits for advanced vaping that put into use the most renowned vape tanks and battery brands.
While NicStick is not included in our list of top e-cig brands for 2015, this brand is one of the most cheaply priced in the industry. They also offer e-liquids made by DeKang, which are apparently popular in the US today. Some, however, do not admire the flavors and taste of their e-liquids and are more accustomed to US-made juices.

NicStick made sure that their customers are prioritized, which is why they also began making their USA-made e-liquids. Even so, vapers who are not pleased with their line of e-liquids choose to purchase their hardware and fill them with other brands.
This e-cig company does great in showing how much they do care for their customers’ contentment by making their website easy to use and navigate. It is nice how they put subpages for each line of product on top of the homepage. They also placed a convenient poll on the right side to get their visitors’ pulse on what they need to offer to their site.

NicStick has a customized live chat support system for inquiries and other concerns. However, their response to queries sent over live chat seems to be a bit slow. They probably need to fix the feature or add some real personnel to attend to the multitude of questions being sent each day.
Their ground shipping via USPS is free for all types of orders above $50. However, they do not guarantee the safe and efficient delivery of their products using this service. Faster delivery options are charged depending on the delivery address.

NicStick does not offer a money-back guarantee and has varying warranties depending on the product. They also do not replace pre-filled cartomizers, cartridges, and eGo clearomizers—a downside to what they claim as premium customer service.

Overall, NicStick is mediocre when it comes to the quality of their products. While their pricing is surprisingly low, advanced vapers who are looking for long-lasting, durable, and high-end devices will have to continue searching. NicStick is more of a beginner’s brand, with options from basic cig-a-like units that produce a tolerable amount of vapor, to more efficient eGo kits that are just on the lower end of cloud-chasing vaporizers.

Instead of purchasing disposable e-cigs that are sold in packs of five (at higher prices), beginners can rather choose NicStick’s starter kits and invest their money in reusable devices that will last longer. This brand is average on the whole but has gained the trust and confidence of users since their inception due to their convenient e-cig kits.

To Buy Or Not to Buy?

The nice thing about NicStick is even if you don’t like what they are offering, you won’t be wasting a lot of money. The prices may not be quite low enough to reflect their true value, but at least they are lower than most of the competition. Honestly, you could do worse, but not by a lot.


Stylish design

Decent pricing on all products


Poor vapor production

Poor e-liquid flavors

Overall low quality products

If this is your first foray into electronic cigarettes, you may be tempted by the price. But be warned that low quality products like what NicStick is selling can turn you off to electronic cigarettes entirely. We suggest looking for something that is maybe a little more expensive but is also of better quality. Otherwise, you will just want to go right back to smoking regular cigarettes.


Published: August 31, 2015


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