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E-Cig Reviews of 2018

E-cigarettes have become the transit product for people shifting from smoking to vaping. Most beginners start off with the e-cig before moving on to vape pens and box mods. Being their first vaping device, we understand the questions some of the beginners have about their e-cigarettes.

This electronic cigarette review is penned to answer all questions on some of the most popular e-cigs of the times. While simplicity is an innate feature of e-cigarettes, many brands have started to pack exciting features into their flagship e-cigarettes. Vaping is very brand-sensitive experience, and each brand caters to specific vaping needs. Choosing the right brand is essential for a smooth vaping experience. Hence, in our e cigs reviews, we have also included a study of some of the top brands of e-cig manufacturer.

Disclosure: The e-cigarettes which we review on this website are tested by our trained, paid staff. As part of the review, VapingDaily.com links directly to the product or brands so that you may purchase directly from the provider. We receive commissions from these providers, however, this does not affect the price you pay, and the commissions we earn help us pay for the costs of running this website. Thank you.
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Best E-Cig Kit for Beginners
#1 V2 Standard E-Cig Starter Kit
  • Pre-filled Cartridges
  • Extremely Small
  • Easy-to-Use

Best E-Cig of 2018
#2 V2 Series 3 E-Cig
  • Refillable Tank or Pods
  • Great Battery Life
  • Best Value for Money

Best Vapor Quality
#3 JUUL E-Cigarette
  • Pre-filled Pods
  • Nicotine Salts
  • Amazing Flavors

Juul Starter Kit Review

Juul Starter Kit Review

March 16, 2018
GET $20 Off Discount 💨 after reading Juul review. The Juul is hands-down the best e-cigarette around. Check out here our comprehensive review of the legendary JUUL starter kit.
V2 VERTX Plus Review

V2 VERTX Plus Review

October 17, 2017
V2 VERTX Plus is packed with sheer power, amazing unique features, and comes with an elegant design to satisfy your high demands of vaping.