Lookah Seahorse Pro: Electric Nectar Collector Review


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: January 1, 2023

lookah seahorse pro review

Review Score: 92/100

Price Range:
$59.99 - $74.00
Battery Capacity Type:
3.2V / 3.6V / 4.1V
Black, Green, Purple
Works with:
  • Wax icon


  • Universal and solid
  • See-through vapor window
  • Long-lasting Battery


  • May not be able to last heavy use for the whole day

The Lookah Seahorse Pro is a portable nectar collector with an ergonomic design and a super-fast heating quarts tip to give you a smooth dabbing experience.
It is Lookah’s flagship device. It features a silicone hose that can connect to any 10-14 mm glass rig for water filtration. In addition, the electronic nectar collector kit has a dependable 510-threaded cartridge battery.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Review

lookah seahorse pro review

One unique feature of the Lookah is its see-through vapor window. Its battery is housed by a vast body that narrows as it tends towards the slender snout and mouthpiece. This gives it an iconic Seahorse shape.

Owning the Lookah Seahorse Pro eliminates the need for a separate pen for your dabs and carts. This is consequent on the fact that it fits 510 threaded vape cartridges. To use this function, you need to unscrew the quartz tip of the Seahorse. Then thread your cartridge as a replacement for the quartz tip. Voila! The device is now a button-operated multi-heat vape battery.

Amazingly, the e-nectar collector lets you vape from your preferred cartridge on either side of the unit. This perfectly sized dab pen is highly intuitive. You must press it five times before it comes on and another two times to switch preset temperature settings.

Speaking again about the size, a shorter version of the dab pen might make the heat scorch your throat. While a more extended version will steal a lot of time from you while trying to clean reclaim out of the glass tube.

Difference Between The Seahorse Pro And The Seahorse Pro Plus

The Seahorse Pro Plus has similar aesthetics and design to the Pro. However, its functionality and operations are on an entirely different level. Unlike the Pro version, the standard coil cap of the Pro Plus version has a magnetic connection. This ensures it’s more convenient and eliminates the risk of working loose or falling off.

Additionally, the Pro Plus comes with an improved quartz tip. This tip has clear glass surrounding it. As such, you get to see the vapor from the mouthpiece when it vaporizes from wax. The Plus version gives an evenly vaporized dab compared to the Pro version. It heats up to higher temperatures and provides a more excellent flavored experience.

Kit Content

lookah seahorse pro starter kit

  • Tip/coil cap
  • Quartz Coil
  • User manual
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB charging cable
  • Silicon hose,
  • 14/18mm adapter.

The 14 and 18-mm adapters allow you to connect the device to any standard 14 and 18-dab rig.

Internal Building Quality And Design

The Lookah Seahorse Pro is made from a ceramic base with a porous ceramic tip. Its 510-threaded atomizer makes it possible for you to use your favorite cartridge. You could use the three-pronged silicon water pipe adapter as a second option. Using the latter option ensures that you enjoy your device’s ergonomic comfort.

Temperature and heating settings

  • The lowest temperature setting of the dab pen gives out a voltage of 3.6. While the highest temperature is 4.1 V.
  • You can switch between temperatures by double-tapping the power button after you’ve turned on your device.
  • For the best flavor, it is advised that you set your dab pen at the lowest temperature.
  • However, if you follow experts’ advice, medium heat is your best bet. You can also switch to 4.1 V.
  • However, doing this too frequently gives off more vapor. This may not be a good one for your health.

Performance and Vaping Quality

The vapor’s quality depends on the heat setting. The device has three primary heat settings, each with a unique color.

  • The first of the triple color setting is the blue color. This is the lowest heat temperature. However, it gives off the best flavor.
  • Second among the color codes is the purple color. This medium heat temperature and the most recommended dab setting for top-notch performance.
  • The final color on the list is white. While this setting will alter your flavor, it is perfect for the best vapor production.


The dab pen uses a 650 mah battery, ensuring you enjoy the pleasure the device offers for a long time. The battery has two different color indicators. A red light indicates the battery is low, while a cyan color indicates the battery is fully charged.


lookah seahorse pro coils

The Seahorse Pro works with almost all Lookah coils. The coil you choose influences the kind of flavor you get when dabbing. The coil you use also controls vapor production. If you are a lover of good flavor, it is advisable to choose the quartz coil.

Using the quartz coil gives you a favorable taste, making dabbing pleasurable. On the flip side, ceramic coils are perfect for lovers of vapor. In the case of coil choice, one cap does not fit all. Your choice of coil should be solely based on what you intend to get.

How to use

  • Firstly, ensure that the device’s battery is adequately charged.
  • Click the power button five times to turn on the device,
  • Once it is up and running, a double tap will help change the temperature.
  • There are three preset temperatures, and each has its unique color.

How to Clean?

Like most electronic nectar collectors, it is possible to clean the dab pen.

  1. To clean, start by removing the coil after usage.
  2. Afterward, remove the glass tube, which doubles as the mouthpiece.
  3. Then soak it in 90% isopropyl alcohol.
  4. Once this is done, insert the cleaning brush into the 510 thread. Your aim while doing this is to remove clogs and residues.
  5. Afterward, wipe the device and charge the battery.

Competitors in The Market

Seahorse Pro vs. Yocan Loki

yocan loki review

The Yokan Loki Electric Nectar Coolector is similar to Seahorse Pro with some differences. It has a 650 mah battery and is compatible with USB C. However, it does not have see-through glass like the Pro.

Seahorse Pro vs. Huni Banger

huni budger nectar collector review

Like the Pro, Huni Badger is powered on five times by clicking the power button. However, you can’t control the temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Does Seahorse Pro Last?

    Once the dab pen is fully charged, you can use it about 15 or 20 times. That’s a lot of usage time because it doesn’t take long to get charged. In as little as 30 minutes, the device will be fully charged and ready to use.

  • How Long Does a Seahorse Quartz Tip Last?

    The quartz tip’s duration depends on how often you use the device. With all factors being equal, it is not expected that you need to change the quartz tip until you have used it for a month or two.

  • Which Seahorse Pro Tip is Better?

    It is possible to be concerned about the best tip to use at other times. It can work with all Lookah Seahorse series products. However, you should opt for quartz coils. This is because quartz coils provide the best taste. Additionally, it gives you a healthier dabbing.

  • How much is a Seahorse Pro?

    With $53.99, you get to own the Lookah Seahore Pro. However, you can get a discount if you make large purchases.


The Positives

  • Universal and solid
  • 510-threaded cartridges compatible
  • See-through vapor window
  • Portable
  • Long-lasting Battery

The Negatives

  • May not be able to last heavy use for the whole day.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Specifications

Size: 147.2mm x 33.6mm
Battery Size: 650mAh
Voltage: 3.2V / 3.6V / 4.1V
Concentrate Mode: 3 clicks
Coil: Quartz
Compatibility: 510 cartridges


The Lookah Seahorse Pro easily steals the hearts of users with its portability. Adding this to its long-lasting battery makes it a significant item on most recommendation lists. The device sits as a multifunctionality dabbing device with its electronic nectar collector and 510-threaded cartridge battery.

The vapor window of the device makes it possible for you to see your hit. Regardless of your color preferences, you can be sure to find a suitable one in no time.

Have you purchased this dab pen? How easy was the first use? What challenges do you think the company should improve on? How was your first cleaning experience? There are undoubtedly new users who would love to hear from you. So kindly share your experiences to relieve someone’s pain.

Published: December 30, 2022Updated: January 1, 2023

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