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by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: December 17, 2020

Bonza RDA desktop

Review Score: 95/100

Price Range:
Base Diameter:
Deep Juice Well:
Drip Tips:
16, 17.5, and 18mm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Packs well
  • Good drip tips with accessory bag


  • Some people do not like the gold plated interior or the ring, but it does not affect performance.

The Bonza RDA 1.5 is an upgraded version of the 1.0 model from Vandy Vape. It is a BF RDA has a 15 slot airflow system, better build deck, and top screws that make the device more secure and responsive to the buyer’s building techniques.

Bonza RDA desktop

This is a very versatile device with a 510 drip connection that can be switched out with a squonk pin. It has a deep, 9mm well for the e-juice, multiple drip tips, and it also has a terminal kit that allows you to build dual coils of any size.

A Comprehensive Review of the Bonza RDA

A lot of people are raving about the fact that the Bonzo BF RDA comes with three drip tips. They are the Resin 18 mm, Ultrem 17.5 mm, and the Delrin 16 mm. Also included is a 510 adapter for those wanting to use something else.


Most Vandy Vape tanks only come with two drip tips, and this is a huge improvement over their other models. In the future, if possible, they should include three drip tips in all of their devices. The inside is also beautifully gold plated.

It has very good airflow, and it is easy to adjust by closing the holes on the sleeve three at a time. There are fifteen holes on the sleeve altogether. It is too bad that they cannot be closed two or one at a time, though. If Vandy Vape ever decides to make another improved model, they should consider figuring out a way to do this.


Because of the well designed 510 drip connection, this device fits very well on all box mods, including the Pulse BF; it is always flush or close. Replacing the 510 pin with a squonking pin is very easy, and there is an allen wrench included in the box.


Another good feature is the size of the terminals. They are large enough for most sized coils, and, even though they are built for one coil, they can fit two.

The device has a lot of space between the bottom of the deep juice well and the clamp, and it can hold up to 2 ml of e-juice. The free flowing bottom makes it very good for squonking. And, speaking of e-juices, base has two rings that will prevent them from leaking onto the mod.

How to Build on the Deck

It is very easy to build on the deck. First, loosen the post screws, and the bottom clamp posts will open up. Once they are open far enough, the coil can be inserted. Make sure the coil goes in with one lead going into the outer post, and the other into the lower post.

Repeat this step on the opposite side of the deck. Next, tighten the coil. Once it is tightened, the leads can be clipped. After they are clipped, make any adjustments that are necessary, and pulse out the hotspots. Once this is done, the wicks can be run through the coil.

How to Fill/Refill the Device

Putting liquid inside the device is easy. To fill and refill, place the device at an angle, and drip the liquid into the tip.

Be sure that you construct the wires and add the cotton first before using it. Replace the wires and cotton when they become dirty and burnt. If they are still usable, however, add the liquid onto the build deck.

How Many Drops Can the Tank Hold?

The Bonza RDA can hold 2 ml of e-juice. Before you begin vaping, pre measure 2 ml or less of juice, and then use a drip tip to place the liquid in the device. Do not put more liquid than necessary into the tank.

The Vaping Experience is Unforgettable

There are a lot of RDA features on the Bonza RDA that make is a wonderful device with which to vape. Its adjustable airflow system is superb, making for very smooth drags. The flavor is excellent.

Of all the RDAs this one has the best flavor, and it produces some very impressive clouds. If two coils are used in the system, the flavor and the clouds are even better.

How to Find Replacement Parts

Anything mechanical breaks, and sometimes the small parts of a device get lost. In that case, replacement parts need to be found. Vandy Vape’s website has a products page where accessories can be bought to replace broken parts or to modify this BF RDA.

There can be found wires, top caps, ad extension tubes, and more. Replacement screws can most likely be found at any hardware store. Choose wires with a sub ohm range up to .5 for the best experience.


The Drop RDA and the Digiflavor Drop RDA are the biggest competitors of the Bonza RDA. Below is an analysis of how they all compare.

Bonza RDA vs Drop RDA

The commenters of the Reddit community speak well of both devices, but the Bonza has a slight edge over the Drop RDA for several reasons. Some say that the coils on the Drop are too hot, and that the Bonza’s coils run at a more acceptable temperature. Others say that there is too much spatter with the Drop. Another thing that the Vape Bonza has going for it, according to Reddit users, is that it produces better clouds and flavor, and that the drop has less air flow.

HellVape Drop Dead RDA by TVC & Vaping Heathen gun-metal

One commenter stated that he preferred the drop, and that the temperature depended on the coils used. He also preferred the airflow of the Drop over the Vape Bonza.

Overall, judging from this comments section, everyone seems to find both devices overall satisfactory. Before choosing one of these devices, study this comments boards, read reviews, and watch YouTube reviews to determine which is best.

Bonza RDA vs Digiflavor Drop RDA

The Bonza RDA and the Digiflavor Drop RDA were designed by YouTube reviewers. The Vaping Bogan designed the Bonza RDA, while the Digiflavor Drop RDA was designed by Digiflavor and The Vapor Chronicles. These three experts made very good devices, and either one would be a good purchase, both being easy to build and wick, and having exceptional flavor.


The Bonza RDA has a few advantages over the Digiflavor Drop RDA, however. Firstly, it has a larger range of airflow. Secondly, its juice well is better for wicking, dripping, and squonking.

The Drop, on the other hand, has longer lasting coils, and its deep juice well allows the user to directly hit the center when adding juice. One problem the Drop has is that it is very tight around the o-ring, which makes it a tad difficult to take off the cap and adjust the airflow. It is easier to take off the Vape Bonza’s cap and adjust the airflow.

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA Specifications

Bonza RDA
Base Diameter: 24mm
Deep Juice Well: 9mm
Drip Tips: 16, 17.5, and 18mm
Drip Tip Adapter: 510
Colors: Stainless, Black, Gold, Rainbow, Matte Grey
Construction: Superior 303 Stainless Steel

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Packs well
  • Good drip tips with accessory bag
  • Easy to build on the deck
  • Squonks and drips well
  • Deep well for juices

The Negatives

  • Some people do not like the gold plated interior or the ring, but it does not affect performance


The Bonza RDA is an outstanding device. It is good looking, and, most importantly, it is easy to use and versatile, being compatible with many devices. The best feature is the adjustable airflow system, and a nice addition to that benefit is the number of tips with which it comes.

This adds a lot of power and adaptability to provide the user with a good hit, it has a good flavor, and the juices will not leak out all over the mod. Hands down, this is a very good vape tank, and Vaping Bogan did a great service to the vaping community when he designed it.

Published: July 4, 2019Updated: December 17, 2020

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