Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Vape Tank Review – High Quality at a Low Price

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Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Vape Tank Review

The Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Vape Tank is a brand new vaporizer tank on the market. It is a concentrates vaping tank. Despite the size of the tank, the coil manages to work with the concentrates well. As a result, depending on your concentrate, it produces a decent cloud and flavor.

In the world of concentrates, the Brain Fogger wax pen atomizer is quite a unique device. With its Reverse Stacked Coil design, concentrates are melted on an upper coil and then flow to the lower coil for vaporization. This stacked coil is composed of an innovative Stacked doughnut coil and ‘B’ box coil, which are both releases unique to MigVapor. The kit retails at $89.90.

Brain Fogger Vape Tank Pros & Cons:


  • Cheap Price
  • Clean Design
  • Powerful Hit & Flavor
  • Replaceable Coil

  • Non-Variable Air Flow
  • Full Pyrex Tank

Box Contents and Specs

Box Contents:

  • Brain Fogger Vape Pen Atomizer
  • Dab Tool
  • New Heat Sensitive Air-Flow Base
  • Rubber Tank Protector

  • User Manual
  • Gift Box
  • Warranty


  • Glass Bubble Mouthpiece / Tank
  • Use with Sub Ohm batteries and TC batteries
  • Ceramic Revers Stacked coils for Concentrates

  • 10 Second Heat Up Time
  • No Plastics
  • Stainless Steel
  • Baking/Burn style depending on Wattage

Design, Look and Feel

The Design

Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Vape Tank

It’s safe to say the Brain Fogger has a really good looking and clean cut design. It opted for the design in a Pyrex case. Therefore, it gives you the feel of new and modern glass vapes. It’s true, the device is satisfying on the eyes. However, does it reduce the stability and toughness of the device?

Size and Weight

The Mig Vapor Brain Fogger comes in at 18.58mm, with a total weight of 78.3g. Bearing in mind, these measurements are for the tank alone. That makes it quite sizable and heavy. In addition to your battery of choice, the overall fully built design will have a really sturdy and break-resistant size. In fact, the weight of the device makes it feel like a great build and quality for a device so cheap.


Here’s a list of the features that the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Tank has to offer:

  • Replaceable Coil – The users will have access to the coil, allowing you to replace it whenever it best suits you. This fixes a common problem with tanks having static coils on concentrate vapes. As a result, it affects the lifetime of the device and will certainly make it last a lot longer than usual.
  • 15W to 25W – We will advise you to pull on this tank at around 15 – 25 watts. This is quite a low wattage when compared to some other devices. This will give you a more stealthy feel to the device, resulting in better battery life and better clouds.
  • Full Pyrex Tank – They basically, made the tank out of Pyrex glass, with a stainless steel center. If you’re prone to dropping any device, then there is a high chance of it breaking. Therefore, I would highly recommend getting some sort of protective cover or even a spare Pyrex Tube. However, it sure does look good.

Using the Brain Fogger Tank

The vaporizer tank of the Brain Fogger is designed to be used with concentrates from dry herb flowers. It is compatible with sub-ohm devices and utilizes True Dual Thermal Technology. The heating process is efficient and involves absolutely no combustion. The heating is also maintained in a controlled environment and works even with low wattage ranges, like in some TC mods.


The process of the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Tank itself is impressive. Taking a wax concentrate into the tank, it will melt down the concentrate into a liquid. Then, it will swiftly vaporize it completely and leave next to no residue behind. Once again, helping with the stealthy design of this device, making it easier to use on the go. We would advise you to pulling at around 20W from this tank. As a result, you will get a really great hit. However, this will be dependent on the type of concentrate in use.

Although the Airflow is not variable, there is still a decent amount going into the device. The balance when you pull on the tank is pretty perfect.

The Quality of the Flavor

Usually, concentrates vapers don’t really care about the size of the cloud too much. If anything, a smaller cloud is better for them. This tank handles that well, ensuring the cloud is a decent size but not too small or not too large. The most impressive thing about this tank has to be the flavor of the pull. When you hit this device for the first time, it will shock you with the intense and dense vapor. Consequently, it will leave you a really satisfying taste on the tongue.

The Competition

The low price tag on this device makes it a serious competitor for the market. Keeping up with the competition of some of the higher value tanks, the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger is a great buy for sure. It produces the same levels of performance, while managing to keep a professional and sturdy exterior design.

Assembling & Maintenance

Assembly Instructions

The Mig Vapor Brain Fogger will simply fit straight onto your standard sub ohm mod. Set the wattage and press to pull. There is no need to assemble anything. Therefore, it should all be ready to “plug and play”.

Maintenance Instructions

It’s important to clean the device after use. Due to the high power coils, if you’re using wax, there shouldn’t be too much residue left over. However, using older concentrates could leave some residues. You should use the appropriate equipment to clean the device regularly.

More information

You can find any additional information about the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger in the user manual provided with the device. I would always recommend checking the user manual before going online for answers. Although the internet is great, sometimes, the legitimacy of the content is questionable.



Coming in at $39.95 Mig Vapor Brain Fogger is significantly lower in price than the majority of competitors. However, it still manages to provide the same level of performance.


The simplistic and clean design is a selling point for this design. Although, anyone who’s slightly clumsy could find themselves breaking the tank a lot more than they would want.


The performance of the tank is outstanding. With the high power coils working with your choice of battery, it gives an outstanding pull and flavor.


The Brain Fogger Target Mini Bad Ass Kit is a mini powerhouse of functionality and aesthetics that raises the bar for all other devices. The vaping quality is excellent, as is the flavor produced. Using this atomizer with this mod is simple, and the control will be completely in your hands with the combination of the Brain Fogger and Target Mini Vape Mod.

Altogether, the Mig Vapor Brain Fogger Tank is a great device. It has a lot of pros compared to only a few cons. It manages to provide a high level of quality in a tank that simply looks amazing. The clear design is sure to fit any of your batteries that you have laying around as well! Get yours here:

Mig Vapor Brain Fogger
Vape Rating: 86/100 by

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