//Kanger TOPTANK Mini Sub-Ohm Tank Review – A Successful Product
Kanger TOPTANK Mini Sub-Ohm Tank Review – A Successful Product 2017-04-20T14:32:37+00:00

Kanger TOPTANK Mini Sub-Ohm Tank Review – A Successful Product

The Kanger Toptank Mini is anything but mini. In fact, it is quite big compared with some of the other RBAs available, but smaller than its predecessor- Kanger’s Subtank Mini.

Kanger TOPTANK Mini Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Keep reading to find out whether the Toptank Mini has other advantages and upgrades.

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The TopTank Mini is similar to the original SubTank Mini. In fact, most of the parts and coils are compatible and have only a few key differences. The former has a capacity for 4 ml whereas the latter had a capacity for 4.5 ml. This is the reason why the TopTank Mini is somewhat shorter. Moreover, another difference is that you can refill the TopTank easily. This is without requiring removal of the tank from the vape mod as it is a top fill vape tank. The whole kit costs only $26.


Kanger TopTank Mini offers quite a lot both in terms of design and tangible parts. There are four colors to choose from. They are stainless steel, white, black and red. For the price, you do get a lot. It comes with three different coils. They are the Kanger SSOCC/stainless steel organic cotton coil is pre-installed and provides temperature control vaping.
Another SSOCC coil is the 0.5-ohm Kanthal Clapton and the last is the RBA coil. This comes with a 0.5-ohm Kanthal coil pre-wrapped by the manufacturer. The RBA is extremely easy to use. It comes with extra tools such as a pack of organic cotton and a screwdriver. You also get some spare screws. Additionally, in the pack of tools is another pre-wrapped coil. It is all set so you can install it into the RBA.

What is the Build Quality of the Kanger TOPTANK Mini?

Kanger TOPTANK Mini Sub-Ohm TankWe made sure to assemble and disassemble the product a good 20 times. That was before we even began testing the Kanger TopTank for this thorough review. This way, we can see whether there were any flaws. We are glad to report that Kanger has really outdone itself. As a result, its vape tank design is without rivals. The engineering is faultless and everything synchronizes like clockwork. There were no leaks experienced whatsoever and the O-rings on the TopTank work well.

The build quality is durable and excellent. Furthermore, it stays that way as long as you have a genuine product. Beware of knockoffs of the TopTank available on some websites. Therefore, be sure to always check the Kanger authenticity code on the product.

They constructed it out of stainless steel. The Kanger TopTank vape tank stands 63 mm tall and has a 22 mm diameter. The Delrin drip tip is convenient as this is the type you want specifically for sub-ohm vaping. This is because it’s more resilient to heat when you compare it to steel. The tank is made from Pyrex glass, so feel free to use VG e-liquids. The top fill cap goes on and off smoothly with no traces of leaks. If you are in possession of a TopTank which leaks, then you more than likely have a counterfeit. We want to reiterate the fact that there are a lot of copies available online. Therefore, always purchase such contraptions from a verified dealer. It is a good idea to stay clear of eBay and Amazon in this case.

How Does the Tank Perform?

Flavor, flavor and more flavor! You not only want exceptional vapor but also hard-hitting flavor which stands out. Right? Then, Kanger TopTank won’t disappoint! You will get the purest warm vapor filled with a rich flavor. For our review, we tried all of the coils provided in the kit. Moreover, we also tried a pack of 1.2-ohm coils as we wanted to try MTL vaping. MTL stands for a mouth to lung vaping. For this, we switched the Delrin drip tip with a thin bore drip tip. Another great thing is that you can use any of your favorite drip tips. This is because the product has a 510 drip tip connection.

Honestly, the experience of an MTL vape was enjoyable. The flavor layers were strong and left me happy.
For using the sub ohm Kanger SSOCC coils, you switch the airflow to the larger setting. This way, you can really fine tune taste according to your preference. The airflow was great and so was the wide-open setting. In all honesty, the performance is great both as a temp control vape and a sub ohm vape.


The TopTank airflow control is incredible and we are not just saying that. It comes with three selections. They are a huge airflow intake, a medium one, and a small airflow intake. First, the smaller ones are ideal for those who like MTL vaping. You do this by taking the vapor into your mouth then you inhale. This is similar to what one does with a cigarette. For Temperature control vapor the large airflow control is better for direct lung vaping.


The SubTank turned the tables. Furthermore, it’s likely to go down in history as one of the most successful vaping products ever. Following in its footsteps is the Kanger Toptank Mini which fills the shoes quite well. For more product information and shopping, click on the provided links. You’ll get the best price on guaranteed authentic products which also offer great shipping rates. The Kanger TopTank Mini is simple to use and very diverse with what it offers and delivers.

Kanger TopTank Mini
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