Kanger Evod Twist Review: A Reliable Battery for All Types of Tanks


by Christina Matthews

Updated: February 13, 2022

Kanger Evod Twist Review

Review Score: 87/100

Price Range:
$17.95 - $24.49
Battery Capacity:
1000mAh / 1300mAh / 1600mAh
Voltage Range:
3.2V - 4.8 V
Purple, Pink, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green, Silver, Red
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Sturdy and dependable build
  • Three different battery capacities


  • Not lightweight and not very portable

The Evod Twist battery from KangerTech has been a staple battery for 510 cartridges and smaller vape tanks since it was released. The battery continues to hold up as a reliable hitter for pre-filled cartridges and other 510-threaded tanks. It features an internal 1000mAh (but there are versions with 1300 and 1600mAh capacities) battery that can power up to 4.2V of output. The battery features a single button on its front, while it uses a bottom dial to give users the power to adjust their voltage. The dial has a range of between 3.2V and 4.8V, while it has a resistance range of 1.5 – 3.0ohms. The vape uses eGo-style charging, so you need to screw it into a compatible charging cable and then plug it into a supporting USB port.

A Closer Look at The Kanger Evod

The Kanger Evod Twist battery is supposed to be a simple vape for new users – and experienced ones – to be able to get started using it right away. It has only a single power button on it, but it has a dial at the bottom for users to set their preferred voltage output. That is pretty much it for the control panel on the vape.

The Evod Twist has a 510-connection up top where users can connect their tanks or 510-pre-filled cartridges. The battery has a length of just over 100mm, so it is not the shortest battery, but it has a sturdy, all-metal build and will have no problems if it gets knocked down once in a while. The diameter is 14mm, so it has a slimmer build than most other variable voltage, 510-batteries.

But 14mm is enough to fit most 510-cartridges and other refillable clearomizers that have slim builds. The battery also comes outfitted with several important protections, most notably against battery overcharging and short-circuit protection. There is an LED around the main power button that lights up when the vape is turned on, and it also shows battery life and flashes whenever the battery is low.

Kit Contents

Kanger Evod Twist Starter Kit

The Kanger Evod is a stand-alone device that does not come with any accompanying tank unless you buy one together with it when you order it. The kit accessories are sparse and only feature the basics that every battery needs to keep functioning.

  • 1 x Kanger eVod Vape Battery

The Look and Feel of the Device

The Evod battery feels good to hold and handle because of its solid weight and non-scratch metal exterior. There are several colors that it can come in, but they do not take away from the battery’s solid and durable feel. The length depends on the type of battery you buy. The different battery capacities give you either a larger or smaller battery, but they typically hover around 100mm, more or less.

Kanger Evod Twist Colors

The bottom dial for the vape has knurling all-around it, so it is easier to grip and change when needed. The bottom dial also comes with the settings imprinted onto the battery so users can match up the changes to the individual settings. The button on the front feels good and has good responsiveness.

Which Tanks to Use?

The settings and design of the Evod battery make it ideal for many pre-filled or refillable 510-cartridges. They have coils that can support the voltage range on the devices and will fit perfectly with the battery’s diameter. But there’s nothing to stop a vaper from using a tank larger than 14mm if they don’t mind the overhang.

Users can attach something bigger like an Aspire Cleito or Nautilus that gives users the option to install different coil types and play with larger clouds and larger voltage output. They have all the right specifications, but the only thing will be the distracting size discrepancy between the battery and the tank.

Getting Started and Vaping

There is not much to set up any Kanger Evod battery. Most vapers will know what to do, even new ones. Users need to first fully charge the battery before using it to increase its longevity, which would be the same thing for any new electronic vape. As there is no USB port on the battery, users have to attach the cable that screws into the 510-port or a USB adapter and then plug it into an available USB port.

Kanger Evod Twist Use

After it is fully charged, users can then attach any 510-tank or atomizer to the battery. They need to click the button five times to get it started, which will be indicated by the flashing LED around the central button. They can then press and hold the button to start vaping. The bottom dial can be reset at any time. Users do not need to wait or let the device heat up or anything like that. It only takes turning the dial to a new setting and pressing the firing button.

Other Evod Batteries

There are other versions of the Evod Twist batteries, but the only real difference is their battery capacity and, in some respects, their size. There are three versions of the Evod, which are 1000mAh, 1300mAh, and 1600mAh. They all still have the same characteristics, safety protections, and operating features, and voltage ranges.

The larger capacity batteries can fit larger vape tanks, like the aforementioned Cleito or Nautilus, but they are still well below 20mm in diameter. Users can still attach them if they want to their preferred Evod battery, depending on their preferences and its battery life.

Everything You Need to Know about Evod Batteries

  • Where can I get an Evod Twist?

    The batteries are available everywhere vape gear is sold, whether online or in brick-and-mortar stores. As the batteries are universal and have wide compatibility, you can also find them on retail sites like eBay or Amazon, but always make sure to buy from a trusted buyer, so you know what you’re getting is authentic.

  • How Do I Charge It?

    The battery comes with a special adapter that users can screw into the 510-connection and then plug into either a USB port or a wall adapter.

  • Why Is The Light Blinking?

    When you plug the battery into the USB adapter, a small LED on the adapter will start blinking red. The red light means it is charging. When it turns green, it is finished charging. If the light on the battery is blinking, that could mean that you need to recharge the battery. If not, consult the user manual or manufacturer in case there is another problem with it.

  • Are Evod batteries good?

    The Evod Twist batteries are good for beginner vapers or for someone who wants a straightforward battery with good battery life and variable voltage settings.

Kanger Evod Twist Specifications

Length / Diameter: 108mm / 14mm
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh / 1300mAh / 1600mAh
Tank Compatibility: eGo/510 Threaded tanks
Twist Knob Dial: 3.3V - 4.2V
Voltage Range: 3.2V - 4.8 V
Resistance Range: 1.5ohms - 3.0ohms
Colors: Purple, Pink, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green, Silver, Red


The Positives

  • Sturdy and dependable build
  • Three different battery capacities
  • Variable voltage settings
  • Safety protections
  • Universal 510-threading

The Negatives

  • Not lightweight and not very portable

Conclusion: Kanger Evod Twist Review: Three Different Batteries for 510-Vapers

Have you ever used a 510, variable voltage battery? Do you like their simple designs or do you prefer something more stylish and advanced? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Evod family of batteries has been around since vaping started and is still considered classic. They are dependable cells as they do not have any complicated settings or screens and controls while also boasting good battery life, no matter which version of the three that you get. There is no real difference between them except for the battery capacity, which also changes the overall length of the battery.

They also come outfitted with protections that make them safe to use, but they should never be taken anywhere in a loose pocket where they can touch other metal things like coins or keys. It’s always best to remove the tank or cartridge and keep the battery in a separate carrying case to keep them safe.

Published: July 12, 2021Updated: February 13, 2022

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