Buying a Veco One Plus: A Powerful & Portable Tube Vape


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: March 13, 2022

Veco One Plus Review

Review Score: 92/100

Price Range:
Black, Rainbow, Silver
Battery Capacity:
Wattage Range:
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  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy to fill the tank and change coils
  • Portable and ergonomic


  • Zero drip tip options

A Veco Plus is a portable tube vape from Vaporesso. Measuring 130 x 25 mm, the Veco Plus features a powerful 3,300 mah internal battery and 90-watt output. Additionally, it supports the 4 ml Veco tank and has ultra-low resistance. These specifications result in long-lasting, flavorful, and cloudy vaping sessions.

What Is It Like to Use a Veco Plus?

Using a Veco Plus is a satisfying experience. The flavor is outstanding, thanks to the EUC mesh. This coil does an excellent job of bringing every bit of flavor from the nicotine liquid. Additionally, there are no problems with switching between flavors. The airflow is also good and helps to deliver an excellent restricted lung hit. The drag is tight but not too tight.

Vapor Production

The vapor is warm, highly satisfying, and very thick. 30 watts is the perfect setting for achieving the right balance between flavor and vapor production.

veco one plus design

Power Modes

There are no power modes on this mod. The user can only change the wattage, airflow, and coil.

Safety Features

Several safety features are incorporated into this mod, including a short circuit, low voltage, and no atomizer protection. Additionally, the tanks have a leak-resistant design resulting in a mess-free vaping experience.

Vaporesso Veco One Plus Starter Kit

The starter kit comes with several essential items. It has the pod and the tank and two 0.3 ohm EUC coils. One is ceramic, and the other is a traditional coil. Also included are a charging cable, spare parts, and a user manual.

veco one plus starter kit

Build Quality and Design

The designers did an excellent job building and designing this vape. There are no leaks, it feels sturdy, and there are no rattling or loose fitting parts. The tube design is sleek and ergonomic, making it comfortable to hold and easy to put in a pocket or bag.

Battery Performance

A Veco Plus uses a 3,300 mah onboard battery. This battery is highly efficient, allowing the user to vape for a day before recharging it. 30 watts is the best power level for balancing flavor and vapor with adequate vaping time.

Indicator Lights

There is a small light on the vape. The light will turn on when charging and turn off when finished. It takes 2.5 hours to charge fully.

Vaporesso Veco One Plus 4 ml Tank

These tanks stand out because it is easy to replace the mesh, it is top filling, and it is leak-free. These tanks produce high levels of clouds thanks to their top airflow and low resistance coil. A bonus is that there is no leaking when using this device. Additionally, these tanks use new resistors and EUC coil, including ones available in ceramic. The ceramic coil is excellent for producing high levels of flavor and massive clouds.

veco one plus open

Compatible Juices

The vape has a resistance range of 0.16 to 0.3 ohms. Such low resistance coils work best with high vegetable glycerin content liquids. The advantage of using high VG juices is that they produce larger clouds.

Vaporesso Veco One Plus Coils

A Veco EUC coil can last over a week if it is well taken care of. The secret is priming them properly. Do this by allowing the juice to soak onto the wicking and mesh for ten minutes. During these ten minutes, the wicking will completely absorb the liquid, reducing the chances of burnt hits and damage to the coil.

Replacing the coil is easy and inexpensive. They are available on the Vaporesso website, and they cost $10.99 for a pack of five.

How to Use a Veco One Plus

The beauty of these mods is that they are simple to use. It does not have many settings, so the user can figure out how to use it very quickly. Additionally, the tanks are very intuitive, and they are as easy to use as the pod.

How to Fill the Vaporesso Veco Tank

  • Twist off the top cap
  • Fill down the glass and avoid putting the nozzle into the airflow hole in the center
  • Close the top
  • Allow several minutes for the coil and wicking to soak up the juice
  • Replace the coil by screwing and unscrewing it from the base

How to Clean a Veco Tank

  • Fill a bowl with lukewarm water
  • Take the tank off the mod
  • Empty all the liquid from the tank
  • Disassemble the tank entirely and remove the coil
  • Wash every part except for the coil in the bowl of water
  • Pat the pieces down with a towel until dry
  • Let them stand on the towel until they fully dry

Competing Starter Kit Products Review

Vaporesso Veco One Plus vs. Veco One Kit

These products are very much the same. The differences are the sizes of the products, batteries, and tanks. The Veco Plus is larger in size, and it has a larger battery and tanks. The smaller vape has a 1,500 mah battery and a 2 ml tank. They both have the same wattage output and resistance range. A Veco One needs to be recharged and refilled more often, but it is slightly more portable and easier to hold.

veco one kit

Vaporesso Veco One Plus vs. Veco Solo Plus Kit

These mods have mostly the same features. The difference is the coils. The Solo system uses ECO, and the Veco Plus uses EUC coils. These are both excellent mods and coils. But choosing the best depends on what kinds of mesh the user likes.

veco solo plus kit

Vaporesso Veco Tank vs. NRG Tank

The NRG is another tank from Vaporesso that has excellent specifications. Its main advantages over the tank are that it has a 5 ml nicotine juice capacity and can handle 110 watts when using GT8 0.15-ohm coils. A Veco maxes out at 90 watts, and it has a 4 ml capacity. Another significant difference between these tanks is that the Veco has top airflow, while the NRG has bottom airflow.

NRG tank

Vaporesso Veco One Plus vs. Cascade One Plus Kit

The Cascade One Plus is also a tube-shaped mod from Vaporesso. It uses GT coils instead of EUC coils, and it has a 3,000 mah battery. A Veco Plus’s battery lasts slightly longer, but not so much that there is much difference in battery life. A significant difference between these two products is that the Cascade One Plus uses triple triangular airflow control. The result is a much different sensation from Veco Plus’s top fed airflow.

cascade one plus kit

Veco One Plus Specifications

Dimensions: 130 x 25 mm
Battery Capacity: 3300mAh
Wattage Range: 90W
Tank Capacity: 4mL
Resistance Range: 0.16 to 0.3-ohm
Colors: Black, Rainbow, Silver

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy to fill the tank and change coils
  • Great flavor and cloud production
  • Portable and ergonomic
  • Sturdy build

The Negatives

  • Zero drip tip options
  • Limited choice of colors

Final Thoughts about This Veco One Plus Review

Vaporesso did an excellent job building this mod. It stands out because of its large juice and battery capacity and for the fact that it produces excellent levels of flavor and vapor. Additionally, it is easy to swap out the mesh and fill the tank. The only problem is that it has no drip tip options, and the color options are limited. Those are minimal issues that in no way affect the vaping experience. Considering how easy it is to use this mod, it is an excellent device for beginner vapers and people who want something easy and fast to use.

Anyone reading this who has used this vape is welcome to chime in. Leave a comment telling us about your vaping experience.

Published: February 5, 2021Updated: March 13, 2022

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  • Rachelle Hall

    September 22, 2021 at 11:16 am

    Please let me know when you get veco one plus battery in I would like to buy 2 black
    Thank you
    Rachelle Hall

  • Fiona Manonn

    August 10, 2021 at 5:08 am

    The EUC system is still the easiest and cleanest method I have used when it comes time to replace the coil, and these tanks just flat out do not leak. Larger juice capacity. The most I like is:-
    Larger battery capacity, Nice fit and finish, Very good flavor, Good vapor, Easy coil swap, Fast flavor, transition, Pocket-friendly
    No drip tip option
    Limited color choices