Kilo 1K Ultra Pod Vape Extensive Review


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: October 29, 2020

Kilo 1K Ultra Pod desktop

Review Score: 85/100

Price Range:
Black, Patriot Blue, Spur Red
Battery Capacity:
350 mAh
Nicotine Strength:
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Elegant design with classy colors
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Does not produce large clouds

Starting Price: $ 9.99

The Kilo 1K pod mod is one of the few that stands out amongst the crowd. It has a sleek contemporary design with a cute triangle cut-out at the tip where the vape juice gets inserted. It also comes in classy black, blue or red colors. It may look simple because it has no confusing buttons, but it is high-tech and good at its job. Read this review to decide if Kilo 1K is worth trying out.

Unboxing the Kilo 1K Ultra

With a purchase of the Kilo 1K, users will get more than just the device. They will also get an ultra-portable charging device, a micro-USB charging cable, and instruction manual for the vape. The manual is easy enough for even first-time vapers to use. One of the only downsides of this pod vape to be found in this review is that the pods are not included with the purchase. However, this is standard for the industry. Additionally, the pre-filled e-liquid pod containers that work with this unit are relatively inexpensive.

kilo starter kit

The Kilo 1K Ultra is very light and comfortable to hold. It is also super easy to carry around all day, as it is basically invisible even when kept in a small pocket. The Kilo 1K’s size measurements are 9.5 mm x 18 mm x 109 mm, and it only weighs 26 grams. The pod mod is physically designed like a slim rectangle with a tip tapered down like a coffin shape where users put their mouth to inhale.

Review of the Features and Flavors

The Kilo 1K can hold 1.5 mL of e-liquid. This is a lot of e-juice despite the small size of the vape! The Kilo 1K vaporizes e-juice via a draw-activated mechanism and is equipped with dual airflow capabilities.

kilo black e-juice

Users do not have to mess with confusing buttons on the device to taste their smooth vapor. The vapor that comes in its pods contains 45 mg of nicotine for vapers who are looking for that little kick. They can be purchased individually or in a pack of four depending on where they are bought. When purchasing a pack, vapers have to choose to buy one flavor. However, they could buy a few packs, each with a different flavor. Luckily, there is also a large variety of delicious flavors to choose from. Each pod comes sealed with silicone strips to prevent any liquid from leaking out.

kilo 1k pod vape red

The main flavor packs include strawberry and dewberry fruit for vapers who like sweeter vapor. Plus, there is a lemonberry ice flavor pack for vapers who like a clean, crisp taste. There is also a menthol tobacco pack, a smooth tobacco pack, and a nutty pack for those who prefer a flavor that is more earthy.

A review of all of the flavors found that the tobacco flavor is one of the most preferred flavors. It tastes similar to the tobacco taste people get from smoking a pipe, cigar or cigarette. Some also say that it feels similar to using a tobacco product. For this reason, these types of devices are adored by vapers. The pods are strategically designed to be clear so that vapers will know when they are about to run out of e-juice. When they do, they can try new flavors, or just stick to their favorite vape flavor. Each flavor is affordable and surely will not disappoint.

Performance and Ease of Use of the Kilo 1K Ultra

This is arguably the most important part of the Kilo 1K review. It gives insight into the specifics of this device that could make or break a decision. The compact Kilo 1K packs a powerful 350 mAh battery. It can be recharged via the accessories that come with the vape pod. The battery in this device can last a moderate vaper all day. Then, when the battery is running low, the user will know thanks to the three LED battery indicator lights on the vape surface’s exterior. One of the best parts about the Kilo 1K is that its system allows for plug and play. Then, once the pod vape battery is charged and ready to go, they can remove it from the charger and continue to use their pod vape wire-free.

VD Kilo 1K Ultra Pod Starter Kit

The Kilo 1K device operates on a proprietary gold-plated magnetic connection. Its vape output is based in voltages. The device powerful for its size and does its job well. However, users should know that this vape, like most vapes of its kind, does not produce large clouds. The device is better suited for vapers who chase vapor quality and flavor over the size of their puffs.

Review of Product Competitors

Suorin Edge Pod System

The Suorin Edge Pod System is similar to the Kilo 1K in a few different ways. First, both devices are of similar size. The Suorin’s dimensions are 49 mm x 12 mm x 73 mm, compared the Kilo’s 9.5 mm x 18 mm x 109 mm. The units are also both rectangles, although the Suorin Edge does not have a cool tapered tip, rather just a flat rectangle edge. Their e-liquid pod for each are the same size, and the pod for both has nicotine in its juice.

Suorin Edge Pod System

The Edge only comes with a 230 mAh battery though, which is less powerful than the battery in the Kilo 1K. The weaker battery results in a shorter life and less power. Despite this though, the Suorin is actually still priced slightly above the 1K.

Kandypens Rubi

The Kandypens Ruby is a pod vape that, like the Kilo 1K, does not come with pods. It is compatible with liquid, oil, nicotine salts. Like the Kilo 1K, it is leak-proof and features a rectangular design. However, similarly to the Suorin, it is just a simple rectangular shape.

VD Kandypens Ruby Red

Kilo 1K Pod Vape Specifications

Dimensions 9.5 mm x 18 mm x 109 mm
Weight 26 grams
E-juice capacity 1.5mL
Battery 350 mAh
Flavors (pods not included) Lemon berry, dewberry, nutty, menthol tobacco, smooth tobacco,strawberry
Nicotine Strength 45mg
Colors Black, Patriot Blue, Spur Red

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Leak-proof
  • Elegant design with classy colors
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Various flavors, including tobacco and tasty fruity ones
  • 45 mg of nicotine in the pods

The Negatives

  • Does not produce large clouds
  • Pods with nicotine salts not included

All Things Considered, Is the Kilo 1K a Great Buy?

Ultimately, this review found that the Kilo 1K is a great option for someone looking for a reliable and portable pod vape to use. Its leak-proof feature will prevent any harm to both the user and the unit. The 1K is sleek and looks classy. However, when a vaper wants to avoid drawing attention to themselves, they easily can. This pod vape is small and inconspicuous in a purse, pocket, or even a hand.

In addition to the popular tobacco flavor, each other earthy and fruity flavor is adored by users. As formerly covered in this review, the e-juice pods contain 45 mg of nicotine salts, which many pod vape users like. This also makes this device popular amongst former and present tobacco users. The pods hold 1.5 mL of nicotine salt e-liquids when full, and can last a while for the average vape session. This review also discussed the 350 mAh battery that will last a while without vape overuse. It’s more powerful than the battery of most similar pod vape devices on the market. The Kilo 1K is easy to vape with thanks to its draw activation capabilities and LED battery indicator light. Swapping out pods in the unit can also be done simply. In review, beginners and experienced vapers alike will be pleased with the performance of the Kilo 1K vape.

Published: May 6, 2019Updated: October 29, 2020

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