The SuiSide Mech Mod by Suicide Mods: A Brand 30 mm Experience


by James Bickford

Updated: February 15, 2022

SuiSide Mech Mod Review

Review Score: 95/100

Price Range:
$125.00 - $143.08
Battery Type:
Single 20700 / 21700
Hybrid 510
Black, Brass, Gunmetal, Copper top
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • No voltage drop
  • Outstanding form factor
  • Produces massive amounts of vapor


  • Delrin covering is hard to pull off at first

30 mm atomizers are ideal for those who want to use bigger and better builds. The Suicide Mech Mod from Suicide Mods is one of the latest mods to incorporate this feature.

It has many other features that make it highly desirable among mech mod users who want an intuitive and cloudy vaping experience.

SuiSide 21700 Mech Mod Review

Suicide Mods did a magnificent job building this mod. The device is a tube-shaped side fire mechanical device that is very easy to take apart. The device is also very sturdy while having a perfect look and feel. The device can last a long time and generate steady output.

What most people are going to like is that it can accommodate up to 30 mm RDA/RTAs. Users have been looking for mods that can handle RDA/RTAs like this for a long time.

Remarkably, someone has come out with one. Finally, this was pretty easy to use for a mech mod. But users should still pay attention to what they are doing when creating their builds.

First Impressions of the SuiSide: Opening the Package

They say that first impressions are the most important, and that is undoubtedly true. This vape leaves a good impression from first looking at it.

The package has a crisp and clean look that does not contain excessive branding. There is no need to over-label a box. It was nice that Suicide Mods did not do this.

SuiSide Mech Mod Colors

Opening the box reveals a whole set of equipment and parts needed to enjoy the vape. Users will find an allen wrench, an entire set of spare parts, and not to mention a replacement side firing bar.

Finally, there is the mod itself. It would have been nice had they thrown in some coils, but they did not.

Vaping the SuiSide Mod

Vaping off of this new mod from Suicide Mods is a real treat. It produces huge cloud-like mech mods that are supposed to do, if high VG juice is used. Perhaps it creates a bit more than a lot of its competitors.

One thing is for sure that it was impossible to exhale all the vapor in a single breath. Even after two breaths, there is occasionally still vapor in the lungs. This vape will fill a room with fog.

SuiSide Mech Mod

One of the most fantastic features about this vape is that it can be fired by squeezing the side firing bar. It can also be fired by pressing it with a fingertip.

Finally, there is almost no voltage drop to worry about. This is likely thanks in part to the batteries this mod is compatible with.

SuiSide Tube Mod Build and Design Quality

The first thing most people will notice about this vape is its compact size. Many mech mods are large and bulky, and people have been clamoring for a portable and ergonomic one for a long time now.

This device fits those two categories perfectly. Its tube design makes it easy to pocket and comfortable to hold. One of the build’s best features is that there is a Delrin sleeve around the copper tubing in which the flat top battery is held. This covering prevents the heat generated by the battery from burning the hand.

SuiSide Mech Mod Copper Top

Something users will no doubt notice about the Delrin covering are the holes at the bottom. These do not vent holes. The holes are there to make it easier to pull off the covering. The venting holes are located under the screws that hold the firing bar to the mod.

That is an odd place to put them, but there is nowhere else where they could have gone. The Delrin would have blocked the venting had they been put on the tubing.

Batteries Compatible With the Suiside Mod

The SuiSide uses a single 21700 battery. The device can last much of the day using a 21700. Additionally, as stated earlier, a 21700 generates stable output, resulting in almost no voltage drops in the middle of a vape session.

SuiSide Mech Mod Battery

Please remember that the sleeves for the battery cannot be torn. If the sleeve is torn, do not put the battery into the mod, as this can cause severe problems with the vape.

The Best Compatible RDA for SuiSide Mod

The Nightmare from Suicide Mods works very well on this vape.

  • The Nightmare is a 28 mm RDA with a deep juice well and dual-post design.
  • It also has dual airflow diffusion.
  • It still looks good on vape, even though the diameter is 28 mm.

The Trilogy RTA also works very well with this vape.

  • The RDA has a 30 mm diameter, and it fits flush with the rest of the device.
  • It has dual, multi-sided airflow, allowing for deep and cloudy draws.
  • Finally, it comes with a 5 ml bubble tank.

Redemption 3.0 RDA

The Redemption is another good RDA that pairs well with the SuiSide Mech Mod.

  • It uses stainless steel and brass with a dual post deck with 8 x 5 mm inverted clamp posts.
  • The RDA also has a deep 5 mm juice well and fully adjustable airflow.
  • Redemption also has squonk compatibility for those who also have a squonk mod.
  • Importantly, it has 30 mm diameter, and it looks good on the mod.

Triforce SubOhm Tank by Cloud Chasers

This sub-ohm tank is a bit easier to use than the RDA/RTAs mentioned in this review. What makes it easier is that it uses pre-built coils.

  • Tha tank also has several other features that make it a highly desirable tank, including airflow control, pre-built vertical coils, and an optional RTA build deck.
  • One odd feature is that it has top and bottom fill ports.

How to Find the SuiSide Mod

The best place to find one of these mech mods is on the Suicide Mods website. Buying directly from the company’s site is the best way to know one is getting the genuine product.

The device is available on several other sites, as well. Beware of websites selling devices at ridiculously low prices. A vape priced very low is likely a fake.

How to Use the SuiSide Mod

SuiSide Mech Mod Battery

  1. The first thing to do is pull the sleeve off the copper battery cup as gently as possible. The sleeve can be stiff and hard to pull off, but it gets easier over time. The user can drip some e-liquid on the o-rings around the tube to make it easier to pull off.
  2. Unscrew the top when the sleeve is off and insert the 21700 battery, ensuring that the battery’s sleeves are not torn.
  3. Screw the tube back to the top when this is done. There should not be any problems with cross-threading.
  4. Tighten the tube until it feels finger-tight. Do not make it too tight, or else it will be difficult to get off.
  5. The firing bar is held to the tube with screws.
  6. Simply take the screws off to replace it.

Once the vape and atomizer are together, and the coils are in place and primed, everything is ready to go.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Pull off the sleeve
  2. Unscrew the tube from the top
  3. Insert the battery
  4. Put tube and top back together
  5. Build, wick, and prime the coils
  6. Put the tank or RDA/RTA on the mod

Competing Products

Sceptre 21700 Mech Mod

Sceptre 21700 Mech Mod Colors

The Sceptre is one of SuiSide Mod’s leading competitors.

  • It can accommodate 25, 28, and 30 mm atomizers, and the mod is compatible with 20700 and 21700 batteries.
  • Also, it is slightly less expensive than its counterpart.
  • However, the SuiSide has a much better form factor, not having the grill around the grip like Sceptre.

Lykan 21700 Mech Mod

The Lykan is another great device to consider over the SuiSide mod.

  • The most oblivious thing about this mod is its appearance and form factor. It has a smooth grip and an excellent color scheme.
  • Like the SuiSide Mod, the is compatible with single or double 20700 and 21700 batteries
  • Also, like the Sceptre,this device is slightly less expensive.
  • Lykan is also capable of supporting 30 mm atomizers and handles and vapes very well.
  • The only real advantage it has is that it is cheaper.

SuiSide Mech Mod Specifications

Dimensions: 79 x 33 mm
Batteries: Single 20700 / 21700
Construction: Delrin and Copper
Connection: Hybrid 510
Side-Mounted Firing Bar:
Spare Parts: Included
Colors: Black, Brass, Gunmetal, Copper top


The Positives

  • No voltage drop
  • Outstanding form factor
  • Produces massive amounts of vapor
  • Easy to use relative to other mech mods
  • Accommodates 30 mm atomizers

The Negatives

  • Delrin covering is hard to pull off at first

Closing Thoughts About the SuiSide Mech Mod

This vape is outstanding, and there is nothing negative to say about it. It has a great form factor, and it produces a lot of vapor. The vapor production is the best thing about this device. Also, for a mech mod, it is pretty easy to use.

Still, it is essential to note that mech mods require a lot of knowledge on the user’s part. Just because it is easy to use relative to other mods, do not think it is like using a pod device.

The only downside to this mod is the stiffness of the Delrin covering. But, that is only temporary. Eventually, it gets looser and easier to remove.

If you have used this mod, feel free to add your opinion to our comment thread below.

Published: July 16, 2021Updated: February 15, 2022

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