SMOK Mag Grip Kit Review: Get A Grip With this New Mag Mod


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: August 31, 2021

SMOK Mag Grip Kit desktop

Review Score: 83/100

Price Range:
91.5 x 67 x 38mm
Tank Capacity:
5 mL
Single 18650
Wattage Range:
1-100 W
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • The new design is easier to use
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Battery eject button works very well
  • No rattle or noise, very well-made


  • No new vaping outputs

Starting Price: $ 74.99

The SMOK Mag Grip kit features an updated version of the Mag mod series that uses a single 20700 or 21700 cell. The SMOK Mag Grip 100W has the same gun-grip form factor that made the original stand-out along with the well-placed, trigger-style firing button.

The Mag Grip also has a new screen placement, which places an OLED on the lip of the grip so users have better screen visibility when holding the device. The other mainstays of the original Mag mod are also on this new version, including the side-release button that ejects the battery holder from the bottom of the device.

Up-Close with the SMOK Mag Grip

The SMOK Mag Grip reinvents the previous Mag mod that featured a single-18650 configuration with the same trigger-style form factor. The new version has a redesigned OLED screen that measures 0.66”. The original had a side-facing screen that was not visible when users held it in their hands.

The new version has a small screen on the lip that extends over a user’s hand when held so it is always visible. This new screen placement allows both left and right-handed users to comfortably use the device. The lip with the OLED also features the two adjustment buttons to control the device’s settings and features.

SMOK Mag Grip Kit desktop

The Mag Grip has a new paint finish as well giving it a glossy sheen that ups its aesthetic. There are still the same features such as the side, battery-release button that makes installing and removing a cell very straightforward. The Grip also, understandably, has several additions to improve a user’s grip on the mod like a few rubberized inlays as well as ridges along the side.

The mod has a sturdy zinc alloy construction, but it still feels a little weighty in hand. The rest of the device features a wide, stainless steel 510-connection up top that does not have any airflow inlets along the diameter, which is 38mm (1.5”) wide. The mod itself stands at 91.5mm (3.6”), which is a bit taller than the original as it houses the taller 20700 or 21700 cell.

The kit also includes a 18650 adapter sleeve, but using a 18650 cell will drop the high-power output from 100W to 85W. The rest of the mod features the cobra-skin panels that are popular on most new SMOK mods as well as a small USB port above the base where the battery holder ejects for users to recharge the cells or to install firmware updates.

What’s in the Box

The SMOK Mag Grip kit 100W also includes the TFV8 Baby tank with an updated coil head design that SMOK has taken to calling “engines” rather than coils.

SMOK Mag Grip kit

For anyone who gets the SMOK Mag Grip kit here’s what to expect from the contents.

  • One MAG Grip mod
  • One TFV8 Baby V2 Tank
  • One 0.15ohm Baby Mesh Coil
  • One 0.15ohm Baby Quad Coil
  • One 18650 Battery-Sleeve Adapter
  • One MicroUSB Cable
  • One Spare Glass Tube
  • One Spare Parts Bag
  • One User Manual

The Look and Feel

There have been several versions of the Mag mod over the years. The original set a precedent for its ergonomic grip but it had its problems, primarily the screen placement that left right-handed users unable to see the screen and left-handed users unable to perform the device’s functions.

This new design solves that problem entirely so both left-handed and right-handed users can hold the device comfortably.

SMOK Mag Grip

The Mag Grip has an improved finish as well, with a much more elegant finish than the previous models. The trigger firing-button is also larger, which lets users hold the device in different ways but still allows for easy access to the trigger.

The device has several air intake holes along its side so that the battery can vent. The battery holder, or magazine, allows for easy battery installation.

Using the Device

The Mag Grip mod is very easy-to-operate. Users have only a small screen measuring 0.66” so it does not leave a lot of room for many screen options. SMOK decided to reduce the menu size to make the device easier to use while conforming to the restrictions of the small display.

SMOK Mag Grip

As such, the main display shows users relevant information like battery life, wattage, voltage, resistance, and puff counter. The device uses a five-clicks-on, five-clicks-off functionality, which is typical of most SMOK mods. The screen will prompt users to select whether they are using a 18650 or 21700 cell and based on that selection, the device will reconfigure itself to handle one cell or the other. The rest of the menu options are standard.

Three clicks of the trigger button will display the mod’s modes, which are limited to wattage, temperature control for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel. Apart from that, there are also the preheat settings, which users can set to either soft, normal, hard and max.

New Features of the Mag Grip

There are not many new features on the Mag Grip other than the ones already mentioned. It features the same chip inside it that other SMOK devices carry like the I-Priv or G-Priv. It comes with the standard suite of vaping outputs like wattage and temperature control with four preheat settings, also typical of SMOK devices.

SMOK Mag Grip battery

The most outstanding feature is the compatibility with two different cell types, namely the 21700 or 18650 cells (the mod’s packaging also says that the mod can take 20700 cells, although the display only prompts users for the 18650 or 21700 option.) When using a 18650, the high-power output drops to 85W, as a single 18650 cell could not power up to 100W. The high-power output increases to 100W when using either a 21700 or 20700 cell.

Vaping Style

The Mag Grip Kit comes outfitted with the sub-ohm TFV8 Baby tank with two accompanying coil heads. The Baby tank features a 5ml e-juice capacity and comes with a spare glass piece although it does not increase the capacity as it is a straight glass piece, not a convex or bubbler piece.

The Baby tank has a simple, swivel back top cap that releases with the push of a button making for easy filling and refilling of the tank. The tank also features a bottom, adjustable airflow ring with two sizable air intake vents. On top, the Baby also has a wide-bore 16mm Delrin drip tip that shares the same color as the tank and mod depending on the color a user chooses.

SMOK Mag Grip

The kit includes two 0.15ohm coil heads with two wire styles. One coil, the V2 S1 uses a mesh-style coil for improved vapor and cloud production without sacrificing on the flavor profile of your favorite e-juice. It has a recommended wattage range of between 40-80W, but vapes best between 60-70W.

The second coil is a regular-style, quad, spring coil that has more restricted airflow and has a recommended range of between 30-70W, but is vaped best between 45-60W. The tank along with the simple functionality of the mod allows for an excellent vaping experience. With the pre-installed V2 S1 coil, users can comfortably vape at around 60-70W to get the full flavor and cloud production.

Competing Mods


The SMOK I-Priv is another SMOK device that supports several battery types from 21700 and 20700 batteries to the more familiar 18650 batteries. It takes two cells to power the device, which can reach a high power output of 225W. The I-Priv is a voice-controlled mod, although users can also disable the function if they want.


The mod responds to over fifteen voice commands that can increase/decrease the power output, change the vaping mode (VW to TC and vice-versa) or to lock/unlock the device. The I-Priv comes with the TFV12 Prince tank with two 0.15ohm coils in the kit.

Vaporesso Luxe

The Vaporesso Luxe is a dual-18650 device with a high-power output of 220W. The Luxe features a stunning, front-facing 2” TFT display that has adjustment buttons embedded into the base, which respond with tactile feedback (they vibrate).

Vaporesso LUXE 220W OLED image

The Luxe has a side-firing button and a slender profile as it measures 30mm (1.1”) across. The Luxe uses the advanced Omni 4.0 board that enables a variety of vaping outputs like Smart Variable Wattage and Temperature Control, as well as curve mods for both, and finally, bypass mode.

SMOK Mag Grip Specifications

Battery: Single 20700/21700/18650
Wattage Range (20700/21700): 1-100 W
Wattage Range (18650): 1-85 W
Temperature Range: 200-600F
Heating Element: Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel
Preheat Settings: Soft, Normal, Hard, Max
Construction: Zinc Alloy
Display: 0.66" OLED

Pros and Cons


  • The new design is easier to use
  • Battery eject button works very well
  • Excellent ergonomics, very comfortable to use
  • No rattle or noise, very well-made
  • Good screen placement


  • No new vaping outputs

Conclusion: SMOK Mag Grip Kit Review: Take Aim and Vape

The newly redesigned Mag Grip mod improves on a lot of problems that the original mod had, namely the poor screen placement. It is also now compatible with high-capacity and high-drain cells like the 21700 and 20700, while also allowing users to install their 18650 cells.

The device has an easy-to-read screen that keeps things simple so users can have an enjoyable experience without having to worry about their settings. The accompanying Baby tank has a suitable e-juice capacity for this type of device and also has easy functioning. It refills easily, has good airflow control and the coils produce exceptional vapor for both cloud-chasers or flavor-chasers or both.

Published: May 8, 2020Updated: August 31, 2021

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