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  • Reverse Smoking - The Problem of Going Reverse

    Reverse Smoking – The Problem of Going Reverse

    Reverse smoking is an unusual smoking technique of smoking a hand-made cigarette or a cigar with the lit end inside the mouth. It’s common in Andhra Pradesh, India, and the Philippines. It has spread to Sri Lanka, Panama, and even Sardinia. Young people who want to experiment also might try reverse smoking and experience a […]

  • florida tobacco free

    Tobacco Free Florida – How Florida Became the Best State at Quitting

    The Tobacco Florida Free initiative was created in 2007. An amendment to the state’s constitution established the legal framework to create an all-encompassing tobacco education and prevention campaign to get Floridians to quit smoking. Since its beginning in 2007 Tobacco Free Florida can proudly proclaim that it has helped over 159,000 Floridians quit smoking for […]

  • fake e cigs

    The Ultimate Bane of the Vaping Industry

    No one really knows how many fake e-cigs are out there right now. Unfortunately, we can tell you that the market is full of them. Fake, counterfeit or clone e-cigarette, mods, tanks and so on are virtually everywhere. They are sold in retail shops, online auction sites, discount sites and even local classified listings. While […]

  • Federal Court Rules Against Nicopure.

    Nicopure Labs’ fight for vaping rights suffered a setback in a Washington, DC federal court. This is the first major court loss for the vaping industry in what may very well be just one of many court battles in the long-term fight against FDA overreach. Nicopure had been seeking relief from oppressive regulation. A level […]

  • Tobacco Vs. Weed - What Causes the Greater Risk?

    Tobacco Vs Weed: What Causes the Greater Risk?

    Long-term tobacco use and smoke exposure can demonstrably have adverse effects on your health. In fact, according to the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), tobacco smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the country. It is reported that cigarette smoking causes more than 480, 000 deaths in the U.S., which is […]

  • aromatherapy to help you quit smoking

    Aromatherapy and the Essential Oils Help You Quit Smoking? Is it so?

    There is a whole industry out there dedicated to helping you quit smoking. From nicotine replacement therapies (nicotine gum, the nicotine patch, etc.) to pills and e-cigarettes there are so many different products and treatments to choose from. One of the ways you may not have heard about to help you quit smoking is using […]

  • two girls smiling holding vapes

    Top 5 Vape Girls of the Week: It’s All About The Girls!

    Sorry boys! It is not about you, it is all about the girls. Even though every vaper is important to us, we want you to see the side of vaping that girls bring. Vaping is expanding, and girls are a big part of that, so we want to showcase 5 girls that we thought we’re […]

  • free quit smoking products

    Where and How to Get Free Quit Smoking Products

    Every state in the United States has a tobacco cessation program whose mission it is to help people quit smoking. They do this in a number of ways: Only, not all of these services might be offered in your state. The telephone hotline is the most basic of these services, along with over-the-phone counseling and […]

  • a-kidz id

    A Unique Look Into Who Vapers Are!

      Byron Datau – AKA: A_KIDZ Post udostępniony przez Byron Datau VGOD (@a_kidz) 17 Maj, 2017 o 9:50 PDT Vaping has become in a way culture, and it has grown so much in the last few years that the popularity has spread to not only people like us but also for famous people. As vape […]

  • two men on a podestal winner and one who lost

    New Record: The Most Smoke Rings From A Single Vape Hit

    Vaping has been around for some time and has evolved into its own industry. With that, people always try to find a more entertaining side to most things we do. For vaping, doing tricks has become a trend. As an example of this trend; the Vape God as of late has become quite popular and […]

  • people are using their smartphones

    5 Vaping Apps To Expand What You Need To Know About Vaping

    With the vaping industry exploding with popularity, what help is there for a vaper looking to optimize their setup or create a flavor? Well, various vaping apps have popped up to offer help. With so many apps to choose from which ones should you care about? There are plenty of coil calculators out and about, […]

  • woman holding tablet with horoscope

    Find Out Just How Special You Are!

    Sometimes it’s all about numbers. 12 zodiac signs. 1 week horoscope. Read about your past and find out what you will get in nearest future. Curious? Well, you are in luck because below you will find your vaping horoscope, take a look: