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by Christina Matthews

Updated: July 20, 2020

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Documentary films about vaping is not a topic covered all that well. Did you even know that vaping related movies or documentaries existed? As vaping is expanding, so is the culture, such as vape tricks and vaping events – which has evolved some people into what you can consider vaping celebs.

With not a lot known about the effects of vaping and the industry, many filmmakers have taken to the subject to document, offer facts and shine provide relative information into this “hot topic.” Without further ado, we have compiled 5 of the best documentary films about vaping for you to check out.

5 Best Documentary Films About Vaping

1. Beyond The Cloud (2016)

Two French directors Ghyslain Armand and Sébastien DUIJNDAM have taken on the “hot topic” by creating a documentary into the world of vaping. The narrator (Armand) gives us insight into all of it by interviewing tobacco executives, business owners, politicians and health advocates on why public health institutions are opening up to vaping.

We thought, the documentary offered a lot of insight into current issues and was overall well made. Beyond the Cloud is a great documentary into the world of vaping, which is in need of more positive publicity.

Beyond the cloud poster

Youtube.com/VAPEXPO France


“With more than 6 million deaths per year worldwide, tobacco use is the major cause of premature mortality in the world. WHO estimates that half of current tobacco users die from a disease caused by their addiction.
The health authorities, even when not radically opposed, remain very cautious with this new device. Against a backdrop of scientific and political war, the electronic cigarette is currently shaking up public health codes.” (source: VAPEXPO France on YT)

Directed By: Ghyslain ARMAND and Sébastien DUIJNDAM

Produced By: Vapexpo and co-presented with the Vaping Post

2. A Billion Lives: The First Vaping Documentary (2016)

This documentary by Aaron Biebert promotes vaping in a way that may be of interest to smokers. The film confronts the projection that a billion people will die from smoking this century. The first section of the film deals with tobacco corporations their products and their effects. The second part talks about the market shift into e-cigarettes while the last deals with how the tobacco industry is keeping up with the ever-expanding vaping market.

Overall, the film is great and has awards and nominations to back that claim. Such as a Silver REMI – WorldFest Houston (2016) and nominee for “Best International Feature” – Finalist, DocEdge film festival (2016).

A Billion Lives Poster

Attention Era Media LLC


“The United Nations’ World Health Organization projects that a billion people will die prematurely from smoking this century. In the next 20 years, there will be nearly 1.6 billion smokers around the world. A Billion Lives takes a critical look at the history of smoking and the corruption that’s led to the current situation where safer, other alternatives are banned or heavily restricted in most countries, while the cigarette trade is continually protected. The film examines major conflicts of interest and corruption between governments, big pharmaceutical companies, and public health officials. It also takes a look at the history of e-cigarettes, as well as the role vapor technology and Swedish snus have played in the current health crisis.” (source: A Billion Lives on Facebook)

Directed By: Aaron Biebert

Produced By: Attention Era Media

3. E-Cigarettes: Welcome Back, Big Tobacco – the fifth estate (2016)

The fifth estate is a Canadian documentary about how England is taking steps on embracing e-cigs over big tobacco companies, and if Canada will follow suit. The documentary goes into the projection for continued smokers and the size of the vaping industry. The interviewer Mark Kelley asks the tough questions to big tobacco on competing with other alternatives.

This documentary provides an excellent insight from multiple angles on big tobacco companies plans, vaping as a whole and the potential benefits and risks involved with it all. If you are interested in recent tobacco and vaping information, this documentary would be a great watch.

welcome big tobacco poster

Youtube.com/The Fifth Estate


“The filmmakers travel to the world’s second largest tobacco company – British American Tobacco – and witness the work being done to produce the ideal vaping experience. Inside their top secret labs, over 800 million dollars is being spent on the development of e-cigarettes and other nicotine-based products which are designed to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes. But can a tobacco company really be relied upon to regulate itself, and encourage consumers to stop purchasing their most profitable cash cow?” (source: topdocumentaryfilms)

Directed By: Bob McKeown, Gillian Findlay, and Mark Kelley

Produced By: CBC Canada

4. E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace? – Horizon: E-Cigarettes – BBC Two (2016)

In this BBC documentary, Michael Mosley takes an in-depth look into vaping and its potential. Mr. Mosley as a non-smoker himself tests out a device with nicotine. He attempts for himself and us to discover the effects of vaping. After using the device for some time, he felt the nicotine did not affect his overall performance.

This documentary is quite interesting for someone looking for a more personal and direct look into vaping and its effects.

horizon e-cigarettes miracle menace poster



“Michael Mosley investigates the dramatic rise in e-cigarettes. They’re everywhere these days, but what does the latest scientific research on them reveal? Michael reveals what e-cigarettes are really doing to your health. Are they really better for you than cigarettes? What is actually in them? Is passive vapour harmful? And can they really stop you from smoking? Michael meets some of the scientists around the world studying them, asks a group of volunteers to try to give up smoking regular cigarettes using them, and even takes up ‘vaping’ himself, smoking an e-cigarette every day for a month to see the effects on his own health – no easy task for such a committed non-smoker.” (source: BBC Two)

Directed By: Emma Hatherley

Produced By: BBC TWO, Emma Hatherley

5. Vape Life Documentary – EP1|EP2 (2014-2015)

Vape Life is a multiple-episode documentary on everything vaping such as the technology, industry, community, and the culture. The first episode offers an insight into the reasons behind tobacco addiction, and the possible influence nicotine plays. The second episode is a bit shorter and takes a quite thorough look into the invention of e-cigs and how vaporizers work.

The documentary is not the longest out of the others mentioned. However, it is short, informational and to the point. This film is recommended for those interested in the subject, but do not have an overabundant amount of free time. Overall, a recommended watch.

vape life part 1 poster

Youtube.com/United Vapers


“Episode 1 of a multi-part documentary about vaping; the technology behind it, the vaping industry, the culture and community and the movement. Episode 2 of the Vape Life Documentary, we take a look at the invention of the electronic cigarette and how these vaping devices work.” (source: Youtube.com/United Vapers)

Directed By: Joey Kayo

Produced By: Joey Kayo

Published: December 8, 2017Updated: July 20, 2020

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